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    Final Fantasy XIII (preview)


    Fantasy and role playing games have a long tradition mainly due to Final Fantasy series. A series 22 years old now.In Final Fantasy XIII the Lightning a look is charming and soothing, rough and icy, magnetic, penetrating right now that has captured the attention of gamers. However the trailer released at the Tokyo Game Show. The video is very spectacular and introduces new characters, including Serah, the girl of Snow.

    The first chapter of the series, was an innovative game quite well in terms of gameplay. You remember in fact, as the first role playing game where the camera was placed laterally to the characters, whereas in the past was played by the first-person perspective. The second chapter, dated 1988, marks a first because it is the first sequel in gaming history that does not refer to the characters and stories of predecessor, we know that this will be a constant for the series. Final Fantasy VII, moreover the first Eastern-style role-playing game to get a great public success in the West.

    Final Fantasy XIII is directed by Motomu Toriyama. The game has been announced for the first time at E3 2006, when he said he'd been part of a trilogy belonging Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, which would collect settings and common mythology. Three games of the new story on the windows.

    The artistry of Final Fantasy XIII is given by the stories but it certainly played an important role also in the drawings and music. From the first Final Fantasy to deal with drawings of the main characters and monsters has been Yoshitaka Amano.

    The fantastic music of Final Fantasy are the work of Nobuo Uematsu, composer principal until November 2004 when he left Square Enix to follow Sakaguchi for which he has achieved the main themes of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Although the official composer of Final Fantasy XIII is Masashi Hamauzu, Uematsu has treated the main theme of the game that we heard in the trailer.

    Final Fantasy XIII will be released December 17th in Japan for the PLAYSTATION 3, while in North America and Europe will arrive in the spring of 2010 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Final Fantasy XIII is the first game of the main series for next-generation consoles and the first high definition. This allows designers to take a renewed depth to the characters thanks to the higher level of image detail.

    As for the characters the protagonist has aroused greater interest Lightning, which we have dedicated a cover of this article. For this character, the designer was asked to create a female version of Cloud Strife, the unforgettable protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Lightning has been a member of the armed forces of Cocoon, but now has decided to side with the rebellion. In the fighting using a combination of weapons and swords and can manipulate the gravity acting on a device installed on thumb. In battle, Lightning is agile and can use various acrobatic moves.

    Co-star of Final Fantasy XIII is Snow Villiers, also the team leader of resistance Nora. Decided to join the resistance when the police system that governs Cocoon, psy, began mopping up in his city.

    Snow has a great deal and is able to carry two people at a time while running. Use a power that is related to tattoo that on his left arm. In the fighting makes his way with his fists and if Ligthning is fast and agile, he is powerful and strong.

    Oerba Dia Vanille is a young girl with red hair. In both the demo and in the trailer she is the character narrating. Weapon employs a sort of collapsible fishing rod with lots of lines that can be unrolled.

    Lightning has done with his military service on behalf of Cocoon and now finds himself on his side in the rebellion. We talk about Sazh Katzroy, gunslinger those whose strength concerns impress enemies from distance.

    Hope Estheim is a boy who travels with the party of rebels. His mother helped Snow but she died during a battle.

    Game play
    Square Enix has allowed users to touch the Japanese Final Fantasy XIII in April this year, releasing an official demo, exclusively in the Japanese language, content in the Blu-ray Disc last animated film dedicated to the series, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. In a demo-toned futuristic train sped into a mountainous landscape and among the passengers dressed in tunics can be seen two that look like part of the group. The train is carrying a Cocoon some prisoners who oppose the authoritarian system that governs the city and want to get rid Sahz Lightning and making its way through force.

    The team of Lightning is not the only playable in the demo, since the second half we took control of Snow Villiers and his team (Nora, composed of odd ), fighting in the streets of Cocoon. In this part of the game Snow meets one of the historical characters of Final Fantasy, Behemoth and is also fighting against a big ship.

    If the scenario of the demo with many Japanese tend to futuristic elements of technology the demo GAMESCom increase the focus on the fantasy side. The scenarios are completely covered by crystals with brilliant images and color that aim to give the idea that the power given by the crystals despite everything it is still strong.

