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Thread: LG Optimus Black Andriod Phone

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    LG Optimus Black Andriod Phone

    The Optimus Black completes the range of Android Smartphone LG signed. Less richly equipped than the Optimus 2X, the new Google Phone is supposed to apply to a wider audience. Groomed, Nova brightest new screen, a 5 megapixel camera sensor, video conferencing, user interface redesigned for your convenience. The LG Black Optimus So now brings the brightest display. Are now common values between 200 and 500 cd/m2 brightness at maximum. At these values, namely 330 cd/m2, the LG Black Optimus comes with the brightness knob on the center position. There he is, as delivered - and that is enough in everyday life too perfect.

    Otherwise, it is mainly the rich colors, high resolution and good representation at an oblique angle, which make up the quality of the display. Nova LG display is called the display of the Optimus Black, which offers 480 x 800 pixels with the same resolution as the competitors in the test - on a 4-inch-screen Android is just fun. Plenty of room for your personalization. When Optimus Black, which carries the nickname of P970, the Android version 2.2.2 is used here have seven free customizable home screens. In addition to quick starters for any menu item can also show individual pictures galleries and even create folders in which menu items can be summarized in turn.

    In addition, a selection of widgets is not taking one simple application, but granted as a small window allows insight into e-mail inbox. Here are willing not only to many of the programs pre-installed widgets. Also, some app from the Android Market brings a suitable artist for the home screen. Even the main menu can be easier to deal with. As alternatives to the typical grid view, there is a list-view and the ability to view the applications on multiple, adjacent screens. In addition, the default view by freely definable categories is structured. By default, for example, all apps from the Android Market to land under the category Downloads.

    Anyone who wants can create other categories and thus bring some order into the everyday life of the installed applications sprawling main menu. Space in the sense of space is generous present: The Black Optimus comes with 1 GB internal memory and brings the bargain with a 2 GB memory card-making and those who want more, to expand via Micro SD. Quite as fast as the speed with Optimus dual-core processor, not the Black works, but a 1-GHz chip secures the liquid handling. All top Smartphone LG working on Android, and there is nothing surprising.

    The price model is relatively low, which makes it more popular. This middle class: at the beginning of sales in late May, will cost 20 thousand rubles. In this case there is also a PR piece, with the brightness of the screen NOVA 700 nits. At Apple Retina: IPS, 518 nits, col. Gamma - 53% in LG Nova: IPS, 700 nits, col. Gamma - 70%. In my opinion, it is even more useful than the marketing advantages of dual-core and three-dimensionality. Looking ahead, we can say that LG is now the best screen of Android-Smartphone, including the latest Samsung (yes, including the Galaxy S II). And it's worth a lot, really cool feature.

    • Network: GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; WCDMA / HSPA: 900/2100 MHz
    • OS: Android 2.2.2 (later upgraded to 2.3), the proprietary interface Optimus UI 2.0
    • Platform, the processor: TI OMAP 3630 1 GHz, Graphics PowerVR SGX 530
    • Display: capacitive, NOVA, 4.0 "WVGA (800x480) IPS
    • Camera: 5 megapixel with flash, HD-video (720 @ 30fps)
    • Memory: 1 GB built-in slot microSD (up to 32 GB), 512 MB RAM
    • Communications: Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, microUSB, 3.5-mm connector, A-GPS, FM-radio
    • Battery: 1500 mAh
    • Dimensions: 122 x 64 x 9.2 mm
    • Weight: 109 g
    • Price Rs. 20,000.00 /-

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    re: LG Optimus Black Andriod Phone


    Significant, the player offered by the Korean manufacturer is more efficient than that usually delivered by Android. In terms of sound reproduction, care should be taken not to over push the volume of the small speaker, which saturates quickly. Overall, if the sound delivered is quite clear, the stereo is not particularly good. If this does not interfere with a phone conversation for music listening, the most sensitive are unlikely to be met. The terminal has an FM radio receiver. In terms of mobile Internet, except for one long scrolling pages not without fits and starts, the navigation is smooth. The management of historical and favorites is the conventional way for a phone.

    While the photo sensors of Optimus 2X (8 megapixels) we were just amazed that delivers the "only" five megapixels of Optimus Black? Well, something pretty good. Evidence that a sensor richer in pixels does not necessarily mean better camera. The Optimus Black defends well and provides some detail shots (for a Smartphone), not at the faithful color rendering. The Optimus 2X appears a bit more specific still, and has better shots in dark environments, while Optimus Black, it tends to overexpose, creating images. LG has provided a mobile video player home. Effective and accessible directly from an icon available on the home page, the reader reads natively - no conversion needed - DivX and Xvid. The container mkv, now common, is not supported.

