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Thread: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC

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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC

    Finally we got the first downloadable expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dawnguard. Very similar to few earlier games such as Oblivion, Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3 this new DLC seems rather old-fashioned expansions, which provide dozens of hours of gameplay, instruct you to roam, browse around and see what happens, and the quests are there to guide you towards new places. I think that is the reason this DLCs from Bethesda usually offers new and distinct areas to explore, away from the main board. Anyway, Dawnguard was released on June 26 in U.S. and Europe without major apparent problems, although there was an error as usual. The other European users had to wait until July 10 to enjoy this expansion in other languages. And surprisingly when you download it and get to play this DLC was completely broken.

    The great cause and alignment of this expansion pack are the fashionable vampires. As soon as you install this DLC, you get information as usual by lending an ear to gossip and chatter - a conversation section, an indication revealed by a too talkative guard - and then you put yourself on the way to the edge east of the map to get occupied in this band of vampire’s killers. From there, you start exploring the activities of a local clan of bloodsuckers, and the main story begins to unfold. You have the chance to quickly choose your side - stay with the Guard to protect dawn Skyrim or succumb to the promise of eternal life as a Vampire Lord. A society dedicated for centuries to follow vampires have now discovered that the bloodsuckers up to something very big with the vampire lord, Harkon, which has recovered all its power and plans to use the ancient scrolls to do the unlikely.

    The big advantage of Dawnguard is of course the opportunity to join the vampires. Unlike annoying infection that could send you bloodsuckers wandering early in the game, it's a absolute and more impressive transformation. In this change, you can transform from human Vampire Lord. Under your new look, you will be with several tens of centimeters, much stronger and rewarded with some interesting options for attack. On the ground, you can flip and bite your enemies with fierce arms sweeps. In the air, you can animate the dead with your left hand while absorbing the life force with the right. You can also teleport you into a hurricane of bats. Remember, as more Kills you collect, the more you can unlock vampire benefits such as invoke a gargoyle, you turn into mist; you capture enemies by telekinesis and strangle. All this is excellent and absolute fun.

    After passing the first major dungeon in this DLC you will meet to the daughter of Harkon, Serana. She is a character who will be with you for several of the missions of this expansion. In thankfulness his father will give us great power in form of his blood, in order to transform the Vampire Lord. The world of Skyrim had clearly not designed for gigantic monsters and move indoors in its new form is very painful. You are also strangely limited compared to what you can do as a vampire. You can open doors, but no boxes. You cannot pick up an object or use the card, and you often discover that you simply cannot pass through an opening! Though fear not, because it is not the first nor the last time we offered to be a great vampire.

    The places and mission we visit will be very similar, but not all the plot development. Despite the drawbacks inbuilt in the vampire, it's still better than the alternative. As a human, the quests seem very generic in that we follow the orders of yet-another-warrior-clan-secret Skyrim, gaining respect and moving ahead at high speed in its chain of command. Particularly I dint like the initial approach to this expansion, since almost all the best and developments arising from the side of the vampires, and the trick is to become one of them. So If you want to do good, fight the bloodsuckers. But remember you will lose the greatest punishable Dawnguard news, so we recommend that you become a vampire. The ability to transform into a werewolf often things up a bit, but it is obvious that Bethesda expects that most people choose the dark side in this package.

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    Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC

    It takes between eight to ten hours of gameplay to complete the main story of Dawnguard but in reality, however this DLC slight lack of material. With the first levitators we can assume the life of enemies with his right hand and left unleash the power of blood magic to raise the dead. We have other powers and transform into a group of bats and reappear at a distance. If you backside on the floor you fight like a beast through your claws, being more vulnerable. We have other powers by being a vampire, like being able to reanimate dead bodies to fight on our behalf, or an improved night vision. As Lord of the vampires we have a new skill tree that allows us to unlock very useful bonuses as any creature, able to transform into a mist regenerate health, magic and stamina, reflexes supernatural power with which everything slows down while you move faster, the blood healing ability that if we kill a person with the power of the bite attack reposes full health, with a layer of night a group of bats feeding around you, or even the possibility of calling upon a gargoyle.

    At some point, you are asked to find five sanctuaries and take in each of them with a pitcher of water. You will have to do it because a snow pixie asked you to kill his evil brother and in return, it will help you get your hands on the bow delighted that someone else asked you to search for someone one else can fulfill a prediction. The funny thing is that to obtain special skills we will not have to level up and gain experience, but we have to kill enemies with the spell gripping life or by biting, and every new gain requires more feed victims. This all sounds very nice, but being a vampire has its disadvantages. Being a Vampire, day sunlight weakens us, becoming more and more deadly, and we have to feed someone who is asleep if we want to be more dangerous. Although interestingly some advantages of being a vampire is more acute as we are weakened. By mark, details become confused and detached from the main circumstance motivation, more concerned with the metagame permanent improvement of avatar as the genuine desire to help these people.

    It's not different from other quests in the game, but the fact that we are asked to pay 1600 Microsoft Points for this extension sheds light on the motivations stubborn included the fun. If we choose to follow the path of the Dawnguard we will have access to new weapons and armor, and attention to those skilled blacksmiths who like to create new equipment. One thing that I like about this DLC is a new weapon: the crossbow. No matter you is a Vampire or Human, complete the story and you can get a beautiful new home as a castle, a new cry, a companion and fun enough to make you new weapons.

    There is also an optional quest comparatively important on an old forge Dwemer, but it is recommended that if you are able to read all the books you find or browse randomly borders of the map. Visit new locations and the corresponding strengths of both sides of the vampires castle Volkihar-and strong Guard of Alba, new dungeons, and an area in the plane of Oblivion called the Reminder of Souls, where we do a horse riding and fight an undead dragon that will teach us new cries. There are new enemies in Skyrim, such as armored trolls, gargoyles or hellhounds, and werewolves, who have their own system of benefits at their disposal, including the so-called bestial strength, vigor and animal wild food. Furthermore, the hardcore gamers can search for legendary dragons which are generated erratically to test their abilities against them.


    Dawnguard is a strange object with content-rich and cost-effective DLC, despite costing 1600 Microsoft Points. Apart from a few irritations that actually should be noticed by Bethesda there is really nothing wrong with the Dawnguard. The DLC have plenty of side quests and main story has some great moments, eye to the epic battle going on a frozen lake, and other mass fights between vampires and guardians of dawn. It will take more than ten hours of safe play, and also provide new content that will stay forever in your epic by Skyrim. By cons, there is nothing that justifies the asking price of 1600 Microsoft Points. If all you want is a quest Appendix well done and nice booty, this extension will meet your expectations. If you expected something better and more determined, you need to wait for some more time.

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