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Thread: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

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    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse


    The Logitech G500 is a real progress that justifies itself as mice rival, previously highly rated, see their grades go down. In addition to a design that seems interesting, the mouse has a thumb rest and most importantly more rounded curves. Integrating a weight system that can add up to 27 grams, an internal memory for saving various configurations games and macros to enjoy it on any machine with the Logitech SetPoint installed. The wheel features a screen mode and a free mode introduced with the MX Revolution and feet are supposed to ensure a perfect glide on almost any surface.

    To give you a quick overview of everything that appealed to us:
    • The wheel is on offer, free or ribbed, which is really handy!
    • The laser sensor does more wins under 4 meters per second: there is more advantageous to choose an optical mouse (laser mice tended in the past to get from 2 meters per second - we could verify that was not enough for some players nervous)
    • The resolution is adjustable in increments of free 200-5700 dpi
    • Its new look is a bit more sober, more able to attract an audience beyond the strict bounds of gamers
    • The new driver (for download ! the mouse is provided without ...) is unsightly but complete and easy to take in hand
    • It allows to build such macros to be assigned, additional profiles, for example, or inserted new third button under the thumb.

    Tastes and colors:

    The G5 gives way to the G500, the new changes look. Goodbye blue firecracker and cracking black, hello gray spotted black coating - which is reminiscent of the green cardboard 80s, says Florence Legrand. Not true. Is it beautiful? The writing is shared. This is not the beautiful mouse unanimously, however all here agree that it is much better than what Logitech had done on the G5. The alloy of grays and black has a very large interest. The screen and keyboard can be white, gray or black, the mouse does not work at hand.

    We appreciated the work done on the coating material. The plastic, very good bill, grip very well under the thumb and ring finger. The shell on top is dry but smooth: there is no problem of over sweating, even with very hot weather like right now.


    A vacuum, without weight, the G500 weighs 116 grams. It is perfect as well for us. Those who prefer a heavier mouse, to enjoy a bit of inertia, the weight it can to make it reach the final approximately 150 grams. The cable is braided rope. Good point, it is tough.

    The position of the buttons to change because of new emerged. Between the two under the thumb for example, a third makes his entrance. To assign a function, you must first download the driver for the mouse, install, then you can play with all our features. In particular, one can assign Macro tab, not a single function to this button, but a combination of tasks. This serves to jump in a game while pulling and turning for example, or for designers to automate a series of command, creating a new image for example. You can record commands to the mouse, keyboard, play time intervals for these commands ... Your turn!

    Behind the wheel, it is no longer the adjustment knobs on the fly, but the command to move the toothed wheel free. Let us be very clear about this: We love this feature, which was very difficult to do without once you have tried. If the toothed wheel is better in games, for office a free wheel is often more convenient, faster to access the bottom of a text, a web page ... Having a choice between the two is also a good thing when more people have to move the mouse. Some will always prefer to catch, others still without ... This freedom of choice will everyone agree!

    The central button can also be used to switch from one profile to another. You can set it up again, and then export them to the mouse using a Burn button. This export avoids having to reinstall the driver and reconfigure everything when you want to use the mouse on a position other than yours.

    Finally, the two buttons on the fly adjustment of the resolution have been deported to the left, under the index. The location is found. Though we use such a G5 for a long time, we made this new place instantly. Again, it must pass through the driver for setting levels available: from 200 to 5700 dpi. Just for fun, we tested 5700 dpi. We can confirm again if necessary: this announcement is purely marketing and no interest. The mouse loses precision as the cursor on the screen fast lane. Apart from those around him laugh attending the demo, it serves no nothing. For our part, we opted for 5 levels (instead of default 3): 400 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 dpi. On the post that was used for testing, we use two 24 inch screens side by side, a total width of 3840 pixels. Climb above us in dpi does not seem necessary.

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    Re: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    Is it missing something:

    After reading its notes and all the previous accolades, it might seem the perfect mouse. It is not yet. The laser sensor has good experience and keep the acceleration and travel as fast on most surfaces, it picks up on the glass. Yet by the admission of Logitech, a study conducted by them shows that 40% of surveyed users would have at least a glass support at home, which they would use at least occasionally with their mouse (one imagines, with a laptop instead). Work on the glass with the G500 is not indispensable, but why not use it if the technology permits? But precisely, Logitech launches mouse office, the Logitech MX Performance Mouse , precisely equipped with a sensor cut for glass (among others)!

    The shape of the G500 is convenient for right-handed (not left-handers). It is a proven shape for years, since before the G5 , there was already the MX518, etc.. This form please, its handling is fast and intuitive. However, some of us now prefer other designs a little less traditional, but more tolerant of the hand and relieve a little over the carpal tunnel. It is a strong point Roccat Kone example. Conversely, the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse is lower, but its shape fits particularly well hand over its entire length.

