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Thread: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PSP)

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    Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PSP)

    Dynasty Warriors, it's a little Raymond's game. Always present, but never won. The episodes are increasing without the profound changes observed in the bottom of the game all beat'em in China of the Three Kingdoms is therefore once again on the PSP with Strikeforce, which despite its sad legacy finally succeeded innovation.

    "It still offers Strikeforce of forty playable characters"

    If the scenario, suggesting once again take part in the War of Three Kingdoms is not surprisingly, it is clear that Omega Force has revised its copy, especially in terms of game system and gameplay. It still offers Strikeforce forty playable characters, but it goes further than its predecessors by offering the possibility of combos on the ground but also in the air, plus a fury as visually successful than destructive. It is therefore to invest the air to thrash enemies, who also benefit from this new possibility for more variety and depth. Nevertheless, intelligence is still too artificial to seduce us ...

    The customization of its character and its weapons (main and secondary interchangeable at any time in the game) will force you to do and redo missions annexes to raise money but also the materials necessary for their achievement. Orbs or even to insert special powers require more or fewer resources, increasingly rare as to our progress. The shops in the village, accessible between missions, will also benefit from these resources to move forward. There is what to do at this level.

    "A local multiplayer mode in quick and easy access will counteract the extreme difficulty of certain passages"

    Nevertheless, the problems of camera and lock, in addition to the great difficulty of the game solo, likely to irritate the majority of players. If the game loses repeatability thanks to the innovations already mentioned and some attempts to vary the objectives of missions, we are still in front of a beat'm all very classic, the number of combos was ultimately not enough interest to us over time. Some are gigantic boss still remind us that the Dynasty Warriors offers a dose of new non-negligible compared to the previous components. Appreciable.

    For once, the Dynasty Warriors offers a dose of significant news

    Fortunately for our nerves, a local multiplayer mode in quick and easy access will counteract the extreme difficulty of certain passages, in addition to a renewed interest after the senior levels. Strikeforce is quite watchable, even if the common design and its surroundings a little too similar offset the relative subtlety of the hero. A word about the music, so bland and repetitive that it becomes irritating in the long run. Well endowed with content, it comes eventually to be regretted that this new episode of Dynasty Warriors forces us to constantly repeat the same levels to advance. A typical Japanese growth which feeds a lot of critics of the series, and this for quite some time now.


    Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce, therefore despite the renewal of its game and its gameplay, even when addressed to fans of the series, like most other episodes of the saga. The air combos and big opportunities for customization, in addition to the large number of missions and playable characters, unfortunately, do not forget the many gaps in the gameplay, in locations which include a camera and capricious too much repetition of the action. Moreover, the difficulty level very high will most players on the sidelines. Fortunately, the multiplayer is fast and efficient PSP will allow players to share good times well, against some gigantic boss in particular. We therefore gladly add an additional item to note if you play with others.

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    Re: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (PSP)

    Perform the actions listed below to unlock treasures for the vault:

    • Art of War - Complete game as Wu
    • Awards of Valor - Collect lots of spoils in 1 battle
    • Banana Leaf Fan - Obtain an ultimate weapon
    • Book of Illusions - Completer chapter 6
    • Bronze Pheasant - Fully level up city
    • Dragon Ring - Complete many bonus objectives
    • Grand Histories - Complete chapter 3
    • He's Jade - Level a character to 50
    • Hex mark - Win many VS battles
    • Imperial Seal - Victory in many battles
    • Meng De's Manual - Complete game as wei
    • Mo Xie sword - Learn all 5 star Chi Skills
    • Red Hare - Defeat Lu Bu many times
    • Shadow Runner - Win several legends quests
    • Shan Hai Jing - Collect all officer cards
    • War God Statue - Defeated all Mosou officers
    • Way of Peace - Win a battle with every character once
    • 4 Gods statue - Friend several people online
    • 5 Colored stones - Collect all 5 star orbs
    • 24 War Manuals - Complete game as Shu

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