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Thread: Best Digital Pen for Desktop and Laptop

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    Best Digital Pen for Desktop and Laptop

    A digital pen is a device which makes your note taking job easier. With the help of this you can take notes directly on your laptop or desktop and convert them to digital text. This saves your time of typing the entire content sitting on front of your computer. Digital pens are termed are common technology of getting written text on a computer with the help of keyboard. By default we are stucked with keyboard and many of us do not have a good typing speed. Now for those who really want to work faster and engage in mails, documents, etc need some solution which can help them to capture text easily in their system. I am just talking about text, no images and videos. The products describe here are some of best Digital Pens which help you to write directly on your desktop and do lot more than that. Digital pen allows taking easy dictation on your regular pads. Some digital pen comes with a capture camera which helps you to transfer the data later on to system. It is easier to write with it if you are comfortable to use it. The only issue with old digital pens was the size. They were quiet thick which makes the grip weaker. But today’s pen comes with in built storage starting from 2GB to 16GB. You do not need to carry any other kind of additional tool except a capture camera which does not comes in all kind of model.

    Typewriting needs good skill of typing which is not owned by all unless you had done lots of practice or undergone any kind of professional course. And if you are engaged in a business of media or publication or any other which is related to feed content continuously on a word processor then the job becomes a bit tough. Instead of swapping the job there is another way if you ready to go easy with technology. That is choosing a Digital Pen. A digital pen not only allows you to take notes, but you can draw diagrams, you can se it for designing and lot more. Digital pen does not mean that you have to scribble your desktop for that, there are separate pads for the same. Only designing is not the default thing that a digital pen do. There are pens with comes with a capture camera. They stick to the bunch of paper or books on the top with a clip and whatever you write is captured. You can then transfer that with the help of usb interface to your pc and convert them to digital text. A far more superior quality pen gives you more accurate content. Also called as Input devices they are widely available in various models. I had listed some of the best products with its prices and features. It is very important to go in detail about each and every feature so that you can find what you are looking for. A common example is converting your hand written text to digital text. For example you create a circle that should be created perfectly in word processor.

    Speech recognition is another technology by which your voice helps you to type on system. But this is till under process and will take lot more time to develop. This is not a one day job. I had tested many tools but they are not accurate. So the only option to get faster work in using a digital pen. New digital pens are equipped with easy motion writing capture which allows you to get faster productivity. The transfer is much easier and you carry those documents inside your pen also. You can store notes or emails and use them directly. Digital pen allows you a faster writing then keyboard. It makes your work easier and support office tools like Microsoft Office. It is bit easier to describe or design a diagram via hand.

    Common Features of a Digital Pen :
    • Easy to Use : Due to regular modification the pens are easy to use. They are more handy and easy to perform the most basic task without any advance knowledge of computers. You can handle the pens with easy to use technology and use them for various purposes. Data transfer is also not a tough job.
    • Set of Features : It is necessary to check and figure out each feature of product you’re buying. It is also important to check the method of translation used to convert the hand written text to digital. Some pens come with poor OCR capabilities which can spoil your work. They best for designing not for writing. So you have to take care about the right product you are going to buy.
    • Performance & Setup : Also just check once the writing compatibility. There are demos which can help you to figure out the mode of words capturing. It can give you the clear idea how much you can get from the pen. Second thing you have to check is about the setup. It must be easy and work with every system.
    • Support : Do not forget to check the after sales support for your product. It is important to have manuals and customer support in case you found any issue you can contact the manufacturer.

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    Re: Best Digital Pen for Desktop and Laptop

    Best Digital Pens :

    Capturx for OneNote - Price $299

    Capturx is specially designed to work with Microsoft Once Note. You can create notes and sketches in the office application on this. This product provides you ample of new features which are integrated with your handwriting. What you can get in this is a better backup and document management. It organizes your digitally written text properly. You can store and sort the same with ease. With the pen you can perform document search also. It is possible to share those documents via Office Share. The installation is very easy. You have to first install the pen pc suite so that you can control the tool. With this you have to install an OneNote connection tool which will connect the application with your handwriting. There is nothing much to do. The pen is a bit thick in size which makes it a little tough to use. But once you are use to it is not a worry. According to me it is a good tool. You can use it on other windows version also. The two points which I do not like about the pen is first the size and the second is cost. It is very expensive.

    Echo Smartpen -- Price US$149.95 (4GB)

    Echo is a product by Livescribe. This is one of the awesome digital pen brands. The reason is that it is not just a smartpen. It s more than that. It allows you hundreds of hours of recording and smooth work. The pen is also think in size, but it works with many other things. It is effortless tool. You can simply record, or write or create a diagram with the pen. Livescribe's Echo Smartpen features a live recording which allows you to mange better reference. It works with very small software. You can directly publish your documents on Facebook if you want. With this Livescribe Desktop Software allows you to have an e 500MB online storage place to access your documents. This pen provides one of the most clear writing methods. You can setup the pen as you want. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack also to hear your recordings. It has a tiny OLED screen with microusb port. Other than this the pen works smoother with Livescribe Echo Smartpen pad. It is recommended to use this with it.

    Pulse Smartpen

    Pulse is another brand from Livescribe. The difference is that this Smartphone has a better camera to more précised text. The pen size is bigger in comparison to other. The pen can record audio. It is similar to the above, you can get much detail in its feature. It is also found that this found can record good audio quality from more distance also. It also supports other Livescribe apps.


    The one thing you can figure out that these pens are not cheaper. They are costly and it is recommended to become choosy under this. Choose the pen which has the feature you want. It does not matter what the cost is. There are fewer manufacturers who are working on this. I think in future you can find more newer designs with more precision in handwriting recognition. Electronics pens are useful for many if utilized properly.

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