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Thread: Samsung HMX-Q10 Switch Grip Full HD Camcorder

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    Samsung HMX-Q10 Switch Grip Full HD Camcorder

    The actual features which you look in an better camcorder before buying is the quality of its electronics and its implication sensor. In this case, the Korean manufacturer as a new device integrates a CMOS five million pixels able to shoot in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels 50i) and take pictures in 4.9 megapixels. If the 10x optical zoom (38.3 to 380 mm 35 mm equivalent) is quite small - but adequate - the optical stabilization system (OIS) should be sufficient to offset the slight tremor of the hand.

    The lens is protected shutters that opened and closed by hand a special lever, located top-side of the lens. At first it seems strange to strap the camera. A narrow strip of artificial leather, more like the plastic is completely recessed into the lateral groove on the housing. However, this strap can be pulled so that a loop will be free palm of medium size. Such a solution can be considered really useful, because not all the straps and are not always necessary, especially when shooting from the hip is, and not on eye level.

    With controls on the camera obviously did not work out - the main button is the zoom controller. That’s it. Above there is a cap on rubber feet - there is hidden input charger. Nice blue LED, sewn into the end of the LCD screen displays the status of the camera, changing its color. For example, blue color - the camera is ready to work, orange - is charging, green - charging over.

    LCD touch screen is equipped with additional mechanical button that calls the main menu. Each and every set made exclusively by means of navigating through the menu (well, of course, but we have just seen in the complete absence of any buttons.) Translated from the camera mode the camcorder in camera mode or the player made the same way, through communication with the touch-screen menus. At the bottom of the camera has a flip lid, which is located under the memory card slot and battery slot. The battery allows for video recording for 85 minutes with the screen open in the mode of 1280 × 720 50p.

    Features :
    • Easy One Button Operation
    • Clear Video
    • Auto Adjustment
    • USB port Recharge
    • 10x/20x Optical Zoom
    • 2.7" Auto Rotate Touch-Panel LCD
    • SD Card Support

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    Re: Samsung HMX-Q10 Switch Grip Full HD Camcorder


    Turning the camera is as simple as opening screen. That's harder to shut down: closing the screen does not send a camera into hibernation. Machine for a while winking blue diode, indicating its potential willingness to work. But after a while, realizing that video is no longer required, the camera goes to sleep. During this waiting is selected in the settings (5, 10 or 20 minutes), by default, it is five minutes.

    The camera has a quick access to white balance and exposure through the icons that are on the screen. Sorry, but to change these settings directly in the shooting is not possible - when you press these icons Rec disappear and appear only after you stop recording. This camcorder can capture images in a mode that received trade name Smart Record Pause. In general, there is nothing new in this mode, there is - so removed without exception, old DV-camcorder. This feature allows you to take a break in shooting, and later again to continue recording in the same file.

    The Samsung HMX-Q10 provides a convenient system of control: at the opening screen, the camcorder automatically turns on when you turn the display - goes into playback mode. With the touch screen diagonal of 2.7 inches, the user can control various functions, for example, pause recording or to select the best view. Management, in general, provides a new intuitive user interface Smart Access. If required, the novelty can be used as a 4.9 megapixel camera.

    Video Recording

    Camcorder Samsung HMX-Q10 lets you take video in Full HD 1920 x 1080/60i and is equipped with dual image stabilization (optical + digital) to compensate for hand shake. Also in the new camcorder technology has been refined Smart Auto, which analyzes the basic elements of composition in photography - the brightness, motion, color, and then selects the most appropriate settings for best results. In the Samsung HMX-Q10 also has a function to pause during recording (Record Pause), allowing the user to put a pause on the video capture without interrupting the recording. Thus, the fragments will be taken automatically connect to a single file for easy editing of the film. A new feature allows you to Art Film shoot video with special effects, such as black and white film or the effect of the passage of time.

    Switch Grip System

    In describing his HMX-Q10, Samsung emphasizes the Switch Grip system which offers the possibility to hold the device as well as the right hand with his left hand. And yet, the strap (which is slipped his hand) and swivel LCD are as usual located on either side of the camcorder: the trick is in the mail.

    It is indeed possible to use the HMX-Q10 upside down, taking care of an accelerometer to rotate the image in the LCD, so the filmed image, to keep everything in place. The manufacturer also says that the camera is controlled from the touch screen menus and therefore will always be in the right direction. Little trick, the zoom is done by a knob on the back of the unit - as the trigger - that always works the same way: we turn to the right to zoom in or left to widen the field.

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    Re: Samsung HMX-Q10 Switch Grip Full HD Camcorder


    Samsung also focuses on the intelligent side of HMX-Q10, including the Smart Car. It automatically detects the scene mode best suited to film, depending on ambient light, movement of the subject, etc.. Moving quickly on the "banality." The autofocus mode coupled with Face Detection (up to six) would be successful, users will appreciate the insider to carry out manual white balance and other, the automatic mode which is responsible to do the best.


    The Samsung HMX-Q10 comes with a battery (1250 mAh) which offer a range of 1 hour and 50 minutes of recording. IntelliStudio software is provided for proceeding with assembly, burning and conversion of HD files in various formats, including for export to online services such as YouTube.


    The included software is written to the camera's internal memory, which is available only in read mode. This program requires no installation, being a portable version - it runs directly from your camera connected to a PC via USB. However, nothing prevents the copying program files to your hard drive or USB flash drive, because the internal memory of the machine is visible in the system as a CD-ROM drive with the name of Intelli-Studio. The volume of all the program files is only 23.4 MB. This program is a simple video editor, in which it described in detail in previous reviews of cameras Samsung, with the same firmware.

    • IA-BC9UA4 Camcorder Charger : $29.99
    • Camcorder Carrying Case : $24.99
    • HDMI Cable : Length: 4.9 ft / $19.99
    • 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery : $49.99


    Of course this is not a professional camcorder, but under the aspect of the Q10 has a minimalist qualities of respect: 5 Mpixel CMOS sensor, 10x Schneider Kreuznach lens, optical image stabilizer and digital HDMI output. The try cycling and walking in town and we cannot but appreciate the convenience: we do moving shots, the faster we go from hand to hand, the afforested in your pocket when you need it, we move from video to photo mode (4.7 Mpixel ) in a flash. Also convenient snap the lens cap that avoids the problems of the cap.

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