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Thread: Samsung NX10 Digital Camera

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    Samsung NX10 Digital Camera

    Around a year ago the Panasonic G1 ushered ascendancy a new era of 'mirrorless' interchangeable lens formation cameras, and the buzz around Micro Four Thirds commodities such thanks to the Olympus enclosure and Panasonic GF1 have shown what we've want believed to body true: finished is a pent-up demand owing to a appearance system camera that's smaller than a obscure DSLR.

    Now every camera manufacturer in the market is very closely noting this area, further that most have plans to tops the show from the Korean electronics gaint Samsung, with its Micro Four Thirds competitor, the NX system. The form and this camera were first shown under glass, stow away basic weld information back in patrol of linger year at PMA 2009, and we've had a pre-production sample of the principal NX camera for a couple of months now. It's not final firmware, but this preview should give you an idea of where Samsung with its likewise figure which almost certainly marks the end of its rebranding of Pentax DSLRs.

    The NX system is, in truth, exorbitantly similar to Micro Four Thirds with one key difference: undeniable uses the same APS-C sized sensor as most digital SLR systems. At around 1.5x times faster then Micro Four Thirds, this has some important implications, both good again bad: the larger sensor theoretically consideration preferable high ISO accomplishment or the ability to offer higher megapixel counts, though who stand for elegance, the difference between Four Thirds and APS-C is very minute. On the downside the larger sensor means greater lenses - the zooms owing to the NX system are naturally smaller than their APS-C SLR equivalents, but they're also noticeably larger than those designed by these days Micro Four Thirds.

    Samsung NX10 Key Features
    • Image sensor pixels : 14.6 MP
    • Dimensions : 4.8 inches x 1.6 inches x 3.4 inches
    • Image sensors : 1
    • Max video resolution : 1280 x 720 px
    • Max frame rate : 30
    • Image sensor : CMOS
    • Video format : MPEG-4
    • Viewfinder : Electronic
    • Exposure Shutter Priority : Yes
    • Interface : HDMI
    • Image stabilization : Lens-dependent
    • Exposure ISO : 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
    • Flash : Built-in Flash
    • Lens mount : Interchangeable
    • Focus : Auto Focus
    • LCD Screen : 3 inches
    • Live preview : Yes
    • Touchscreen : No

    Samsung is a rampant electronics giant, play hardball to rehearse on sugar (and in-house technologies) most camera manufacturers can sole dream of. further as one of the newer players in the camera hawk and crucially matchless of those strayed the hardship (or blessing, depending on your iota of view) of a legacy 35mm system to support, it's hardly singular that Samsung is one of the pioneers of this expanded hybrid camera category.

    Despite doing pretty all told at grabbing a decent lucre of the compressed camera sell (mainly, palpable must epitomize said, by undercutting its Japanese competitors) Samsung has struggled to gain any traction from its partnership with Pentax, which has empitic existent co-developing sensors (including the one inside the NX10) also slapping its logo on Pentax SLRs. The NX, by contrast, has been developed entirely in-house, independently of Pentax (or any other partner: Samsung claims the NX is 100% Samsung). How totally it charge compete with the established leaders at the serious realize of the camera sell remains to enact seen.

    Conclusion :
    Emphasizing on Olympus/Panasonic Micro Four Thirds system has the field to itself, but I'm convinced that by the time 2010 draws to an end they won't be Samsung's identical competition as 'mirrorless' system cameras move from stint to mainstream. Hampered by the necessity of any meaningful photographic 'degree' Samsung has to prove itself healthful of a seat at photography's top table, and on first impressions the NX10 is an largely promising start : only time and sales will tell the story if its enough.

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    Re: Samsung NX10 Digital Camera

    After using Nikon,s for many Yrs I wanted a more compact package while giving me very good image quality ,I tried the Panasonic GF-1 while a fine camera lacked in certain areas for me so decided to sell .
    Purchased the NX10 after playing around with it a bit in my local retailers
    It felt perfect straight away, the handling is great and having the EVF makes the camera and handling complete.
    The focusing is very fast and on level par with the Panasonic m4/3 cameras and miles ahead of the Olympus (sorry Olympus) ,
    The amoled screen is much better in bright conditions then a normal lcd and viewing angle is great as well,the EVF while not a good as a G1 is still bright , sharp and very usable.
    The sensor is brilliant and gives very good high ISO 3200 is fairly usable against 800 ISO the GF-1 I had.
    The larger sensor also gives you better control of the DOF esp with the 30mm f2 lens which is a gem and very sharp indeed.
    Flash is nice and powerfull for such as small camera and can be adjusted .
    Shutter lag is up there with a entry level DSLR and there is no black out on the EVF when shooting cont burst ie 3 frames per second which it can keep up for ages B4 the buffer needs to clear it,s self.
    I,ve not used RAW yet but Jpegs come out very nice and there are stacks of adjustments that can be made to suit your needs including fine tuning the white balance.
    Basically this is a mini DSLR in it,s control and image quality and unless you need extreme speed ie Nikon D300 etc this will easily fullfill your needs this side of a mid range DSLR.
    Also very good value which i suppose comes with the SAMSUNG badge.
    Remember these guys were producing DSLRs in tandem with Pentax going back to 2004.
    If your considering this against m4/3 - 2 Things
    AP-C sensor IE Nikon/Canon/Pentax size
    Much cheaper then m4/3 all said and done.
    I love it with the Pancake and fits in my Jeans at a push and in Jackets ets very well.
    Well done Samsung never thought I would ever buy a Samsung camera but they gave us this and good luck to them and us !

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