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Thread: Wolfenstein (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

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    Wolfenstein (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

    Legendary founding father of the shooters in the first person, Wolfenstein is back today for a third installment, this time developed by Raven Software. A comeback far from shattering, but fans will nonetheless Z series to spend a nice little moment with brainless Nazis and their zombified abominations.

    So we're back in the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz, an elite agent recruited through a perilous mission on behalf of the Offices of U.S. intelligence. Ships bluntly in the German city of ISENSTADT our gentle hero - whose charm and pest incredible charisma do not escape - should first contact the local resistance to put an end to Nazi activities in the paranormal field. During his wanderings, the fellow will also come into contact with members of the Golden Dawn, a group of scholars also determined to put obstacles in the tracks of Hitler's henchmen. Wolfenstein mixture so joyously Second World War relics mysterious, occult sciences and secret organizations in a great big shaker and finally we used a mixture more or less digestible. For some, it's like almost Indiana Jones in a cheap, classless and more seriously, without humor. In short, you understand, we are here in full series B, or Z. After an hour, the player will also not even bother to listen to the foam replicas of the various protagonists, thrown haphazardly chance during cutscenes poorly staged.

    Blabber about the "scenario" nevertheless allowed to begin to raise one of the peculiarities of Wolfenstein: its strange structure, centered around different neighborhoods ISENSTADT. The city is in fact act as "hub" where you must walk to get new missions with members of the resistance. You should therefore first check your card, then try to find your way through a maze of streets littered with German privates, of the soldiers who reappear elsewhere at each new visit. The idea, nice on paper, actually requires multiple round trips though clumsy in an environment much more narrow than it appears at first. For if the early game, we willingly leave dangling the possibility of exploring the city and into many buildings to find information and money, we understand very quickly that the exploration is in fact reduced union minimum. ISENSTADT is indeed confined to HQ "secret" of resistance to that of the Golden Dawn and a few dingy hovels where they will quickly finish the game. Anyway, so you need to commute between the two groups, with no notion of reputation and therefore without worrying about pleasing one or the other faction, whose objectives are the same anyway .

    The missions themselves take a much more conventional forms and occur at levels well within linear. That's where we really enter into the heart of the matter by moving, as the case, spray a particular machine or diabolical eviscerate one knows how big bad dirty. The fights are basically conventional, even if backed by a solid physics engine capable of staging nice sequences of destroying furniture. The whole is rather nervous and offers some joyful moments of bravery, without really taking off. Blame it on a more flawed AI and a bestiary that does not show any imagination, despite a world which seemed to have everything to lend to delusions designers. It would therefore simply diarrhea virtual privates base, occasionally assisted by officers with supernatural powers by some Ubersoldat in armor and some junk zombified. The Oscar monster blowing back over the still the killer, elusive and deadly.

    To overcome these junk, the player will benefit from a small selection of weapons of all kinds. We will rely primarily on traditional MP40 or other Kar98k, the pop-guns, however it will be improved with the money they reap direct rummaging through each level, or simply by completing missions. Stabilizers, chargers, larger, silent, glasses snipe at you to make your small market. Note anyway that you cannot buy all the improvements of the game and you must make choices. Beyond this basic gear, it will also benefit from tools a bit more pleasing, like flamethrowers, bazookas, guns particles or electric guns. In short, many ways to get pleasure doing evil to his neighbor. However, the ultimate weapon of BJ Blazkowicz is actually an amulet which he will soon his little paw at the beginning of the adventure. The medallion in question allows, at the least touch of a button, access to various powers associated with all sail, a sort of parallel dimension that greatly interests the Nazis.

    The first power that you have access acts as night vision improved, since you'll also enjoy increased speed and the ability to penetrate walls marked with the seal of the Black Sun. Very quickly, you can slow down time, and that generate a protective shield. Eventually, you should be able to cross the same energy defenses that you oppose the Nazis. Keep still in mind that each power consumes energy and you will recharge your beautiful medallion in energy well, thankfully abundant. Nevertheless, this small selection of power can make the action a bit more dynamic, but the game will prompt you virtually never to use it in an original way. We then cross the country in a game about eight hours without ever having the impression of enjoying anything new or particularly striking. Only a few environments, nicely offset, we will emerge from time to time in our dull torpor.

