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Thread: Quantum Conundrum Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

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    Quantum Conundrum Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

    If you are fed up playing fast paced FPS game then here is a right dose for your brain. Quantum Conundrum is new puzzle game which has combination of artistic gameplay. The game is entirely different from others. There are objects and devices that can be used to get you out. The game available on Steam also. Rightnow the game is available for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC (Windows). To run the game on your pc you will need minimum 2GB Ram, atleast 512 GPU, and 2 GB empty space. The game will not give better output without a graphic card. As there are some sudden changes which can only be reflected well by a video memory. In last two weeks ample of games are released which deals mostly action. Somehow Quantum Conundrum gives you a peaceful environment where are with a fictional character finding your way out and solving the puzzle.

    The game cost $14.99 USD which is not bad for your collection. After having a look on the gameplay video it reminds me of Portal and Wall-E. You enter a world of mad scientist who disappears somewhere. A kid now enters the laboratory and tries to find out where his Uncle is. The game begins with same old once upon a type story. An explosion in factory caused release of alien character. The boy found a nice hand glove which has power to change the current dimension, uplift object, freeze time, etc. He is on the mission find out what happened to his Uncle. Compare to other puzzle game, Quantum Conundrum does not look much different.

    But there are some additions that will attract you. Like in Portal you run from one dimension to other to find your way out along with using some objects in the mid way. Quantum Conundrum can be counted a higher version. The game mostly concentrates on puzzle. You have to find clues and fix up a broken puzzle. The operates inside a laboratory and there are ample of levels which are divided into room. It is also required to collect special batteries for the gloves to make then working.

    The gloves provide the user freedom to move in 4 different dimensions. That means you can turned yourself upward down, make yourself move on the wall, the entire screen just adjust as you shift. Along with that player can also make the object lighter or heavier on the basis of requirement. The game is made on a new type of game mechanism called as IDS (Interdimensional Shift Device). Under this you can switch an object to lighter version, move it and then switch back to normal. In this way user can move heavy objects very easily from his way and go ahead. Another power of the glove is anti-gravity. By hitting that buttons the objects floats in air. You can make your way or move them as per your need.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Xbox360, PS3 & PC

    The gameplay rotates around the story of rescuing your uncle. Compared to puzzle the game also has strategy mode. This is not a separate game mode, but at some places you will need to move by a strategy. That may consist of moving objects or shifting to different dimension. If we compare the game to Portal, then the difference is easy to notice. Portal relies mostly on running like hell and entering into different location. This is more like Teleportation. Some these features are in Quantum Conundrum.

    This is because the game is actually developed by the game designer of Portal. He added a nice mixture of first person layout and puzzle on the same hand. Portal gives you limited or only the lab objects to use. While Quantum Conundrum provides you many house hold equipment also. Like sofa, couch, chest, etc. Along with you there is one more character in the game. It looks to be borrowed from Monster Inc. The massive mansion has many rooms and chambers. You have to move from one to another.

    Each room will give you a different puzzle to reach the other. There are many obstacles in those chambers. Those can be overcome by placing the right object at the right time. Beware there are traps also. You will need to ensure that you are doing move directly in that. The game graphics are nice. They are not eye-popping. You actually do not need those kinds of graphics on puzzle games. The actual scenario according to me is better. The visual gives an impression of live animated movie. The gameplay consist of controlling the objects with small corsair on your screen which expands and reduces as you pickup object. This looks more similar Office Logo.

    The mansion is the only location in the game. The controls are quiet easy. You do not need to mess with your controller. As you keep moving you can throw object to break glass and enter. You can use other object to divert the laser. Anti-Gravity allows you to float in air and move head. One thing you will need to check properly that you keep on collection power source for the glove or else it will stop working. Objects are spit by large round robot face. The open their wide mouth and might throw a heavy chest on you. This looks a bit different here. Like those things are travelling in the house waterline. The first mission consists of finding the glove and when you move you will keep on experiencing new stuff. Right now the game is recommended for all ages. The mad scientists who disappear keep contacting the kid and show him how to move ahead. The player only needs to tackle the obstacles.

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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Xbox360, PS3 & PC

    There are hits available in the game. Some the puzzles needs a multi-combination of objects. You have to combine to make way out or simply solve the puzzle. There are big buttons on the floor. Add a weight on that and the door opens up. There are no major changes that you do inside the mansion. You have to use only those which are provided. Also it is not easy to trick in puzzle. Sometime some stuff needs to be repitted a number of times. Compared to consoles the game will give tough time to PC players. The reason is the camera control.

    The fps look might not be comfortable on mouse. Like you cannot easily determine how you will land if you pump up yourself under gravity mode. Also some of the objects are not easier to move through at a needed location. Somehow these games need skills. The new game mechanic makes it a first choice. Yes you had gone through many shifting objects game but this is bit different.


    The game is enjoyable and funny. You can have this in your collection. It is not entirely different. I found Quantum Conundrum fulfilling your gaming needs. I will not say that this is really a very log game, but at a proper pace it keeps you engaged. Surely you will miss heavy weapons, killings, alien bosses, etc. But leaving that violent fun behind, the game gives you peaceful environment. I am sure when you are playing this game the percentage of using "F" word will be reduced. I will rate 4 to this game out of 5 under puzzle category. The game might not have features to add new stuff, but in future you might hope to get some dlc on them.

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