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Thread: Best Dual Monitor Setup Applications

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    Best Dual Monitor Setup Applications

    Dual Monitor is mostly first choice of gamers and graphic designers. Gaming point of view, multi-monitor helps you to access wider and enjoy it in a better way. Multi-Monitor setup applications help you to work beyond the limit of existing screen. Working on a much bigger resolution is more helpful. The trend started long before when CRT monitors are hooked with each other to work on image processing or designing works. Now the same trend is followed by gaming industry where resolution size keeps on increasing. Multi-monitor is a business + personal requirements in many cases. Because of enhanced technology and hardware, today it is much easier to setup more than 1 screen on your computer. While before you need to buy dedicated hardware and upgrade your systems. Right now the gpu that you purchase comes with multiple display ports or you can simply hook a display adapter in between many monitors.

    Depends on your need, you can share common screen for training purpose, or simply extend your desktop area for more productivity. Fps gamers have always faced an issue of small screens. FPS and MMORPG games needs broader screen to look around and act. While racing games does not require much. MMORPG games like WOW, etc have a large amp and area to move. It helps you to decide your strategy before acting in front of enemy. One thing that wants to mention specifically here, is that Multi-Monitor setup needs better hardware or else your system performance will affect you. A good gpu is needed to get unique resolution on every screen.

    If we leave gaming needs aside, for various business purpose multiple monitor are need. Now keeping a separate for each display is costly. Due new available applications and hardware you can add many monitors with each and configure them easily. Mostly in offices, financial market, designers, etc needs multiple monitor setups. You might wonder how to setup them properly. In these articles I had listed some of the top applications that you can use for setup. Other than Windows default settings, there are dedicated applications which mostly have minimal settings for configuration. To some extent the gpu drivers has setup utilities like Catalyst Control Center. These utilities also are used for the same. But those who are not using AMD gpu then they need a separate option for that. Another benefit of Multi-Monitor display is that they are less expensive compared to setting up different system. For institution like financial market, banks or schools, there are places where you just need to add up different displays and hook them to a single CPU. In gaming the same is used for bigger resolution so that the gamer can look more area. Especially in Multiplayer games. Famous games like Battlefield, CS, etc if played on multi-monitor setup gives a very difference experience. Have a look on the below applications.

    Top Applications for Multi-Monitor Setup:

    Windows Display Properties -- This is the default option which Windows user usually has. The display settings here provide you a very easy menu to setup multiple monitors. I had tested maximum three on this. The screen is simple which shows you monitors listed and you can tick them one by one to adjust the resolution. To extend your desktop existing area you just need to tick on Extend the Desktop onto this monitor. The resolution then can be adjustment as per your need. For getting better resolution on Windows pc you need a good gpu. Or else the resolution that you get will be enough of working purpose and not for gaming. Extending your desktop gives you a higher area for working. This is recommended for those who use their pc for working purpose only. Because I am sure that for gaming you will need a gpu as compulsory option. If you face black screen issue or poor drives on it, better update your video drivers. The default options gives you minimum settings, but very easy to configure. Depending on third party tool, for basic purpose this one is the best option to go for.

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    Re: Best Dual Monitor Setup Applications

    UltraMon & MultiMon Taskbar:

    UltarMon and MultiMon Taskbar are two different types of applications. UltraMon is a very lightweight easy to use application for setting up multiple screens. It helps you to extend your desktop. When you maximize any application, it is spread entirely on both monitors. The important part here to configure is setting up the maximum resolution. With a smart taskbar, UltraMon helps you to manage much stuff. After installation when you right click on any application and choose properties you can see a separate tab for it. At that tab you can adjust the application behavior on extended desktop. Or you can simply divide the screen as per your need. Like configuring a calculator to appear only on second monitor. UltraMon provides you options like Window Management. This helps you to move application from one side to other. Along with this there is a taskbar which has feature to control the monitor screen.

    You can manage different applications easily and move them from once screen to other. The shortcut properties tab that I had mentioned above, added in application properties let you configure customer display. By that you can configure an application to open on separate screen only. You can manage wallpapers, screensavers, etc also. The current version of UltraMon supports more than 10 monitors right now. UltraMon additional option on the applications top bar. Other than Minimize and Maximize button you can also find more buttons. You can simply move your current application to separate window by right clicking on it in task bar and clicking on move to other desktop.


    Synergy is bit different app. This is more than a screen sharing application which helps you to use your mouse and keyboard on various monitors. It is not a very advance application but it helps you to control different screens instantly. You can control a single screen of different client system more like a remote desktop setup. Synergy works on client & server basis. You will need to install the application on each system which you want to hook. The application just does not work for screens only, but I am adding this in this list because of its distinct feature. You need to configure a synergy server on one pc and client on other. Then you need to add up the client pc and just by moving your mouse to the end of monitor will move you to other pc screen. You can then control that or make changes, etc. This application is quiet better for business purpose. It not only helps you to share two monitors, but work on different system entirely. It is just like using two computers at a single time.

    This increases your usage limit. Your system does not freeze when you run multiple software on extended monitor. In that place you are simply controlling a different system screen and acquire better results. The application is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. The download size is just 11mb and setup is very easy. You need a network connection for that. The setup is a bit complicated because you might face configuration error if your system and your client system are not on a common workgroup. It is necessary that if you have Windows server at your office, install Synergy on that. The same will make it more appropriate to use. Or else ample of time you end up with connection failed error.

    Input Director:

    Input Director is a simple Multi-Monitor manager. This tool helps you to manage more windows system at a time. Similar to Synergy this works a bit differently. Synergy normally needs a Server - Client type setup. But with the help of Input Director you can manage system as well as control other screens. The tool is designed for those who simply need to work on different system which is kept next to each other. The tools also help to manage easy user switching in different accounts. A very light tool with just 2.3mb download you can manage many systems more easily at a single time. You can share different screens instantly. Input Director is more than a multiple screen manager. Input Director gives you ample of features to configure other systems. It has a simple monitor where you need to define a Master System and Slave System. Master System is like the server which controls other computer while Slave is the client pc. You can manually provide the ip address to control single system or simply add the system by searching it over network. A Macro tab is offered dedicated by which you can record your keystrokes and assign a key to that. When you hit the configuration setting appears automatically. Synergy is straight forward app while Input Director is bit better.


    There are other more applications that you can use. I had not taken all of them in consideration as my motive is to get only features. Above all the best one that I found is Input Director. It not only allows you to work on multi monitor but you can even control two or three systems at a time. Hook more than one monitor or computers with single Master pc and work in all of them. The reason to recommend Input Director is that it works on minimum resources.

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