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Thread: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

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    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

    Whether you have lost your important files accidentally or due to a virus, there is no need to worry anymore. With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software, you can get them back easily. Talking in right terms, your data is not entirely safe. Hardware failure, system crash, virus infection, accidental deletion, etc; are some of the most common cause of data loss. This can happen anywhere to anyone. We carry data commonly on USB or CD/DVD media. Somehow if they stop working you have got no option to recover files, as none of the hardware comes with inbuilt data recovery options. But you should know that the Data deleted is not lost completely from your system. Still there are chances to recover them. But for that you need software which is capable of scanning your drives roots. Thanks to Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software, it is now very easy to recover data. It will scan your system for deleted files and also recover them with just one click.

    Nothing is much easier than this. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery works on formatted partitions, corrupted hard drives, and data destroyed via virus infection, etc. These are some of its rare features. As a pack of total solution it helps you to extract deleted content from drive root by scanning sector by sector. There is no additional stuff to confuse you. Along with data recovery, it also helps you to create system’s image file and also clone your existing hard drive or partition. Prevention is better than cure. Integrated Disc Scanning tool helps you to detect bad sector on the hard disk. The tool also scans for bad sectors and displays health status of the drive. On that basis you can determine whether you need to replace your hard drive or not.

    The interface is quiet simple with minimal options provided. It is divided into 3 parts as you can see above. They are Data Recovery, Recovery from Image and Advance Option. Data Recovery further provides you three options which are Drive Recovery, CD DVD Recovery and Photo Recovery. In the same way, under ‘Recovery from Image’ you can restore old data from old system image file. The last tab ‘Advance option’ provides you three important tools. They are - Create Image, Clone Drive and Drive Status. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery has customized way to add your type of image or any file extension. That can be done from the settings icon placed on top right. When you click on it, you can see the following popup window.

    Settings Tab:

    The settings button is further divided into two parts. First is ‘General settings’ to configure updates and log settings. You need to enable log settings so that you can view them for more troubleshooting options. You can view logs files from Toolbar > Save Logs. The second is ‘Add File Types’ tab. This settings have ample of file formats. It is recommended that you use default options. By default everything is configured category wise.

    The image you can see below is of ‘Add File Types’ tab which shows different types of categories in the drop down list. File formats are divided into following categories: Graphics, Pictures & Raster images, Archive, Audio, Video and Animation, Mails, Database, Office Documents, Internet and Miscellaneous. The current version (Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0) supports around 150 different file formats which includes images, videos, office, cad, digital camera, animation, archive, flash, email, database, calendar, schedule task, pdf, html, web query, script, java, etc. If you need more file formats, then you can click on Append Header File and add more types of file formats as well.

    The files formats which are ticked are only scanned by this software. It is recommended that you stick with ‘Add formats’ option only. Click on Add and enter software name, group for format, extension, maximum file size, etc.

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    re: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

    For more detailed information, it is necessary to test all options provided by the software. Before that just have a look on different edition of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is divided into three editions – Home, Professional and Technician.

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Edition – This edition offers you minimal option for single user usage. With simple interface, the software gives you options to scan deleted files from NTFS, FAT and exFAT partition. With Enhanced Tree View support it is possible to easily find your files and recover them instantly, without wasting much time searching for it.

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Edition – This edition offers you some extra features like Raw Recovery, Optical Media Recovery (CD/DVD), Drive Statistic tool, Cloning feature and option to make system startup disk. You can also manage your own system recovery process by creating an image file or by cloning the entire hard drive.

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technician Edition – This edition offers you a bit advanced option. Ideal for those who usually work on Raid drives. This edition offers recovery for Raid partitions along with all the features of Home and Pro edition. It automatically identifies the Raid setup on your system and helps you to recover files instantly.

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Price List:
    • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Edition – Rs.2,450.00
    • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Edition – Rs.4,950.00
    • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technician Edition – Rs.14,950.00

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Utilities

    Now, we will go through the detailed recovery process and utilities available in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software. Let’s begin with the first one.


    The first option on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery offers three important utilities. They are Drive Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery and Photo Recovery. Based on different criteria each utility provides more detailed options to deal with data recovery.

