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Thread: Patriot Viper DDR3-2400 II, Sector 5 4GB Memory Kit

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    Patriot Viper DDR3-2400 II, Sector 5 4GB Memory Kit


    This motto has in the past, well fitted to the areas of graphics cards and processors. Meanwhile, there are also found in the "memory" more and more popular. Thanks to Intel's current 1156 platform, a trend has developed into high-frequency memory. So the magic limit was one year ago still at DDR3-2000 memory kits from the market now offers DDR3-2300 and more. So it is not surprising that the memory manufacturers always try again on the memory clock to trump. Each manufacturer wants to give you the crown touched down with the fastest memory kit from the factory. With the race is represented in the Patriot. Patriot offers a 4GiB kit of the "Viper II Sector 5" - a series Memory, which is running in DDR3 2400 mode, the latency CL9-11-9-27. The following test will show how much tuning potential, the memory kit.

    Packaging & Delivery

    Patriot provides the memory modules of the "Sector 5" series in a simple but yet trendy cardboard packaging. On the front of the packaging the two memory modules of the kit are printed. The back of the package can be deduced that the customers free technical support is available. A small graphic in the lower left corner indicates the lifetime warranty, which varies by country, however limited. The maximum guarantee period as 10 years - as long as no one will use the Memory. Another sticker on the back reveals exactly which kit is in the packaging. Opening the packaging, is on a direct another blister pack. In this, the memory modules are included.

    The plastic packaging has an inlaid cover page that resembles the front of the packaging. If one turns the plastic packaging, the individual memory modules are visible. Thus the bars refer to the individual to exact specifications. The packaging is unfortunately not the case here, a precise list of specifications. The type of packaging is identical to the packaging of the "Sector 7" memory kits. The delivery of the memory kits include apart from the actual memory modules have the cover sheet of plastic wrap. Inside the cover page printed from Patriot, how to integrate the memory properly and adjusting accordingly.

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    Re: Patriot Viper DDR3-2400 II, Sector 5 4GB Memory Kit


    The appearance of the "Sector 5" memory kits is very reminiscent of the recently introduced "Sector 7" memory kits. This is not surprising, since the heat spreader Patriot has assumed the "Sector 5" memory kits in the "Sector 7" memory kits are almost identical. On the sides have the memory bar on a red sticker. This is decorated with the Patriot logo and the "Sector 5" logo. In combination with the black heatspreaders and the black PCB, the bars are really smart. The red sticker on each module is a nice contrast in color and fits very appropriately into the overall picture. Because of the color scheme fits the "Sector 5" on the Memory ideal Maximus III and IV of the Asus Crosshair. In addition to the chic look to the heat spreader to cool the memory chips. This can, however, clearly state that the heat spreader would also be less able to turn out as it warms up only slightly. However, it can occur due to the high heat spreader air cooling in some compatibility problems. Depending on the orientation and design, it can happen that the memory module, which is closest to the CPU socket, collides with the cooler. With a height of 4.2 cm, the "Sector 5" bolt-comparatively huge. With normal memory heatspreaders measure an average maximum height of 3.4 to 3.9 cm.

    Besides the "Sector 5" sticker each module contains another sticker that has the exact specification of the memory kits are given. The kit is being tested in the DDR3-2400 mode with the latencies of CL9-11-9-27 and it requires a voltage of 1.65 V.


    The specifications include: The Memory consists of two bars, each with 2048MB. The kit is designed for "DDR3-2400 mode with latencies of CL9 certified-11-9-27 and it requires a voltage of 1.65 V. Unfortunately, the kit gives Patriot free for current Socket 1156 systems. However, the kit should run on current AMD systems. However, it may happen that the full potential of AMD systems can not be realized.

    • Capacity - 2 x 2GB
    • Clock Rate - DDR3-2400 (1.200 MHz)
    • Memory Bandwidth - 19.200 MB/Sec (PC3-19200)
    • Latencies - CL9-11-9-27
    • Voltage - 1.65 V
    • Manufacturer Model - PVV34G2400C9K

    Continues to have the Memory of an XMP profile. In practice, the profile works perfectly. Cycle, latency and voltage can be stored as in the XMP profile applied.

