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Thread: Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Mobile Phone

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    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Mobile Phone

    Sony Ericsson is soon going to unveil an budget android phone called as Sony Ericsson Txt Pro. This phone you can say is an great alternative for Xperia Mini series mobile phone. The best part, the phone works on Sony Platform, not on Android. This shows that the mobile giant is ready to accept many new and innovative ways to produce the best mobile the market. Some of the best and popular phone models come under the list of Sony Ericsson. It is an slider phone with full qwerty keyboard in the backside. It is an Smartphone filled up with many exciting and new features. The price as expected approx Rs. 7,500.00. That is really not bad for this kind of phone. There are many Android based phones are released in this year. It simple words I can say this is an budget Android phone.

    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro with slider qwerty keyboard and large screen size can provide you best touch interface with chat support. The phone is equipped with 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display. Captive Touch technology aims to provide you a better interface and long lasting support. The screen resolution is around 240 x 400 pixels which is high enough to view your videos and photos clearly. Once thing more was notified for this phone is that, this phone has scratch resistance support. But till yet this not tested. It can only be figured by using the phone for sometime. Anyhow many mobile users have a habit of using ScreenGuard to protect the touchscreen.

    Highlighted Features:
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi support to join any hotspot and surf internet with better speed.
    • Captive Touchscreen: The touchscreen interface is designed in m ore better way.
    • Easy Typing: If you do not want to use the slider keyboard, the touchscreen has full virtual keyboard for the same function.
    • GoogleTalk: Integration of GTalk app for chat support.
    • QWERTY: Full QWERTY keyboard support for easy typing, chatting and navigation on the phone.
    • Media Player: Plays almost all type of video and audio files.
    • 3.5mm audio jack: Equipped with 3.5mm audio jack makes it more functional to play your songs on speakers.
    • Music Recognition: This is something new. The phone has a feature of TrackID. In this if you listen any new song, you just need few seconds of that song recording and use this app to find the exact album.
    • Tweeter: Integrated tweeter app to tweet wherever and whenever you want.
    • Facebook : Integrated facebook support for your managing your social networking profile.
    • Email Client : Integrated email client support to directly get your mails in your phone. No need to use any third party service for messaging.

    Specification :
    • Available colors : Pink , Black , White
    • Size : 93.0 × 52.0 × 18.0 mm / 3.7 × 2.0 × 0.7 inches
    • Weight : 100.0 g / 3.5 oz
    • Screen : 262,144 color TFT / 400x240 pixels (WVGA) / 3 Inches
    • Networks : GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
    • Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
    • USB support
    • 3.5 mm audio jack
    • Micro USB support

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    re: Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Mobile Phone

    Now above those features looks enough for a Smartphone. You have support for multimedia, emails and social networking. The price is also not too high. But as we count today for a feature of smart phone users demands are higher. The reason is better technology and tablets introductions. Due to Android type UI the phones becomes a bit more functional. I am waiting for more info on the operating system and how does the phone compete with Android. You can find many phone models on Android. It is found to be one of the most successful operating system for mobile platform. As we can see the feature are not less enough.

    What more important here is to consider the usability. Complicated design and phone processes make a bit difficult for every average to handle daily task. The phone is also meant for business professional. A good choose for those who love sliders.

    Operating System and Interface

    The phone is equipped with a secret JAVA operating system. I do not know the exact name, but looks more functional. You can see in images the screen size and output. It is not bad. As the phone has JAVA support that simply means you can run a number of java app on it. There are multiple desktop support provided on the same. You can manage your calls, messages etc quickly with the settings on home screen. And everything is customizable. Talking about the touchscreen and user interface it is nice. You cannot determine an quality of touchscreen without using the same. The phone has an gravity effect. That is screen orientation. When you move the screen the screen adjust itself. This is commonly found in many mobile phone.

