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Thread: Starhawk beta

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    Starhawk beta

    PS3 Players will be happy to know that Starhawk Beta is out now. It is opened for all and you can enjoy action gamplay on your consoles. The beta version is available for PS2 only. Starhawk is a space action game which is widely anticipated on PS3. The game is under development of LightBox. This is the beta version which is out and soon it is said that the final version will be out somewhere in March. Anyhow you can have the glimpse of this game in Youtube. The game offers fps shooting mode with space gadgets. Some of them are quiet catchy. It is recommended to play once atleast for those who enjoy space action games. The game is a sequel to Warkhawk. Released in 2007 the game offers third person shooting game for PS3. It is a fast paced multiplayer game where you get an option to combat with future weapons and vehicles. Warhawk was exclusive for PS3 only. Following the same trend Starhawk is a bit newer with many additions. Based on a kind of human invasion on other planets which result in war does not give any new approach to the gameplot. In Starhawk you get addition infantry and vehicles with special suites to combat. Other than these players can build up structures to protect or to attack on colonies. This gives a kind of strategy gameplay support. The game has ample of violence and chaos. You just need to keep moving and shooting before getting killed. Designed on distant space land the game provides new environment. You can keep building up new structure to prove your dominance on the colony. Other than fighting with weapons, players can use vehicles or spacecraft.

    At start if you had not played Warkhawk you might be confused. Just ran and keep killing. Soon you will easily realize the objective which can give you more firm ground on the gameplay. The game also aims to build up a team. The better team you have the more chances you have to win. So at start just keep an eye on your team also. Your work is to enter the enemy base and setup more center so that your team can charge upon. The centers are kind of spawn units. So if you die you do not need to cover all the distance. You are back on the place or somewhere nearby. There are many spawn points which can be taken as capture point. The game really offers an enjoyable experiences as your team is pushed in more intensive battle. There are different maps in the game based on various locations. Taking about the combat vehicles used in the game. For start they are not easier to control but an easy way to wipe enemies out of your way. There are cars which you can use as many times you want. This is just to cover your distance faster.

    Starhawk beta Gameplay

    Gameplay is just a kind of conclusion you drive when you had played the game actually. I found the game a bit slower. Do not know might be low hardware config of my PS3. Talking about the server mode multiplaying, you will surely enjoy it. Only after playing the game a number of times you will get use to the screen and weapons. There is nothing complicated in the game which makes it tougher to play. The game has a nice building option used. It makes the game more interesting. Some eye popping effects maintain the respect. In some cases I would like to have more tutorial. At start the game is surely not easy to play. It is tougher than it looks. It is not just a one man game.

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    Re: Starhawk beta

    It is a team game where you need to have good co-op ability. The game is a nicer choice for those who had played Warhawk. There are some changes done to this game at start. Like you have to first struggle to get the flying ability, while in older version that was present from start. The combat vehicles and aircraft are more devastating. Starhawk Beta emphasis more on getting skills and a co-op gameplay. Providing a 75% strategy gameplay the game needs more teamwork. Players can use a composite gameplay for building structure and battling with strategy. Some of the part is bit tough to play. Players need to collect Rift energy individually in the game. So that means the team cannot benefit from it.

    We can say the game is a bit more than regular RTS game. Here the things which define the gameplay is building up blocks to protect or attack and second a team play work gives a bit distinct personality to it. The Rift energy is the only game resource which can be used for building blocks and get upgrades. The game offers quiet number of object to collect and get upgrades. With the upgrades you can get easily builds. The more rift energy you accumulate the easier it becomes to make structure for increasing your team strength. Other takes which also offer you more upgrades is killing the enemies, bring down the enemy buildings and vehicles and capturing the area flag. When you are ready to buy the upgrades you just need to press the triangle button and choose the location to build up structure. It is recommended to choose the most appropriate place to setup the building.

    Starhawk beta Game Environment

    I will not say that it is superb but nice enough. If you had played Warhawk then it must easier to distinguish between the game. The entire environment is filled up with chaos, space vehicles, etc. I had not enjoyed playing no some the landscape which shows poor quality. Talking about the sound there is no special in this. You can simply expect all those from a space shooting game. But this time you can assume that this all might be more improved in the final release. There are some tips that I can share here while playing Starhawk. In one word this is a kind of build and battle game. Every team can only build up 32 structures which consist of everything you are going to do on the ground. You can begin with making a single launch pad to get your team spawn, a garage, bunker and sniper tower. Work as team and collect the flags. The more closer you reach the enemy base you can re-build the same and reclaim the old structures. If you are team is new in the game let them play and learn all the tactics or it will be tougher for you to grab flags. Anyhow once the co-ordination is set it becomes easier for you to play. There is a bit similarity in the game in comparison to Warhawk. There are some tweaks and changes offered. Thing which annoys is that you cannot fire when you are running. There is needed to be done more here. Another thing, in weapons there is nothing much to explain.

    Talking about the flying part, you will really enjoy something awesome. The flying skill offers you more devastating attacks, and there are dedicated part in the game where you will fight airborne. In comparison to Warhawk, Starhawk offers you easy flying controls.

    Starhawk beta is all in all a nice game to play in multiplayer mode. There is nothing much to offer, but you can have a feel of strategy and action gameplay. The offers similar maps when played a multiple times, which keeps on reducing the game interest. I hope there will ample of extra mods or dlc for the game.

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