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Thread: Apple iOS 6 Preview

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    Apple iOS 6 Preview

    There might be chances that in coming week we hear the announcement of new update for iPhone and iPad. When iOS 5 was out Apple mentioned clearly that this will come with 200+ new features. Apple has already decided to take his OS on next level. As every mobile operating is affected with Android influence. Right now Android has taken a quiet long share on mobile platform. So you might expect a little bit changes in the current update. It will not be right to say that iOS 6 will change the mobile platform or bring revolutionary changes. To some extend Apple has decided to make more and more functional. Existing features + new will create effective impression on upcoming model of iPhone. iOS is rich in interface and output. You will never find such awesome performance in any kind of operating system. After going through number of different resources and reviews I found that there will not be major changes related to interface or core files. Apple intends to make to better buy adding some additional features. Every time with new upgrade users have great expectation. People expect to have new things which are never been seen in other mobile operating system. Apple focus to improve the apps support better and other functions remain untouched. There is good news for users of iPhone 3. If you receive the update on your phone you can now use Siri on your phone which was not available before.

    There is not clear announcement that this update will also be available for older versions of iPhone also. If there are no major changes then surely this update can work on all models. A better firmware and added feature there is nothing to be expected more with iOS 6. Siri is going to be big news in iOS 6 update. Because you will get option to get that on iPad also. You can manage certain commands, play music, set reminder, check your mails, etc and perform number of task. Siri is your virtual voice assistant app that is designed to perform number of task on the basis of voice command. Till today it is found to be the most accurate app for voice control. There are rumors that the coming models of Apple devices will be more functional based on new processor used. You can react in much better way via your voice commands and get easy updates. Though there are not clear clarification yet made on it. Based on those rumors update on iPad will provide you a virtual voice support app which can help you to perform similar functions like Siri but on low level. iOS 6 update is expected to be announced at WWDC. This time it is assumed that social networking will be targeted on iOS device more effectively. It is really hard to imagine that what more can be done in this field. It easier to find a Facebook app or tweet from your phone. So providing additional support for social networking simply means that we can get more additional option compared to other devices.

    So the question rises here if there is nothing new in iOS 6 except some additional features, will you upgrade it or not? Many will say yes. Because here you are not only upgrading your OS but the firmware which makes your device more compatible with other hardware. Also it improves your phone performance to great extent. iOS 6 has ability to give you better app integration. The bugs which are facing above might get fix on it. The upcoming release and the date is yet not signified. I tried to read certain news articles which might give a glimpse of release date, but not found anything. All of them just discuss on the upcoming release and certain features only. So here the first thing I can provide you is some assumed information what major changes will be done. Later on some features details that will help you take decision. There are certain rumors that iOS 6 will be quiet inspired from OS X Lion.

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    Re: Apple iOS 6 Preview

    Improved Performance and faster Interface:

    Apple has always tried to give a much clearer and faster interface in every new update. Whatever bugs which user had faced before are wiped in new version. So if talk about the interface then there are minor things that can be noticed easily. Like some animated icons placed on the screen to catch your attraction. You have seen dead message icons, but this time you can see them live. Apple has disclosed nothing on that. The UI is said to be more improved this time with better options to customize your phone. Apple has tried always to keep a simple but rich interface. Minor changes will surely make everyone happy. It might not confuse you but make you more comfortable in use. There are chances you can setup more widgets or even group them as per your need. The interface updates can consist of minor and major changes. That can be seen well on iPhone in comparison to iPad. The lock screen method or any notification might be more interactive this time.

    Always a new update simply means your phones performance will increase. Compared to Android in my view iOS needs to work more on multi-tasking. This has been not yet found properly. If we compare some Smartphone or tablets that are released recently then you can clearly understand what I am talking about. iPhone and iPad support multi-tasking but not in better way. There are less chances you do multiple task at a single time on iOS devices. Need for this can be fulfilled in iOS 6. Only time can tell how much that will fit our actual need. Today a demand of mobile multi-tasking operating system is far more needed. As there are ample of apps related to cloud support, media sharing, mail sync, etc the phone or whatever operating system it has needs to have better ability to handle multitasking functions. Till now I had noticed Android as one of the rich OS in this. Run a download on the background, play music or sync your mails, it does all properly. I hope iOS might stay a step ahead of this.