    Other things, I want to say here is that the phone comes in the an medium range. Not is lower, nor in higher. In lower phones you just can have the functionally of calling/messaging, etc while in higher you have better interface, updates, more app, hd videos etc. This comes in between which gives you a lighter support for both. It has a high resolution screen, but not enough good to view HD videos. Some testing on the same will give you a much better result on the interface. One thing which is functional here is Multiple Desktop support. You can move your needed app wherever you want.

    Design :

    Sony Ericson TXT Pro features regular slide design phone. There are many similar models in Samsung and Nokia. The screen with 256k TFT capacitive touch support is enough big to give wide screen video. But the touch screen slider is an additional support for those who really put more time in social networking. This makes the web surfing job easier. With 32 GB expandable storage you can store many of your videos and music. But many phones I had noticed get slowered when you fill up the memory card. The performance degrades automatically.

    TXT Pro design is an bit unique in comparison to slider phones. It is les s heavier and gives better grip. The back side black finish which is bit title, gives entirely a new look on the phone. Front screen is surrounded by an black border for better light reflections. Keyboard has nice sliver finish to give clear key reflections. Key buttons are enough big to fix on finger. Camera is located behind the slider. Finish of the phone gives it an really nice and professional look. The phone is 18.00mm thick and weight is around 100g.

    Multimedia Support

    Many of use look first on the multimedia support. As an Smartphone is not just an mobile phone, but an digital device for entertainment. So things matters here are number of support format, easy connectivity , good display etc. Sony Ericson Txt Pro media abilities are less. It is common for all type of phones to support the most popular audio format like mp3. There is nothing new I can add here. There is a default music player in the phone which does all the work. You can create playlist and minimum functions are provided. The same lies for the video also.

    But if you can find some better java media player. That can give you more options. I did not find anything great in the audio settings. It is enough for an average user. The phone is equipped with some inbuilt games, but do not disappoint. You can download more.

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    re: Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Mobile Phone

    Camera :

    This is also an important aspect of every gadget. This time you are luckier to get a bit higher mega pixel camera. TXT Pro has 3.2mp camera on the back side. The camera is plain enough to shoot any picture in the front location. The vide recording are QVGA based. I had seen the image quality of this phone which is slightly better than other phone due to more megapixel camera. As an mid budget phone it is not bad to get this much output. The camera is capable enough to capture clear quality images in indoor and outdoor.


    Sony Ericson TXT Pro supports enough connectivity options that we need. IT is an 3G phone which can allow you better internet surfing speed. The phone also has EDGE/GPRS support so that you can even use it while traveling. One thing Sony Ericson added in the phone is wifi support so that you can access the net inside a wifi network. That is becoming common in many phone. It is better to surf on such wide screen and view maximum content. The slider allows you to type more words in less time as it is an regular keyboard type. The company tried to make the phone friendlier to social networking habits. And they success too, to some extent only. You can check those FB and Tweeter apps. Other than you can have your Gmail, etc account chat via ebuddy, etc.


    Not bad enough. You can use the phone for more than 4 hours for videos and higher for other works. I can say the battery is low range as you cannot much on that and there is no upgrade possible for the same. Anyhow every multimedia phones weak point is the battery life.


    If you are not ready to spend a large amount for an Smartphone and looking for mid-range budget phone, then this is more than enough. I will not recommend you to buy this if you are planning to buy an better Smartphone with budget more than 10K or 12K. With an price of Rs. 7500 appox. It is not an bad phone. But I found the price a bit higher here. The phone looks costly to me. What feature mentioned is not enough for what we except.

    The interface is smoother with ample of features and app support. With JAVA support the phone is enough functional to give you new features and other support. There are many phones which comes in the Range of Rs.8,000 to 10,000 running on Android Platform.

    TXT Pro, is an versatile mid range phone. Anytime you access your friends and chat via 3G internet support. The phone has Opera Mini browser for internet surfing. Other than this you can sync the phone with pc using Bluetooth or USB 2.0 connector.

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