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Thread: Large Files Sharing Software’s

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    Large Files Sharing Software’s

    P2P networks are the next evolutionary step in the development of the Internet. At least, proclaim it, the developers of P2P software. File sharing is to share files (music, videos, software, photos, etc.) between different users simultaneously connected to the Internet. Peer to Peer with no server-client relationship, P2P is an exchange of equal, meaning that different machines have both the server role and user. Plus the download is popular, there are more Internet users who download and then redistribute that much so it is easy to download.

    The WWW (HTTP protocol) is often referred to as one-way street, because regardless of interactivity, in essence, data in one direction are transported to the user. P2P lifts restriction on them and allows direct data traffic between user groups. Sites, download files, databases, Internet itself must not be stored on Web servers in the. The users access the files directly from the PC. Somehow it is when P2P networks are closed, the other is different types available to the public, and it only requires a registration. Within the P2P networks can be as many sub-groups with limited user communities to realize again.

    There are several networks of peer-to-Peer: BitTorrent Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey2000, DirectConnect, DC + +, Mute, etc.. Each network has its differences and has its own features. Example, if a file is transferred via Gnutella will not necessarily available on eDonkey. To share your file, you must download a software like BitTorrent or Emule available on many download sites. The software lets you share a folder on your hard drive, so be careful what you put into this folder to avoid the dissemination of files, photos or videos that were not meant to be shared. If instead you are looking for a particular file, search engines integrated with P2P software are available.

    P2P is a solution for file sharing but it also has many disadvantages. The reliability of files you can download to be taken him on the other computers are not insured, so you can download a virus, Trojan or a file that was not the one desired. Solutions easier and safer than Peer to Peer exist. NextSend is one solution, safely and for free you can share photos, videos and other files.

    If all the nodes (peers) in a network communicate with each other on the same level, also referred to as peer-to-peer (P2P). Each node can take advantage of services and at the same time they also provide the traditional client-server topology is broken. With respect to resources such as bandwidth and processing power of the P2P approach opens new possibilities that are not restricted by far the sharing of music and movie files.

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    Re: Large Files Sharing Software’s

    Here I am going to list some very useful file sharing software’s. This can be needed anytime when you have large files to transfer. The same is not possible on email.

    1. GigaTribe :

    GigaTribe (ex TribalWeb) is a software file-sharing Peer-to-peer (P2P) network to private. GigaTribe, can choose which folders to share and choose the people with whom they must be shared. It allows exchanging all types of files like movies, pictures, documents, etc and it automatically resume's interrupted transfers. The exchanges are peer to peer (P2P) to the maximum speed possible.

    The files you share, so have no limit in number or size and pass on encrypted computer to another without passing through a central server. Transfers can be interrupted and resumed later without loss of data already downloaded. A module allows you to search shared files on the machine from one of the guests or the entire network and display, for example, an overview of available photos. The discussion module offers, meanwhile, send messages to other guests of a network, for example to warn them of the availability of new files.

    2. Axalot :

    Your data is automatically backed up safely, you can access your files from another computer or your mobile and you share everything you want with your friends. Put your data safe with Axalot. Installed in 2 minutes, this software will detect any new or changed files for backup automatically without your having to think about it.

    The backups are on secure servers so you can retrieve your data wherever you want. In addition to being lightweight, ultra secure, easy to use, Axalot lets you access all your 24/24 files, any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android. Thus, your data is accessible wherever you go. Finally, use this software to your contacts to easily send files of all types, and this, whatever their size.

    3. UseNeXT :

    UseNeXT is a program of Peer to Peer based high-speed exchange of any type of files (MP3, JPEG, AVI, ZIP, EXE, etc..) Between enrolled. Direct access to newsgroups of Usenet is proposed. Unlike other similar applications, it is not necessary to share your files since the documents you seek are available immediately from UseNeXT.

    4. eMule :

    eMule is a file sharing client based on the eDonkey2000 network but offers more features than the standard client. It can also connect to the network using the Kad Kademlia protocol. The latter allows, in particular, operate without eMule servers! With eMule you can share any type of file (MP3, JPEG, AVI, ZIP, EXE, etc..), And therefore you will be able to download files that other users are available to community.

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    Re: Large Files Sharing Software’s

    5. Ares Galaxy

    Ares Galaxy is a P2P client for Ares network. Completely free, it lets you share images, documents, software, audio and much more. Users can even arrange their shared documents. Its interface allows to search, track downloads in progress and views the downloaded files. In addition, the software adds support for SHOUTcast radio and a video / audio to verify the files before downloading. Its advanced search allows you to filter search engine, which increases the chances of finding the right file. The program also supports the BitTorrent protocol uses by default port 32285 but it also uses dynamic ports and can automatically adapt to using alternative ports such as port 80 (HTTP). In addition, you can also chat by organizing your chat room and join other available channels, so you can talk and meet new friends while you download files.

    6. uTorrent :

    uTorrent is a BitTorrent client (protocol for rapid downloading of files through the sharing and transfer simultaneously), it follows the rules. To start a download just to inform the address of the torrent file you want. You will be able to share and download large files very easily. The application has a clean and simple interface allowing a relatively easy grip.

    7. Shareaza :

    Shareaza is a client peer-to-peer networks for Windows that lets you download files of any type on several popular P2P networks. Shareaza supports G2, eDonkey2000, BitTorrent and Gnutella.

    8. BitTorrent :

    The official client to download and distribute any type of file through the BitTorrent network. This technology allows to quickly disseminating large amounts of data. Each packet being transferred analyzed during transmission, the data will never be damaged on arrival. The usual features of such tools are also available via BitTorrent, which monitor the bandwidth usage, a journal, tracking open connections, etc.

    9. Azureus Vuze :

    Azureus Vuze is a platform using the BitTorrent protocol to share out videos of all variety. Through an intuitive interface design, this application recommends a download service for your file and multimedia support. Along with this you get a search engine for quick access to desired documents. Some proposed documents are available in HD, and can reach lengths ranging from 5 to more than 45 minutes. You can also stream your personal media files, all over the BitTorrent network, or just your friends.

    10. FrostWire :

    FrostWire is an application for sharing files over the Gnutella network. With a simple and friendly interface, you can easily access data available on the Internet and share video, audio, images, etc.. You'll also be able to download the documents of one person by putting its IP address in the field.
    Note : Remember that P2P file sharing still faces certain Legal and Illegal issues. So you must be very careful in using these tools. It also matters what files you are using. If the files are protected under copyright laws then you can be under legal penalties.

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