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Thread: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

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    Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone


    Samsung extends its market with the release of Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Smartphone, its product portfolio. Quite a few people are pre-doubtful for it, as the device to the Galaxy is very similar to S-I9000 - smartphones running both (the I9000 for corresponding update) to 2.2 Andoid Froyo. The I9000 is a bit thinner (9.9 mm depth), has an in-house Samsung 1 GHz processor and not like the thicker (10.6 mm depth) which comes with a new version of the CPU from Texas Instruments. Big difference: The I9000 is an extremely true-color, high contrast super AMOLED display, while a Super Clear LCD comes under Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. The GT-S8500 Wave brought Super AMOLED display, while the successor to the GT S8530-Wave II brought, a Super Clear Liquid Crystal Display sets. We have found in testing that the Super AMOLED display is better again - and we are therefore looking forward to, how the GT-I9003 behaves. The resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, same with both smartphones. The screen size is 10.2 cm which is also identical. But the new smartphone has a stronger battery: 1650 mAh instead of 1500 mAh, speaking for the GT-I9003. The price difference is around 50 EUR between two phones.


    The Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 looks simple and modern. It is made entirely of plastic and is a 4 inch set with 130 grams. With 124 mm height, 64 mm width and 10.6 mm depth, it can still tuck easily in your pocket. The battery compartment cover opens easily and closes precisely. However, the material quality is not particularly convincing. The touch keys below the touch screens are lit naturally and can be handled well - they react precisely. The pressure point of the bottom centered Home button is arranged perfectly. The gaps fall very low, like the chic titanium-colored edge of the case. What is striking positive - after opening the battery cover, the microSD card (supports up to 32 GB) is located. Even better, however, were lateral slots for SD and Sim Card. Bad: The 5 MP camera has no cover and is therefore completely unprotected. But over the USB connector, there is a slide-cover to prevent dust from entering here.

    USB and headphone jack

    Back of Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

    Battery Compartment Area

    Speed ​​and battery life

    The Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 comes with HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbit - HSPA + is extremely fast, which is used for uploads and downloads are not on board. Very good: Uploads are up over HSUPA 5.76 Mbit / s. Wireless-n is supported. Also present: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth transfers goes much faster if both devices support these standards. It isclocked at 1 GHz Texas Instruments processor. The RAM is 478 megabytes in size, the graphics accelerator (PowerVR SGX530) will also support a lot of games and can be used for multimedia fun.
    • Boot: 50 seconds - this is much too slow
    • Open Web Sites Using HSPA (Techarena, BMW, Amazon): 7 to 9 seconds - excellent
    • Download 50 MB of wireless-n connection: 3 minutes 18 seconds - this is also very good

    Overall, only the main drawback is very slow boot (normal is 20 to 25 seconds). All downloads, whether via WLAN or HSDPA, go extremely fast. Games with good graphics (tested: PES Pro Evolution Soccer / Konami to acquire 499 in Android Market) shine with fluid movements, stuttering occurs only rarely. Unpleasant is the low battery life - comparing the powerful 1650-mAh battery. If it is used frequently, then also battery life will be dead in just 2 days of usage.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

    Display + Touch Screen

    The Galaxy SL GT-I9003 presents itself as a "cheap version" and therefore no super AMOLED display is used as in the case of Galaxy S GT-I9000, but on a so-called "Super Clear LCD" which is too high, according to company statements operate in AMOLED nearby is used. It is offered at 800 x 480 pixel resolution, which is standard. In test mode, the display offers sharpness and contrast. Effect compared to Samsung's Super AMOLED displays in the black levels are not quite as rich and brilliant, as colors is somewhat lower. Moreover, we suspect, that the Super Clear LCD is slightly more powerful. The display comes with a good viewing angle. Viewing movies, playing games or the slide show on the large display makes it a lot of fun. Games look alive and bright. The very good representation of web pages in portrait and landscape mode is to be praised. The touch screen responds accurately and quickly. The composition of messages on the virtual keyboard in portrait and in landscape mode scores points as well.

    Enlarge option can be used by zooming with two fingers


    Internal phone memory: Approx. 1.75 MB, Internal SD card approximately 1.52 GB, 1.30 GB available and it can support upto 32gb microSD cards. The internal memory is too low for this league. MicroSD cards can be read quickly and easily.

    Voice quality and reception

    Here we can expect the smartphone to be an excellent product. Voices sound clear and natural, the reception sensitivity is high. Even under adverse conditions, eg in the cellar, under which many a competitor surrendered, in our test we realized it still gives a great reception - only the slight noise mixed into the transmission, which is not under optimal conditions there. Fortunately, we can also praise the built-in speaker phone with good references.

    PC connection

    Connection of the Galaxy SL GT-I9003 to the PC can easily run even without the synchronization software called Gravel. Files can be moved back and forth, and it is also possible in Windows Media Player to create a playlist in either the internal memory or copy on the external microSD card of the Galaxy. Copying large amounts of files takes a little time - this is understandable.

    Sync with google

    If you already have a Google account, then it can quickly and easily synchronize your account with the Galaxy. You need to only login, and in short period of time, all data on the phone is represented.