    Social Networking Support:

    By social networking support I mean to say some features by which you can easily communicate or get notification related to day to day practices. Today social networking a big platform where you are always in touch with you friends and families. Also popular social networking websites like Facebook offer you more than interaction. Like play games, share videos, share events, publish your products, create your apps, etc. So this had became a need of day to day life. Inorder improve that iOS 6 will provide better integration. Integration means, there might be certain kind of apps designed especially to handle your social networking needs. Like updating your status instantly, write on your wall or simply share a video or audio. You might not require your phone browser to open the site, then sign in and add something. In iOS 5 you might have notice something similar via Twitter support. It was more frequent and easy to tweet everyday in your existing account and also get notification on your screen related to your followers. So this time iOS 6 will make it Facebook user happier. You can share your photos, or simply upload a video quickly. Also if possible you might get support to have your albums on offline mode. That means no need to login.

    Some offline content support might be added. But this are still rumors there are no final information released on it. Nor any app related that is finalized yet. But there are strong rumors that Apple is planning to give more social networking support so that you can easily tweet or share something on wall. Also an app will help you to add photos quickly with auto share support.

    Better Mail and Cloud Support:

    Sometime it happens that you miss some important mails or annoyed checking the big list of mails with tons of spam in that. Also it is not possible to sit and sort every mail and mark them as spam. So here iOS 6 has option that can help you to get rid of this issue. In iOS 6 you can be lucky to get additional feature to control mails and notification. You can simply create a trusted list kind of thing to get mails that you want to see only. This does not means that it will block other, but you will get an option to mark people who are important. You can then see only that notification on your screen. This is quiet functional for day to day business. The mail app is already integrated which can be sync via your mail server. You can also divide people in different groups like family, friends, business, etc. So to some extent your time is saved in checking each and every email. Also the notification helps you to get all the important mails on your screen.

    Second thing cloud support has been provided on Apple devices already via Mobile me or iCloud. So you might be wondering that what is new in cloud support. There is unique feature which can help you to sync your existing tab with other devices. It is similar to sharing bookmarks. But with this support you can share your WebPages. Also you can have you documents online and share them wherever you want. Cloud addition is done by various other manufacturers to make your phone more than just a portable device.

    Voice Commands for iPad:

    I had mentioned already above that with iOS 6 update, you can hope to have Siri on your iPad. If you are fascinated with this app on your mobile phone then the new update will give the same support for your tablet pc. There are no final verdict that will you get all features or limited. But it is found that surely there will some voice support feature on iPad. Like you can perform certain action via voice, get a dictation of notes, etc. Till yet Apple has not decided to provide full fledge Siri app on existing models. But with the new app you can find the same on older version also. There can be Siri or there can app similar that. But this would be impressive. Compared to tablet, Siri will appear with more improved version on iPhone.

    Additional Navigation Support:

    In iOS you might receive rich 3D maps support. Rumors says that Apple will provide its own map service instead of other sources. There are options by which you can see good view of various places and enjoy realistic navigation. There are no clear idea why Apple might do this, but the motive might be giving rich feature to its users. The upcoming week will clear what will and what not will be available. There are numerous rumors based on 3D map service here. The app in iOS 6 will render 3D images of locations you are looking for. You can also setup the direction the map and get a more interactive display. This time it looks Apple focus mostly on improving navigation features of its devices taking the place of additional gps devices. Anyhow it is a requirement. It becomes a bit complicated when you try to find the right direction on web. I hope Apple can give a more accurate navigation service.

    There are discussion based mostly on changes in Siri, app store and Facebook integration. But yet no one claims that it will be the feature which iOS going to have. So Apple might break the silence in coming. As I had seen already on different places, there are very less stuff defined properly. While what I assume that there will be more than we expect on iOS. After release of iPhone there was major boost in importance of mobile operating system which was then fulfilled by Android. People require OS that can give them seamless app support, unlimited utilities, easy restoration, simple to use, rich features based on current technology and more versatile upgrade options.

    Compared to other OS it is clearly found that Android is clearly loved and adopted by many. There are clear reason behind that. The release date and other information on it is not clear that when this version will be available finally for public use. But there are some information shared on web which says that in coming couple of months you have the update notification on your phone. I am waiting when Apple will finally provide the list of new features this update will provide. Especially assuming something better for Apple iPad.

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