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    Re: Patriot Viper DDR3-2400 II, Sector 5 4GB Memory Kit


    When it comes to memory overclocking, Intel's Socket 1156 platform much more attractive than the 1366 platform. Nevertheless, some points should be considered. The new architecture of the processors are obtained for the Memory Overclocking completely new aspects. Since the memory controller from the motherboard to the CPU moved, you need now instead of a good motherboard a good CPU. The blame for low memory clock is now therefore no longer the main board, but to look at the CPU. Also has been the subject of "tensions" changed a lot. At the start of the Core i7 spread the rumor that the CPU may use a maximum of only 1.65 V as memory voltage. Meanwhile, has been shown that a higher voltage is quite possible. As a higher voltage effect in the long run is not exactly known. Nevertheless, there is such a warning is not without reason. Of course it is up to you how much power it expects of the memory controller. Also, we should be aware of the loss of warranty.

    However, there is one crucial point about memory overclocking "for base 1156-systems: the Uncore clock. This is always min. 1.5 times as fast as the memory, depending on the largest memory divider of the CPU is available. In practice, the following calculation:

    Core i7-8x0 (up to DDR3-1600 divider):
    BLCK * Uncore Multi 18x = Uncore clock
    133 * 18 = 2.400MHz clock Uncore
    200 * 18 = 3.600MHz clock Uncore
    BLCK 200 x memory divider (6x/8x/10x/12x) = max. DDR3-2400 at Uncore 3.600MHZ

    Since 1156-base systems only have a maximum memory dividers for DDR3-1600 can store higher frequencies can be achieved only on the increase of BLCK. The Uncore clock is independent from the actual CPU clock and can be increased only by the BCLK Uncore Furthermore, the clock still responsible for other constituents in Uncore area such as the DMI-Controller, IMC (Integrated Memory controller and L3 cache realize. With a BLCK of 200MHz is also a memory clock can be of 1.200MHz (DDR3-2400) are. However, needed for high clock rates correspondingly high IMC voltage. Here is Intel a limit. Ideally, local people work the system with an IMC voltage of 1.15 V (standard), but Intel has released more than 1.35V.

    Test System

    To push the memory to its maximum as the motherboard is a Gigabyte P55-UD7 used. When a CPU uses Intel Xeon UP X3460. This is identical to the "desktop counterpart" Intel Core i7-860. In addition to the maximum clock rate and the lowest latency to be tested. There is even without overclocking the opportunity to improve the performance of memory. The maximum clock rates are determined at three different voltages: 1.50 V (JEDEC standard), 1.65 V and (standard voltage) and 1.75 V. The test system is tested against the remainder with another Memory and running with a memory clock beyond DDR3-2500 (2.250MHz). For the maximum latency set of CL10-12-10-301T, the Memory of Patriot maximum 1.254MHz (DDR3-2500) reached at 1.65 V. With the factory timings of CL9-11-9-27 was up to 1.218MHz (DDR3-2436) is possible. This limited the tRAS value. If this example to 28 or more relaxed, the memory can overclock a bit further. Even at 1.5 V provides the kit from good results and allows the DDR3-1600 mode with CL6-8-6-24. The DDR3-2000 mode was CL7-9-7-25 is possible with 1.65 volts. A higher memory voltage of 1.75 V did not improve - the kit does not scale to more tension.

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    Re: Patriot Viper DDR3-2400 II, Sector 5 4GB Memory Kit

    Patriot provides the DDR3-2400 kit of the "Sector 5" series from a Memory, which is devoted specifically at enthusiasts and overclockers. Besides a high potential for the clock speed, the Memory Tuning also has an excellent potential for the latency. Thus, for either low latency, eg CL6-7-6-21 at DDR3-1600, or a high frequency of drive DDR3-2400 at CL9-11-9-27. The DDR3-1800 mode is possible with CL7 latencies by-8-7-24, the DDR3-1333 mode, even with CL5-6-5-18. With the factory latencies of CL9-11-9-27 was up to 1.218MHz (DDR3-2436) is possible. The overclocking results on the AMD system was a bit worse, but still very neat. The positive results at low timings, the kit is also suitable for use in performance-optimized game systems. And the guarantee period of 10 years is noted positive. As with the "Sector 7" memory modules, the height of the heat spreader, a small point of criticism. Depending on the orientation may occur in some cooler air to compatibility issues. Finally remains the question to clarify the purchase price. With approximately 170,00 (as of 09/11/2010) Euro is the Memory of Patriot as much cheaper than an equivalent memory kit from Corsair. The bottom line earns "Sector 5" Memory of the "Silver Award" because it is a bit more expensive and in the overclocking tests minimal cuts worse than the last tested high-end kit from G.Skill.

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