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Thread: Modbook Pro – A Tablet with 13.3inch Screen powered by 2.9 GHz Processor

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    Modbook Pro – A Tablet with 13.3inch Screen powered by 2.9 GHz Processor


    The term “Modbook Pro” clearly states and sounds something next to Apple’s Macbook Pro. Yes, it is something similar to Macbook pro. A company named ‘Axiotron’ announced OS X based Modbook tablets long before Apple introduced the revolutionary iPad tab. Since than Modbook came for few times in news but finally an LA based company known as Modbook Inc launched the Modbook Pro Tab today, Worlds largest and most powerful tablet in the market today.

    Designed and made by Axiotron’s one own designer, Modbook Pro is actually a deconstructed and rebuilt Macbook Pro. It features the same 13.3-inch screen offering 1280-by-800 pixel, storage upto 1TB, can consist Intel Core i5 2.5GHz or Intel Core i7 2.9 GHz dual core processor. Its other features include 8X SuperDrive DVD burner, an Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options. And most importantly, it runs on Apple’s own Mountain Lion operating system. As I said In the vert first line of this article, Modbook Pro Tab works very similar to any of the Apple laptops. Though the ModBook looks similar to iPad or any Tablet PCs available in the market, it is too far from those products. It is a stylus based product but works as a complete laptop. Users will be able to use all lion based applications on the Tablet including iTunes.

    Dual boot compatible:

    Have you ever seen a Tablet that can boot with two different operating systems? I dint. But it is now possible with the new Modbook Pro. You can make 2 partitions, one obviously for Mountain Lion and second for Windows operating system. Yes, Modbook is compatible with Windows as well. You can install any 32- or 64-bit Windows 7 system by running OS X’s Boot Camp application. This makes ModBook a complete computer system where you can use Apple’s application as well as windows based applications.


    As its name suggest, Modbook pro is second copy of Apple’s new 13.3inch Macbook Pro made from its own original hardware and parts including body, screen, and many more. Here Wacom digitizer also offers pen pressure sensitivity more than any of the tablets, 512 levels pressure. There is no other tablet pc available in the market today with such high pen pressure. Apart from the 512 pen pressure levels, the Modbook Pro’s pen tablet has a recognition rate of 133 points per second that ensues in a snappy pen experience and exceptionally exact control of renderings.

    Powerful but easy to carry:

    Modbook Pro’s 13.3 inch screen offering 1280 by 800 pixel resolution, a sleek and compact body, running on powerful Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, 1TB storage capacity, the product is a high end computer that lets you do anything you do on your home desktop pc. You don’t need any external wires, cable, display adapters or anything to work on ModBook tablet like you do on your desktop computer. Though its so smart and powerful, you can carry it easily in any bagpack wherever you go.

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    Re: Modbook Pro – A Tablet with 13.3inch Screen powered by 2.9 GHz Processor

    365 Days Warranty:

    Company provides a complete one year warranty for Modbook Pro. By the term complete I mean warranty for each and every hardware. If any things goes wrong, users will be able to get free service at any Modbook Pro authorized service centers. These centers will be announced just before company starts shipping the device.


    Modbook Pro seems to be the huge competitor for all tablet manufacturers. It can even complete bit with the laptop manufacturers. Now as it is made with the original apple hardwares used in Macbook pro, I hope apple won’t object with the device. As of now there are no exact announcements on release date and Pricing but we can expect pretty high budget for Modbook according to its specifications and designs.

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