    Drive Recovery:

    This is the first option to instantly restore deleted or lost content from your hard drive. Clicking on drive recovery will open a small drop down window that shows listing of your disk and its partitions. For example check the below image. After selecting a drive, a menu opens on the right side which gives 4 quick options to recover deleted content. They are “
    • Quick Recovery: Quickly recover deleted content from selected volume listed. Fast and efficient scanning.
    • Deleted Recovery: Scan your drive and removable media for deleted files only.
    • Advanced Recovery: Recover files instantly from formatted partition. This tool provides you to choose a volume in Fat or NTFS format.
    • Raw Recovery: Recover files from raw partition of your hard disk. Scanning process takes time but it is very effective. This method is recommended if you need to search specific files only.

    Quick Recovery’ instantly scans the selected partition or drives and lists the deleted files separately. To make your job easier, you can sort the files under ‘File Type List’ tab. For detailed results you need to click on Deleted or Advance recovery option.

    Deleted Recovery’ only scans for deleted files. To clear your doubts click on Learn More button to launch the help files. The small guide can provide you detailed information on various aspects of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery utilities. In the result Window, under Filtered Tree, you can add an extension of your choice to see customized results. Many times the tool lists every kind of deleted stuff from your system including temp files. If it is a very long list then you can simply click on Filtered Tree and add .pdf or .docx type format to check only those. Along with this, the search box on the top right allows you to find specific file types. You do not need to scroll through the long list. Next to shopping cart icon, there is a log button recommended for those who wants to keep a track of files recovery. You can save a log file for future reference.

    Classic Tree Tab gives you full list of deleted folders. When you click on a specific folder which was deleted, the Preview box provides list of files inside it. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery not only finds the deleted files but it also shows you a short preview, without opening it. It even displays files inside archive, preview of image file, text file, office documents, and reads php codes, exe files, etc.

    File Sorting is another powerful feature in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery which cannot be ignored. If you are fed up of checking each and every files, then just click on File Type List. Under that major categories are Application, Archive, Database, Documents, Graphics and Photos, Mails and Internet, Miscellaneous and Text. It simply helps you to sort the file types with more advanced options. And the last one is Filtered Tree that gives you option to search by exclusive extension only.

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    re: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

    CD DVD Recovery:

    CD DVD Recovery is the second option on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This option deals with scanning only your optical media. If you have any CD/DVD which is not readable in Windows or has suffered due to improper burn process than simply insert it and click on CD DVD Recovery. It will instantly scan affected disc and recover the files on your desktop.

    Photo Recovery

    Photo Recovery is another important feature which is added separately. Under this, the software only scans to find deleted image files. Sometime due to negligence or factory restore the entire user profile folder is overwritten in Windows. It can lead to the loss of image, stored inside the default My Pictures folder or other places in Windows directory. The location lies mostly in C drive (windows system partition) where other software’s are installed. It can easily detect deleted jpg, gif, png and bmp file formats. It is possible to add more format as per your need.


    A dedicated option to recover data only from image file. A system’s image file is an entire clone of Windows partition. It contains everything from media content to important dll files and software installation folders. It is recommended that you must have ample of space to perform this recovery option. The storage space must always be higher in comparison to the size of the image file.

    The Recovery from Image section gives you the list of Image file already created in your system. The above screen gives you short information on date, total size and file format of the drive cloned. For better restoration it is recommended to create a system image through Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Browse button allows you to locate old image files. It reads almost all image formats, but can be restricted to certain branded file formats.


    Advance option is the final part of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, under this option you can Create an Image file, Clone the entire hard drive and show the current Drive Status. These three options are not simple or plain like others. They are more effective and advance.

    Create Image:

    It allows you to create an image file based on different partition or entire hard drive. It does not matter what amount of hard drive space you have on your system. All partitions will get listed. If you are willing to create the image of entire hard drive then you have to provide an external storage space higher than the total size of your hard drive. Or else there will be an error related to low image size. When you click on any partition, a separate menu appears on the right side with a button to Start Imaging.