    • The highlight of the G500 for a graphic designer lies in its multitude of controls. It has 3 buttons on the side and a click wheel with support "traditional" but also the left and right click (you push the knob to one side or the other).
    • On the top two buttons to adjust the default resolution of the sensor, which will actually change the behavior of the mouse with a low resolution, cursor movement will be slower and slower, allowing increased accuracy while as the high resolution allows you to cross the screen almost without moving the hand. By default, three levels of resolution are available, but they can raise this number to 5.
    • This option is quite handy when switching, for example, a web browser to an application requiring more precision (image editing ...). Change is "hot" and immediately, without having to leave the current application.
    • A visual display (the three red squares visible on the photo) will determine a glance the current address.

    Design & finishes:
    • The G500 is clearly thought for right handed or left will have little access to the three side buttons, and the shape of the mouse does not suit them. Furthermore, the mouse is quite large: 13cm x 7cm approx. Dimensions that will delight those who, like me, have great hands.
    • The plastic coating on the sides is pleasant to the touch, slightly rough, it allows the hand to remain in place without slipping.
    • The wheel is clearly one of the strengths of the G500, because it has two modes: a conventional mode notched, and a way "free". In the latter method, not only the wheel is no longer hampered by the notches, but also the inertia of the latter allows you to scroll a web page entirely consistent ... A simple gesture of a finger to stop the wheel enough to stop precisely this scroll.
    • This dual mode is clearly a comfort that we can ill afford to lose after having tasted it, so it makes life easier. A button placed just behind the wheel will move from one mode to another at any time.
    • Finally, a system of weights to be placed in the mouse to change the mass of the G500, which can go well from 116 to 150 grams at most. I admit that this feature makes me think of a gimmick than a real advance. Check two grams of weight around the mouse, is it really useful?

    The software side:
    • Many buttons are nice, could use it at will, is better. The SetPoint software, it will download (for free of course) on the Logitech site, helps to control everything, or almost, since it is possible to override all the controls, independently for each application!
    • Concretely, this means that it is possible to assign specific operations or keyboard shortcuts for an application and a mouse button, and each change of application will load the profile accordingly immediately, like what is proposed with Wacom its shelves.

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    Re: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    G500 Features:
    • Laser Precision perfect game during changes in games, at all speeds of hand .* Whether you're aiming for a single pixel or you were flying over millions at full speed, the laser for the game gives you cursor control unbeatable. Interested in the accuracy of the cursor? Learn more.
    • Internal Memory You can store your settings in the mouse. A profile ready-to-play (for keyboard macros and DPI settings) retains the essential information for your favorite game .**
    • Adjusting the weight you prefer a mouse lighter or heavier? Get 27 grams of extra weight that you can associate a comfort and a custom control.
    • Dual-mode scroll wheel you get a scrolling step out for the best selection of weapons during the game. The hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long web pages.
    • Adjustable sensitivity You can move from targeting specific at the pixel (200 dpi) for high-speed maneuvers (up to 5000 dpi) in an instant.
    • 10 programmable buttons you can program your buttons to benefit from macro practice.

    • Free or toothed wheel, choice of hard to do without once you've tried it!
    • Adjustable resolution 200-5700 dpi;
    • Mouse - Wired: characteristic quasi-obligatory mouse "gamer" (saves a few milliseconds compared to the wireless mouse);
    • A dedicated software for configuring the many buttons.
    • Price: 55 euros.

    • Resolution: 200 - 5700 dpi
    • Image processing: 12 megapixels/second
    • Max. acceleration: 30 G
    • Max. speed: up to 4.19 m/s*

    • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
    • USB report rate: Up to 1000 reports/second
    • Sleep mode: Disabled

    • Dynamic coefficient of friction - Mu (k): 0,09**
    • Static coefficient of friction - Mu (s): 0,14**
    • Tuning weight: Up to 27 grams

    • Buttons (Left / Right): 8 million clicks
    • Feet: 250 kilometers

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    Re: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    Two other ergonomic details could have supplemented the G500 to make it even better. We find that the hybrid mice are very useful (the cable can be removed for wireless operation). This is the case of Microsoft Sidewinder x8 , the Razer Mamba and some versions of the Logitech MX1100 . And later skates, even if the new Logitech G500 slide perfectly, we believe it will one day all the mice adopt gamer pads similar to the Nova Slider X 600 : indestructible ceramic.

    • Wheel to choose with or without notch
    • Adjustable resolution of 200-5700 dpi
    • Exchange frequency adjustable from 125-1000 Hz
    • Possibility to create profiles, macros
    • A new button has appeared under the thumb
    • Precision adjustable on the fly to adjust the precision;
    • The many configurable buttons at will;
    • The size of the mouse (for those who have large hands);
    • Comfortable glide
    • The two modes of operation of the dial.

    • Looks does not please everyone
    • We would like to find some more tips ergonomic skid different sensor for the glass ...
    • Driver surprise appearance, even if it is done quickly
    • Too bad the clutch wheel monopolizes a button. This was not the case on previous Logitech.
    • The side of the gadget to add weight;
    • Left, small hands: go your way!
    • Wired Mouse: useful for gamers, not essential in computer graphics?

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    Re: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    The specification is really impressive. Personally I think that Logitech has the best mice ever. I use Razer Diamondback and it's also really good, but I prefer Logitech.

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    Re: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    I feels as it is more responsive than the G5. It has a funky wheel that one can annoy other gamers with by constantly spamming the same bind as it spins and spins.

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