    Other features

    A Google-based navigation is on board, so that you can use your smartphone as a navigation device. Of course there are also Google Maps (Google Street View is integrated) and Google Earth in the range of equipment, and the Android Market can update the Google features quickly. Practical - directly from Google Maps out, you can access the "Places" App. Means "Places" you can find restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, ATMs and fuel stations in the area. ThinkFree Office which is a Microsoft Office-compatible office suite is also on board. The Task Manager shows which applications and programs are currently active. No longer needed, but still running in the background programs can be directly inferred from the Task Manager. It is also possible to configure the boot screens. Thus, symbols are arranged individually or widgets can be installed as a shortcut. Of course, memo, voice recorder and a calendar is placed on board. By using the calendar, it should be noted that the Google Calendar can not be synchronized by Samsung gravel. The "Daily Briefing" written on that day held and registered in the calendar events, weather, news and stock prices together in one application.

    Interesting Apps from Android Market - just a sample:
    • Mobile TV (requires a corresponding subscription at Telecom, the app itself is free)
    • n-tv (around the clock, news headlines, free)
    • Xing
    • Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, graphically beautiful, realistic and playable soccer game
    • Skype - Free App for the use of Skype
    • U.S. Army Survival - for free: Survival Tips in English
    • TuneIn Radio, Free Internet Radio App
    • The Local - Free Phone Book App
    • Amazon - The Amazon version for Android Phones
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader - free

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone


    The built-in camera takes up to 5 MP and plays videos in maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels on storage media. Votes, in still image mode, the choice between different scene modes: Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sports, Party / indoor, beach / snow, sunset, dawn, autumn color, fireworks, text, candle light, or glare are available. Automatic contrast adjustment are also included. Contrast, saturation and color can also be customized. As the focus measurement is center-weighted, spot or matrix are available. The white balance are available in addition to various other automatic modes. Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent Lamps, can also be selected. For the light sensitivity, it is next to the automatic nor the default ISO 100, 200, 400 and 800 But be careful: The higher the light sensitivity is set, the longer the recording of the subject is done and the text must be kept absolutely quiet. Different focus modes are also available, in addition to the AF, there are macro and face detection. If you use the Galaxy as a video camera, a self-timer, white balance and the four identical effects of adjustment on the feature list are shown. Contrast, saturation and sharpness can be customized by the user himself.


    Video mode

    The starting conditions for the camera are suboptimal, especially if you want to create low external light photos and video. Samsung has decided not to give your phone a flash or video light. In normal external light - in the morning in a confined space - the results are great. Colors are minimal pale indeed, but otherwise real. Even if we are at some dark place of a portion of the room, the objects are still visible, however, the noise significantly increases the detail and contrast noticeably. Sharp and clear images are presented at close-ups, but the result is noticeably better than with auto focus. The contrast is neat, with great sharpness, low noise inclination. The video camera, especially when you shoot in 1280 x 720 pixels, gives good results. It is not a sensational offer standard, but image sharpness and color fidelity can be quite impressive. As with all mobile phone, it is very important to maintain a very steady hand to get good results.

    Music playback

    The built-in speaker is located in the middle on the back. If convincing sound from the music player is to be heard then the Galaxy must be reversed. Then you can hear well with the small speaker system that gain quite a bit. The sound is relatively clear and natural, though of course, turn out the achievable low level. Funny: Who selected the background image, the VU meters, that can now experience it in action, the current level rash appears. If you use the very well-fitting supplied headphone, the sound is dynamic, fresh and balanced. The virtual 5.1 program is doing very well and opens a surprisingly wide area. Those who do not use the 5.1 program, then a choice of EQ programs: Auto, pop, rock, jazz, dance and classical music are also available. Off effects, there are other, concert hall, musical clarity and bass boost. The latter shows quite an effect and provides a powerful, strong bass, but does not lead immediately to annoying distortions. Overall, the Galaxy is very appealing in sound performance.


    The depth of the menu in Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 is not too high, so you will not likely have to search functions all the time. The creation of contacts is very easy and to copy it from a Google account as well is done quickly. A quick e-mail account is set up, it's simple and easy to compose and send e-mail and read incoming e-mails quickly. The Mobile has no problems opening attachments, unless it is very large.

    The touch keys and the Home button below the touch screen are great to handle and respond accurately. The menu icons are essentially clear. Directly integrated in the phone is a crash course for the correct operation. It is also easy to load new applications from the Android Market. However, not more than three parallel downloads can run at a time, even when your smartphone is connected to the network via WLAN-n. Those carrying out a larger number of parallel downloads, risks a faulty or face a installation error. The virtual keyboard also scores points whether used horizontally or vertically.


    The Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 boasts a superb display, which barely ranks behind the Super AMOLED displays, a very fast processor, excellent responsive touchscreen, excellent sound and reception quality and the great all-share function. Although the camera lacks a flash and a photo light, otherwise it is a great all in one package. Less impressed us was the PC-platform synchronization gravel and the long boot time. Whether the introduction of Galaxy SL GT-I9003 really makes sense, everyone must decide for themselves.

    Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Touch Screen Smartphone

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

    pls help me,
    How can I configure the internet and strart to use it in galaxy gt i9003?

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

    Quote Originally Posted by kedir045 View Post
    pls help me,
    How can I configure the internet and strart to use it in galaxy gt i9003?
    It is very simple, all you need to do is contact the mobile network service provider that you are using and ask them to send you GPRS setting and MMS setting. Once you get this settings, you have to save it in your mobile phone and simply by turning internet connection to ON, you can surf internet on your mobile phone with ease. Note that there are different cost bear on same with different mobile internet services.
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Mobile Phone

    pls help
    how to open mms samsung galaxy s gt-i9003

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