    As for the gameplay outside of combat there are two main elements of Final Fantasy XIII. Now you can see with the right stick of the gamepad scenarios in a free manner. This allows you to appreciate the detail of polygonal game environments and to identify the hidden treasures. These are represented by metal balls that provide additional resources to be spent with the characters in the fighting.

    Top right of the screen there is a mini map which is clearly indicated on the site to be reached to complete the mission in progress. The map also takes place on multiple levels and this saying that in some cases we must jump. see a bright circle within which simply press the appropriate button to proceed automatically.

    The other important element of this component is that the enemies are visible on the map and you can choose to face them or not. Therefore can be the random encounters of the previous Final Fantasy. Being able to see the enemy allows the player to prepare for battle as you wish, in addition to having the opportunity to catch the enemy unprepared attacked them from behind. The players therefore may decide whether to move with stealth or discretion and in poses to launch headlong into battle.

    After a fight the screen shows the basic signs fade and you will enter into actual combat. This operation involves a minimum expected that hides a boot which aim at preparing more detailed polygonal models of the fighters. The loading is still annoying and the game experience is by no fragmented. Once in battle we will see the characters arranged in a classical way on the battlefield. Combat is turn based, as always but make everything as fast and dynamic as possible well suited to the public occasionally. The system adopted is the classic Active Time Battle

    Square Enix has already thought of a tutorial to facilitate further the approach with the game for casual users. As for longevity Toriyama has spoken of 50 hours for the main story but this amount of time necessary to add that complete optional missions.

    Square Enix would reintroduce the Active Time Battle without losing the tactical and especially to the spectacle images. The combat system of the previous Final Fantasy had raised some concerns for players standing in the series due to the fact that it was too voted for action, leaving little opportunity to control the characters and makes it less efficient evocations.

    The actions of the players depend now from a bar of loading divided into three parts . While the bar will refill the player can set the moves then the character will run in sequence they are in a real combo system.

    Sure Final Fantasy will never be God of War because the thickness of role playing game still will not be overlooked, but the system provides the sensation of dynamism and speed of classic action games. The bar can be loaded with different actions for example, is it possible to combine Magic-Attack-Attack. There will also be a mechanism to counter and some shots can break the combo currently running.

    The moves are divided into two menus one for the actual attacks and the other for healing spells. The first is divided in turn into Melee, in attacks from a distance and in actions where you can literally throw into the area the enemy in turn further then raging over his body while it is falling. There are also critical hits, punctuated by Limit Break.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII (preview)

    The graphics engine used in Final Fantasy XIII is Crystal Tools, formerly known as the White Engine. The name change was designed to further tie him to the games of the new story on the windows, which will be built all around this technology. The technology was initially meant for the old generation consoles, and only later was adapted to the current generation and high definition.

    Final Fantasy XIII is the first game of the main series of Final Fantasy in high definition. This allowed the authors to give a new depth to the expressions of the characters, giving each of them a deeper and more multifaceted personality. As we have said in other parts of the article, also, Final Fantasy XIII confirmed the beauty of the images we are used, with smooth animations and nice and patient characterization in all parts of their bodies.

    Crystal Tools will be licensed to other software companies, just as happens with other middleware solutions. Square has managed to obtain an executable version of the graphics engine after a year and a half of development.

    This is the seventh generation of game engines developed by Square Enix for its games. The engine allows you to render in real time sequences CGI (Computer-generated imagery) and takes care of audio, physics and rendering of special effects. Crystal Tools USA from 4 to 6 SPU of the Cell processor which is equipped PlayStation 3.

    Final Fantasy is intended exclusively for the PSP . Final Fantasy XIII is a single player and multiplayer title for the PSP that is based on the same structure of game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but integrates the Active Time Battle combat system and lets you control multiple characters. The game incorporates an advanced management system of artificial intelligence, through which the characters react dynamically managed by the system to the other characters and actions of the player. Final Fantasy XIII is set in modern times which explains the features of the futuristic city so best for time ...

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII (preview)

    plz help me how to downloa final fantasy xlll plz give the link or site plz........

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII (preview)

    There is no demo download is provided for this. Simply go on the official site and order a copy for your system. I had tried to search for the download but there is no such support provided. You will need to buy the game or else there is no other way to look for a demo download. But may be on some gaming network like Xbox or something there are possibilities to get a download for the same.

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