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    re: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

    Clone Drive:

    Image and Clone are two different things. Image consists of all important files and folders. While Clone means the entire mirror of your hard disk. To clone a drive you will need an additional hard drive attached in your system or an external storage device. This process will create a clone copy of your hard disk along with the MBR. You can then restore the full drive by choosing the clone image from source disk. It will install all partition as well as the software like it was before. Depending on the size of your disk, the cloning time increases.

    Drive Status

    To check the current health status of your hard drive you have to download a number of software. Some of them will just tell you about bad sectors while some of them will only provide information based on read and write error. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery’s Drive Status option is unique and filled with all information which is required. The screen is divided into three parts.

    Hard Disk Status: This table shows list of all hard drive attached to your system. It also provides additional information’s like the Model, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Total Size and the Status. You also do not need to open your system cases again and again to find the hard drive serial number. To check warranty status or to find any related firmware update you need the serial number. At this point to save your time you can launch WDR and then click on Drive Status button. Everything is listed in simple tabular form on your desktop screen. When you click on Scan Disk the above screen appears. It scans your drive, sector by sector, to analyze it completely.

    SMART Feature Enabled, Status: OK: A dedicated section for S.M.A.R.T features is also available. S.M.A.R.T helps to predict drive failure. So there is a dedicated section in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery where you can see all information listed in clean tabular format. The table contains following options:
    • Raw Read Error Rate
    • Spin Up Time
    • Start/Stop Count
    • Reallocated Section Count
    • Seek Error Rate
    • Power on Hours Count
    • Spin Retry Count
    • Calibration Retry Count
    • Power Cycle Count
    • Load/Unload Cycle Count
    • Temperature
    • Reallocation Event Count
    • Current Pending Sector Count
    • Offline Scan Incorrect Sector Count
    • Ultra ATA CRC Error Count
    • Write Error Count

    Note: S.M.A.R.T is a technology used in hard drive to provide information of hard drive failure with the help of different tools. If this feature is not available then no software can read your hard drive status and provide you detailed information. It is used to warn users before drive fails to prevent data loss.

    Volume Information:
    This is the last column on this window that provides information on each partition, its file system, size, empty space and starting sectors. This column is quite useful if you have multiple hard drives. You can simply choose the drive under ‘Hard Disk Status’ and all information related to it, is listed.

    With powerful engine it scans everything and displays a complete report for bad sectors on drive. With easy color clarification the screen shows you ‘bad blocks’ in red color and ‘ok blocks’ in green colors as you can see in below image. So it is very easy to figure out what is the condition of existing drive. It is recommended that you must analyze your disk at least once in a month on personal system and at least twice in a month on business systems. It gives you an easy glimpse of your existing drive status and it is better to upgrade to a new drive if bad sectors increase. Scanning process could take time depending on the size of your drive, but you can continue your work.

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    re: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 5.0

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery License Comparison

    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery License Comparison


    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery provides a simple interface and compatible with all Windows version including Windows 8. It is not like other application which is flooded with unwanted option that never comes in use. It gives you minimal option with full data recovery support. It easily scans your detected drives. As a Data Recovery Tool, Stellar Phoenix WDR is a pack of utilities that help you in emergency. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also provides you a simple option to create system image file or to clone entire disk. But you cannot restore it. You can use the image file to recover your data. The Pro Edition is the recommended one as it has perfect blend of features for basic and advance usage. Along with 150 different file formats support the tool can be customized to add any specific format. It has a powerful scanning engine and tree view support which lists in detail and reach in depth without missing anything. For any reason if you need to stop the software process in between you can resume back the same when you start it again. The software has a powerful feature that can show you file preview as well.

    You require ample of time to search for large files & folders which you want to recover from your machine. It can be a word file, image, exe file, zip archive, etc. It read almost everything. With a powerful inbuilt disk defragmentation type tool it also offers you to have a visual view of bad sectors on hard disk. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a Swiss knife type product to recover lost file. Every process either creating an image file or restoration from old files is manual. The only drawback in this software is that it lacks scheduled backup process. If we ignore the same, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is powerful recovery software.

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