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Thread: LG V720 Ivy Bridge All in one Desktop PC Preview

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    LG V720 Ivy Bridge All in one Desktop PC Preview

    LG announces a new 27" all in one desktop pc with IPS HD screen and support for Intel Ivy Bridge cpu. All in one desktop offers you a comfortable way of handling desktop pc along with rich hardware support. Even today ample of people worry about buying an all in one desktop as according to them are costly in price, maintenance and upgrade. But your thinking can change if you have a detailed look on LG V720. Yet today under a vast pool of gadget and devices still All-in-One desktop are surviving. For those who are not comfortable with making changes to hardware setup or simply hate to hook different devices can go for this type of desktop pc. They offer you rich screen touch and hd display, a high end system processor with enough graphic abilities. This kind of desktop is more costly than the regular assembled or branded pc.

    They do add a luxury point on your desk. I consider All-in-One as a Windows alternative for Mac. Mac too offers you simple kind of system where everything is fixed inside the monitor itself. Highly detailed devices with rich design can simply embarrass any other pc next to it. There is no need to worry about the cost of LG V720. There are certain more models added in the same series to offer you a mid range budget benefit. This product is not yet finally launched but there are glimpse of its feature and images on web. A 27" think border widescreen with remote support allows you to have a system with multimedia benefit. Everything here is integrated. Have a look on the image below. The image gives you a clear idea about the design. LG did put much on the panels to make the screen complicated.

    The screen is made up of IPS HD Panel removing the LED or LCD screen which reduces quality. IPS Panel is costly because of which budget of this all-in-one rises. This new HD panel provides you a brighter screen with vibrant color quality. The desktop screen does not rely on the tiny backlit bulbs nor on a color tube. IPS offers you clear and wide viewing angle. The screen looks same from all side and highly detailed images are just awesome. This is the perfect screen for HD videos. At first sight I thought this product is also having a touch support. But I was wrong. Instead of that you have a wireless remote support. There are rare cables to hook on it. There two speaker support also. The remote helps you to control your monitor in various ways. Let’s have a look on more features in detail.

    After viewing the common images on many news channels, I visited LG website to find out the product details. The product is not yet officially listed. So it simply means we might need to wait for some couple of months to get the final output on the same. It is expected that this desktop will come in some variant. There will be a mid range model also so that everyone can simply afford it. The screen features the primary part of the desktop pc. Along with LG is going to give 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 cpu support on the desktop. I am sure there would be two ways to buy this. First LG can provide some different series which will differ in hardware support or there would be a customize button. This button will help you to add or remove the hardware to fit your budget. There are some laptop models which are released by Dell with the cpu series. An enhanced processor for higher processing works. Mostly we demand a better system for gaming support. That is the prime requirement of many consumers. While designing, development, multimedia processing, professional work, etc lies on the second part.

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    Re: LG V720 Ivy Bridge All in one Desktop PC

    To meet the same if you have a perfect balance of cpu and gpu power then you does not have to worry for upgrades. Some of the models under V720 series will also feature 2nd generation processor to reduce the expenses with minimum 1Gb gpu support. In the above image you can get a general idea about the product. A widescreen monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse, remote and pad below the monitor which has speaker. I tried hard to put pressure on my eyes to see what connection option it has. The backside shows an hdmi, power and a dvi connection. I am not sure about the dvi port. The lower panel has usb ports below. The port can be a bit comfortable as they are fitted on the backside. You have to move ahead to fix usb or use a connector which can lie on the front side comfortable. Mostly I had seen in All-in-One that usb lies on the front side so that users can easily plug a camera, or portable drive.

    While speaker fittings are done well which will not irritate you much. There are simple quick navigation button on the right end side to change monitor settings and it looks like a front camera and mike locate a bit far towards the left of LG Logo. The keyboard is think and comfortable. The desktop will have Intel Core i3 or i5 processor depending on the seller. Mostly there is a model which will feature Ivy Bridge cpu. Along with that there is gpu support, optical drive, good storage support(can be ssd), etc. Other than this there are certain additions to provide you more support under connectivity. There is wifi, bluetooth, usb 3.0 port, hdmi connector, tv tuner card and card reader. Along with your working pc, this is a media server in short.


    Though a rich product, LG V720 needs time to make its place. The product is new and costly. The price is estimated around $1500 or higher. It depends on the release date what actual price wills LG put in front of its consumer. A simple decent product will add more to your work and entertainment. Remote support, Ivy Bridge processor, etc are some the rare features which are not yet found in current models. The screen does not provide touch support which many All-in-One desktop has. The final specification will reveal that the product is worth or not. There can be ample of changes which might surprise people. LG is a market leader in consumer appliances and we can surely hope for the best from them.

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