    That remained was to look to the multiplayer to try to eradicate a few drops of pleasure from Wolfenstein. Alas, here again, this is not the celebration of panties. In this mode limited to 12 participants, the graphics, not particularly famous in normal times become downright ugly. There will be in effect on deathmatch team, the destruction of targets, and a variant in which he will simply beat the time achieved by the opposing team. Everything revolves around three classes of fighters who all have weapons and special abilities, but it really changes the nature of the clashes. The sticks, in effect confined to the shootings as confused as softies. At each fragment, you get the money you will eventually unlock the gear a bit more powerful. The system is not particularly rewarding and is frankly pales against monsters of the genre, such as the two previous Call of Duty. Finally, the results that we draw from this new component of Wolfenstein is therefore more mixed. Without lead to a catastrophe, the Raven attempt to put the license up to date have not really paid off. Suffice it to a FPS and more, despite her funny, but mostly very forgettable.

    To drink and eat in this new Wolfenstein formula. The general report is quite disappointing, as marked by a thick layer of aliasing and texture rather coarse. The title was frankly hard to bear comparison with titles yet released there over a year. Remains outside of the city ISENSTADT perfectly whatever it may benefit the cutest levels, inspired and relatively well built.Wolfenstein is a classic FPS terribly but has the merit of offering intense gun battles, if not really good rhythm. The tiny soft ideas that attempts to highlight does not always reveal the best taste. We think including the city level, uninteresting as possible, and where they find themselves caught between the "real" mission.A sound environment neat, with soldiers who fervently moan or gurgling generously when gust ends up in their throats. The rest is equally convincing and can usually dive in the heart of the action. Musical compositions are more unequal and oscillate between the B series and the most inspired pieces, capable of giving rise to some tension in the dark recesses of some levels.


    Not really fabulous, Wolfenstein is far from being able to face a fierce competition has become truly in the SPF. He by whom all things have started well so hard to find a place on our shelves already under strain. The possible, the baby Raven offers a gameplay primary fatal event sealed by a rickety structure, by staging a tasteless and disappointing delivery. It also regrets the lack of care taken in multiplayer, frank rickets.

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    Re: Wolfenstein (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

    • Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP or Windows Vista(R) (Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are unsupported)
    • Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0c (included & required for Windows XP & Vista)

    • CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon(TM) 64 3400+ processor
    • RAM: 1GB RAM
    • Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA(R) Geforce(R) 6800 GT or ATI Radeon(TM) X800
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • HDD Space: 8GB (Plus an additional 800MB for Windows swap file)
    • Media: 100% Microsoft Windows compatible DVD-ROM drive
    • Internet: Broadband connection and service required for multiplayer

    Following are the cheatcodes for the game:

    • giveallpowerupgrades - Gives All Power Upgrades
    • givegold - Gives desired amount of money
    • notarget - Ignored by enemies
    • spawn enemies_despoiled_green - Spawns a green Despoiled (flaming skeleton).
    • giveobjectives - Unlocks Objectives
    • pawn enemies_elite_guard - Spawns a blonde Elite Guard armed with a dagger.
    • givepowers - Give All Veil Powers
    • spawn enemies_ak_flame_trooper - Spawns a Flamethrower Trooper.
    • spawn allies_kreisau_soldier_01 - Spawns a friendly Kreisau soldier armed with an MP40 smg. Valid characters are 01 to 05.
    • spawn allies_kreisau_erik - Spawns friendly Erik Engle armed with an MP40 smg. Has more health than a basic Kreisau soldier.
    • spawn enemies_ak_rocket_trooper - Spawns a Rocket Trooper with a jetpack.
    • spawn enemies_ak_assassin - Spawns an Assassin.
    • spawn enemies_sniffer - Spawns a Sniffer (mutant).
    • spawn enemies_wehrmacht_officer - Spawns a Wehrmacht officer armed with an MP40 smg.
    • spawn enemies_wehrmacht_sniper - Spawns a Wehrmacht sniper armed with a sniper rifle.
    • spawn enemies_despoiled_red - Spawns a red Despoiled (flaming skeleton).
    • spawn enemies_wehrmacht_infantry_mp40 - Spawns a Wehrmacht soldier armed with an MP40 smg.
    • spawn enemies_altered - Spawns an Altered (giant, invincible mutant)
    • momoney - Sets total Money to $31,337
    • spawn enemies_elite_guard_02 - Spawns a brunette Elite Guard armed with a whip.
    • spawn enemies_SS_sentry - Spawns an SS soldier armed with an MP43 assault rifle.

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