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Thread: Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor

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    Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor

    3D LED Monitor is a new innovation in Display series. After getting out from theaters 3D technology is no coming up on your desk. You can simply enjoy the benefit of 3D look on your own PC Monitor. Samsung provides a 23 Inch 3D LED Monitor. 3D + LED just make this monitor much better than others. You will not only get a realistic look but also high resolution vibrant colors which are hardly seen on any other. The monitor series is specially designed for 3D content which is taking a firm place in the market. Today there are ample of 3D Monitors which are costly enough to hit your budget hard. But if you are ready to spend then 23" is not a bad size. You must remember that 3D has some requirements. You cannot just connect the monitor and enjoy low resolution videos on it. The technology comes with limitation. A good gpu with HD content which supports 3D is a must. There are ample of games that are coming with their 3D version which can only be seen on such special hardware. Gaming consoles are not behind here. Companies are working to give you 3D support with motion gesture. I found the model a bit impressive under Samsung. Some special features of this LED monitors is it has Lifelike colors. You can enjoy around 1080p HD display in 2D and in 3D also. Equipped with 3D glasses the monitor does not need any additional support. There are two variations in this series. One comes in 23" and the other one in 27". So as per your need you can choose the size.

    If we talk about some quick features then the points which come ahead are Lifelike colors. Many are wondering that this will be some kind of new technology or feature. You are correct. Samsung is a market leader in consumer products and this is one o the new innovation. Under this you can see life like images which is one word means extremely-realistic. This can be found both in 2D and 3D. The ultra clear panel and 100% Photo Accuracy offers you vibrant and accurate color. You can view a high detailed image under this. The current setup is accompanies by a pair of 3D glasses. The 3D Glasses are supported by inbuilt sync emitter to offer you smooth syncing with video quality. This is just not enough, it also has TriDef 3D gaming software. Many of us are not aware what TriDef 3D Tool is. I will explain you in detail about the same. TriDef 3D is a complete package which offers you to play 3D games. So this is called as smart thinking where you do not need to re-configure your PC for making it a 3D ready system. Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor also has an Eco Motion Sensor. Now what does this do. This is a sensor which turns on and off your monitor as you come and go. That means if you are not in the front of monitor it turns it off and also it adjust the brightness of monitor as the room light, so that your eyes is not affected.

    Features :
    • Extremely Lifelike Colors : Samsung’s top of the line panel creates extraordinarily lifelike images, in both 2D and 3D. Technologies like Ultra Clear Panel and 100% Photo Accuracy take color vibrancy and accuracy to the next level.
    • 1080p Resolution in 2D and 3D : 1080p Resolution in 2D and 3D Unlike passive 3D technologies, which cut the resolution in half, Samsung’s technology allows you to see every detail in Full 1080p HD.
    • Complete 3D Solution in the Box : Includes everything you need to get going: one pair of 3D glasses, a built-in sync emitter, and DDD’s TriDef 3D gaming software.
    • Eco Sensors for Unparalleled Convenience : Work Smarter with Samsung's Simple Eco Solution the Eco Motion Sensor automatically turns the monitor on and off as you come and go. The Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to match the room lighting, reducing eye strain.
    • See the next level with the 3D HyperReal Engine : A 3D Experience stunning, comfortable and true to life. Samsung achieves the very highest standard in 3D entertainment with its 3D HyperReal Engine. It is a brain-like technology that allows the SA950 series to control color, contrast, 3D effects and motion for mind-blowing results.
    • A Brighter 3D Experience : Don’t like wearing sunglasses indoors? Samsung's 3D monitor glasses let twice as much ambient light through as competing technology. Because Samsung built all parts of this 3D experience, it optimized the coordination of the panel backlight and glasses shutter.
    • Optimize your viewing experience with Eco Light Sensor : Take the strain out of watching images on your monitor with Samsung’s Eco Light Sensor. The Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the Samsung LED Monitor by measuring the intensity of the light within the room.