    Hardware Support

    Unlike the flagship Optimus 2X, our hero in an ordinary single-core processor TI OMAP 3630 1 GHz (it is a sign on the decisions of Motorola) and simple graphics PowerVR SGX 530. Accordingly, much is not expected that the tests clearly show my speed. However, most of the tasks performed well, including movie playback, without conversion. The problems I have had only a large number of running applications. Advanced game went fine, no problems with them yet (but may in the future will be because of poor graphics).

    Unlike the flagship Optimus 2X, our hero in an ordinary single-core processor TI OMAP 3630 1 GHz (it is a sign on the decisions of Motorola) and simple graphics PowerVR SGX 530. Accordingly, much is not expected that the tests clearly show my speed. However, most of the tasks performed well, including movie playback, without conversion. The problems I have had only a large number of running applications. Advanced game went fine, no problems with them yet (but may in the future will be because of poor graphics).

    In memory of Optimus Black very little - only 1 GB, for a multimedia Smartphone is not enough. There is an expansion slot up to 32GB. But he and the other array can only be in FAT32, which means 1080p movies not really see. The system supports a maximum file size is 4GB, which means the standard BDRip'y to MKV 5-6 GB by. If you try to format the storage Optimus Black in another system on their own, a Smartphone it does not recognize and automatically formats the back at the next reboot, deleting all stored data. On the other hand Black is not being positioned as multimedia, is primarily a stylish Smartphone. RAM in Optimus Black only 512 MB, but it just is not as critical and do not really feel special.

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    re: LG Optimus Black Andriod Phone


    In terms of equipment keeps the Optimus Black loose with the competition. Goes to the Internet via Wi-Fi's (all standards) or via the cellular network using HSPA (theoretical 7.2 Mbit / s when receiving, 5.76 Mbit / s when sending data). Bluetooth, an A-GPS receiver along with the navigation-enabled Google Maps, an FM radio, motion and position sensors round out the feature list. The 5-megapixel camera with a nominal resolution delivers great color in good lighting conditions, detailed shots. However, donates only a small additional LED light, and the autofocus can be lack of dedicated camera control button is not targeted - by the start of exposure until it takes over one second, to capture the restless motifs is too long.

    In addition to the hardware equipment is pre-loaded with extra software LG tries from competitors. This includes not only a viewer for Office documents, pictures and video editing software for a special mode to use the Smartphone in a car and a central inbox, not only flow into the SMS and e-mails, but also the most recent calls are displayed. Who would miss something, in the crowded Android Market will find it.


    In the past, attempts LG with some fancy designs from the competition stand out. Optimus Black is so unobtrusive, or in other words: The black plastic housing draws little from the gaudy display. The workmanship is impeccable, the Micro-USB connector disappears above the housing when not in use can be pushed securely behind a cover. Upstairs there is also the 3.5-mm jack for headsets as well as the small button that is needed to turn the displays in everyday life often. The typical Android-pushers while the display is running as reliably responsive sensors.

    Discreet, Optimus Black has a thin (less than 7 mm at the slimmest point), which enhances its chic design and sleek. The matte black shell is welcome, we finally released the glossy coating, which regales fingerprints. At the processing so there's little to complain about, really is not the noble appearance of Optimus Black yet. The plastic housing started in the test after being used to creak a little. The reason: Under the battery cover is a little air pressure on the cover is minimal, but to be heard.

    Unlike Optimus 2X current flagship product of the brand, the Optimus Black does not have HDMI, but it offers the DLNA standard, intended to accelerate the transfer of files between compatible devices. A technology not yet developed frank. The Optimus Black opens a new screen technology developed by LG and named Nova. Unmatched brightness and whiter. In fact, the screen 4-inch IPS (800 x 480 pixels) is indeed bright, without the brightness is pushed to the maximum, just enough to preserve the battery.


    Where the Black Optimus really ailing, is endurance. For the typical user holds the phone with just under 5:15 hours. Intensive use to get to just over a day. It is not necessarily a bright display that draws on the battery. The test showed that electricity consumption is already on stand-by mode is very high. LG should be here with a software update, repair.

    Meanwhile, the user can make do with a conscious control of the power-hungry and turn down some settings in the display brightness. Also Bluetooth, GPS or WLAN suck on battery, provides these functions, the status bar when needed quick access. And who uses only data services over Wi-Fi, can in the settings (wireless / mobile networks) switch off the power-hungry UMTS receiver, and "only 2G networks' use.

    The advantage of such brightness so high, we've found that does not affect the battery life, it is very efficient, is that the sun improves their visibility. You can tell if there are no miracles. In contrast, the colors seem too saturated and in some cases can distort. The transmission and reception quality of the Optimus Black is average. In everyday life, is likely to play in well-served areas but no major role. As proved in the laboratory really excellent, the sound on the phone, confirming the practice. Overall, the Optimus Black up on the weaknesses in a successful endurance Smartphone with a prominent display.

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