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    Dragon Ball: Origins 2


    Less than two years after the release of the first episode, Son Goku is back on DS for the rest of his adventures. They are down just after the 21st tournament martial arts that have completed the previous Dragon Ball: Origins, we find our gay blade facing the Red Ribbon Army Terrible. Good news all in parallel to what is without doubt the best part of Dragon Ball, this episode is adorned with gameplay more efficient than its predecessors.

    For those who take the train, quick recall of facts. In 2008, the Japanese developer Game Republic offers us an action game based on the very beginning of the manga Dragon Ball. The title, not without its shortcomings, still manages to touch the hearts of fans with an absolute fidelity to the work of Toriyama. Both in substance and in form, Dragon Ball: Origins pricks bright offering us on a silver platter the debut of young Goku punctuated by constant meetings to mark his life forever.

    Dragon Ball: Origins takes two so logically the formula by installing his pitch just after the tournament martial arts serving conclusion last album. We thus find the little Saiyan unwitting looking for crystal balls. However, this time Goku will have much to do as it will quickly find themselves at the Red Ribbon Army. Godsend for fans since that time has undoubtedly the most emblematic parts of the series with the image of the rise of Muscle Tower or even the clash Tao Pai Pai cons.

    Game Story:

    Jump into the globe of Dragon Ball and occupy yourself as Goku and his friends in hunt of the seven mystical Dragon Balls! Dragon Ball: Origins 2 is an all-new action-adventure video game around Goku’s encounter beside the Red Ribbon Army featuring a amusing and memorable tale taken from the original anime series. Fight alone or along with your friend on Goku’s continuing quest with attractive controls and a fun mix of violent fighting, dynamic action, investigation and puzzles!

    Game Features:
    • Face off against the Red Ribbon Army – Relive the Red Ribbon Army Saga and experience all the key events from the original anime series through eight different multi-level episodes. A private army led by Commander Red, the Red Ribbon Army has soldiers all over the world in search of the enchanted Dragon Balls. Even now, their shadow looms over Goku as he sets off unaware of what lies in wait…

    • Play as Multiple Characters – Fight not only as Goku, but also a variety of familiar faces that he encounters as his journey progresses, including Krillin, Bulma, Yamcha and more, each with their own abilities and power-ups

    • Experience the Ultimate Dragon Ball Action – A challenging mix of action and exploration requires Goku and friends to use a wide range of skills to solve puzzles, find treasure chests, and defeat armies of skilled opponents. Advance to collect a variety of tools, items, figurines and other valuables that can help you on your journey. Use either standard controls or the stylus to control Goku and unleash aerial attacks, land devastating combos and interact with the environment.

    • Get the Best View – A situation-based camera adapts with the changing gameplay to bring players closer to the action. An overhead view allows players a broad perspective as they jump, swing and charge through forests, underwater areas and more. Meanwhile, key boss battles switch to side-view to emphasize the signature fighting style of the Dragon Ballseries.

    • Co-op Gameplay – Team up with a friend via a wireless local connection and conquer a series of intense multiplayer battles against unique and powerful rivals. Play through the single player adventure to unlock additional multiplayer stages, including challenging boss fights, as you make your way to the top of Survival Tower

    Checkout Dragon Ball: Origins 2 E3 Trailer

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    Re: Dragon Ball: Origins 2


    The gameplay is almost exclusively use the stylus, either for travel and interaction with the props, fighting or dialogues. Although it is possible to use the directional pad to move and the L key to enter his magic stick or switch into combat with bare hands. The detection of the stylus also leaves something to be desired, especially in the phases of fighting that quickly revealed themselves without finesse. Too bad, because the variety of techniques of Goku, a dozen in total, was enough to make these steps more subtle confrontations. However, the highlight of Dragon Ball: Origins is obviously not there.

    Watching a few episodes of the cartoon Dragon Ball, you will know very quickly if the humor of the universe Toriyama, full of allusions, panties and nose bleeding affects you. A humor that is found elsewhere in the drawings and animations of the characters and enemies. With their big eyes bulging and tongue out when they hit, they give a strong character in the game and manga fans will love to see Goku run leaning forward with arms extended behind your body. Undoubtedly, the developers Game Republic made it a special care to respect the license which had been entrusted.

    In absolute terms, nothing changes. The title is still divided into several episodes, 8 to be exact, themselves divided into chapters, some accessible only by fulfilling several conditions. It includes a big dose of action sprinkled RPG evolution and how it is always possible to switch between his fists and magic wand to change the confrontations. Once again, it will be to find his way in at more or less labyrinthine Tatan the wicked, to recover a plethora of objects and advance to meet face a boss usually completing the chapter.

    In short, the concept remains exactly the same except that Game Republic has added a few things making the whole much more pleasant to taste. If you happen quickly on anecdotal evidence such as allowing Goku to use his tail to swing from branch to branch, we will focus more extensively on the handling of soft. Indeed, if it was only synonymous with touch screen and stylus in the first Dragon Ball: Origins, the developers have listened to the players and this time included a lambda-based gameplay over the cross direction and buttons action. It loses in originality what is gained in precision, this immediately bringing an increase much more convincing.

    Thus, it is still possible to streak the console screen with a lot of daggers to throw combos and other Kamehameha, we can now do so by pressing the buttons on the edge and those of action. In short, make a teleportation in the back on an enemy, make a mighty blow ... Touching his opponent (!) Do earn a higher tantrums, which in itself is great news. Notwithstanding, it is regrettable that the level structure is always the same. It will therefore be typing courses in architecture convoluted, long and relatively boring. Although it is now possible to use the card in the top of the screen, the addition does nothing to resolve the fatigue settling gradually as we advance.

    One understands the dilemma developers had to find ways to extend the shelf life but despite this, they had enjoyed a little more variety here symbolized by the fighting in rehearsal and a handful of puzzles to solve. It also blamed Game Republic did not have improved the use of Kamehameha. Although it is easy to go out with a new type of gameplay, we will once again collect the orbs to fill a gauge before you can use attack the sacred cow. Ok, this will prevent too often take advantage of great firepower but it is a pity that the collection of orbs is far too long before swinging the Surf (in French in the text).

    In this regard, note that the difficulty is bizarrely managed. Although the game is relatively simple, we will quickly railing against some bosses surprisingly resilient. Admit that the commander Blue still standing after taking thirty shots and Kamehameha has a lot to smile. Let us remember that even when collecting enough money, you can buy, between assignments, several objects of care, attack and defense thereby making easier the first battles. Thereafter, by changing your character, you will also become tougher and harder. However, the beginning of the adventure nonetheless unbalanced and sometimes you ask a cool head, especially against opponents like Sergeant Metallic.

    On this subject, know that to increase the lifetime, a survival mode, playable solo or with a friend who was also the game has been added. Nothing transcendent good but they like to roam the floors to the building along with Krillin and other characters to unlock in story mode. Ultimately, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 clears the back of his hand the greatest fault of his elder brother while dragging a few more balls. Not enough to be choosy, however much as a screenwriting perspective, the gagabalien will feast like never before!


    Modeled on its big brother, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 has a double this time gameplay. In fact, we quickly leave aside the pen to capitalize on the cross and the action buttons are much more practical. The result is an adventure much more enjoyable and always faithful to the base material. Moreover, adding a challenge Survival playable co-op, Game Republic assured her baby a better life. Regrettably, however, a lack of moves, fighting a little soft or uninteresting chapters. Yet, overall, the software should fully satisfy the fans with its freshness, its respect for the work of Toriyama, and especially, its gameplay.

    More images from Dragon Ball: Origins 2:

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