    • Specification :
    • 3D LED
    • Ultra Clear Panel
    • 1920x1080 Resolution
    • sRGB Coverage
    • 120 Hz Panel Frame Rate
    • 250 cd/m2 Brightness
    • 2ms (GTG) Response Time
    • Mega ∞ Dynamic Contrast Ratio
    • 170°/160° Viewing Angle
    • 16.7M Color support
    • Magic Picture Controls
    • Magic Angle
    • Real 120Hz Input, 2D to 3D Conversion, DDD TriDef Software Included, Eco Motion Sensor, Eco Light Sensor, Eco Saving, Multi Screen, Off Timer, Customized Key, Image Size
    • 48W Power / 1W standby
    • RoHS Complaint

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    Re: Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor


    Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor has nice and slick design. It is thin and is very light. The design looks really a catchy which will make your desk more attractive. More appear is the dock on which the monitor stands. The lower end of the monitor provide a awesome dock with Samsung logo over it and without any buttons, this makes the monitor a more professional model. The below dock and stand provides ample of support to the monitor. You can title it as per your requirement. Because of the stand the monitor looks a bit more organized then other. The reason can be seen by having a look on the rear side. All connection are embedded on the below stand instead of backside, which is common in many monitors. The stand offers a touch support kind of controls which makes it easier to configure the monitor settings. On the backside you get 1 HDMI, 1 DPIN, Headphone and power connection. It is not just the stand but a kind of DisplayPort connector which helps you to look more organized.

    Samsung has done a great improvement in the design of its 3D LED monitor. Adjustments are easy with think design and vibrant colors. There is nothing much to criticize about the design. Like other monitors the one thing this has in additional and awesome stand with great looks. A think clear widescreen monitor. The 27" looks better in this. A wider display is capable of offering you a much better look while playing games or while viewing movies. The stand itself has front control buttons which work on sensor while touched. They are touch sensitive’s buttons. One thing which I want to mention is the 3D button. This button is on the top of the stand. By pressing it you activate the 3D technology and this is the time to glasses. Or else you can enjoy the same in 2D also. This is something better done here. It has simple arrow keys to navigate and the center button to choose the option. Glossy look offers the monitor a eye catching ability.


    As I had told before that if you need optimum performance from it without loosing the quality then you need to have a good gpu. A gpu that supports 3D output. Or else you might need to struggle hard to get the right output. Rightnow there are ample of good gpus in market. You can choose a reasonable which can offers you 3D frame rates. Rightnow Nvidia offers a 3D vision kit which comes with a receiver and glasses. Till yet it is found to be a successful product. But under this model all this are present. If you do not have a good gpu you might fail to get a good performance. So if you are trying to setup a 3D game then it is better that you must first look into your gpu and upgrade it. I am not telling you to go for a high end gpu. And along with that upgrade your psu also. Once all is installed your 3D home system is up. This is a hard hit on the budget but not much for the geeks.

    If you are planning to upgrade for a higher resolution then this is the time to think for a 3D display. Because in the coming future many products will support 3D and technology is not on your desk. Surely this will be cheaper in the coming future. Talking about the resolution, there is better competition still in the market. Company tends to provide a bigger size monitor at a very reasonable rate.


    Now the bottom point is to go or not to go for 3DLED. I will recommend going for the same if there are such kind of products. At a price $449 I will not consider this monitor as bad choice. It can be a valid investment for those who want to go for upgrade and for those who are planning to go for high end system. Today mostly we plan to go for a mid range multimedia system and gpu is a much requirement. In that case spending a bit amount higher for this product is good to go.

    For MAC users I want to notify that this monitor has no 3D support. So if you are using a Mac system and want to go for 3D Monitor then look for different models or read this specification of this product in details. It is clearly stated that it does not support 3D for Mac system.

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    Re: Samsung 23 Inch 750 Series 3D LED Monitor

    In my opinion its a good monitor, with sharp & clear picture quality. Of course the size is smaller as compared with the popular sizes, but its still good as far as the affordability is concerned.

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