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Thread: Gigabyte GM-M8000 Laser Gaming Mouse

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    Gigabyte GM-M8000 Laser Gaming Mouse

    Introduction :

    Entering uncharted territory and expanding its product range, the Gigabyte Technology, the most users primarily through the production and distribution of Hardware component known, with the "GM-M8000" their first player under the mouse gaming brand new "Ghost" before. Unlike it from a first work might expect, we are limited, however, not to disease-tainted children's pioneering work, but tried with a technically and conceptually appealing high-end creation immediately established players tools from Logitech, Razer and Co. in the pliers to take. We are within a short test with the new Gigabyte GM-M8000 looks and to show whether the specialist hardware to new terrain can convince.

    Technical points :
    • Gigabyte "Ghost" GM-M8000 Laser Mouse
    • Dimensions: 74 x 43 x 126 mm (W x H x D)
    • Weight: 145 grams (expandable to 38 grams)
    • Material: plastic, rubber
    • Coated, 180 cm long cable
    • Laser Sensor Avago 6090 "
    • Sample Rate: 400 to 4000 DPI
    • 20G acceleration, 7200 FPS
    • Button configuration
    • Two major keys
    • Two Navigations-
    • A DPI-rocker
    • A 4-way scroll wheel (programmable) including the middle mouse button
    • Macro and Profile Manager
    • Internal 8-KB memory
    • Up to 15 custom settings onboard
    • Compatible with Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows Vista (32/64 bit)

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    Re: Gigabyte GM-M8000 Laser Gaming Mouse

    Mouse in detail :

    Accordingly primarily benefit players with bigger hands of the well to the human anatomy custom creation. In contrast to the aforementioned mouse competitors, the M8000, however, in addition to the voluminous body and the clear lines on a very strong sidecut with dominant gripping edges on the thumb and ring finger positions, a fast, safe lifting and relaying of the mouse, despite the higher weight , which is optional abdominal mass pieces 145 to 183 grams can be varied, even for dedicated work manner.

    When keys offer gigabytes is a balance between quality and quantity. Thus, the user first, the two spacious, from the rest of the topside separated main keys available. This convince a crisp but well-dosed pressure point and a pleasant, medium-loud sound. Above the thumb-rest position, the two navigation buttons, which if their length is relatively independent of the source size should be easily accessible. The navigation buttons have a well-defined nature of pressure fall, however, by a somewhat hollow. Among the pieces of the cream M8000 doubt heard the "console" between the two main buttons. Here initially convinced the DPI button, which unlike many mice compared with a catchy rockers variant was realized and easy on-off or a brilliant move comes after its function. The GM-M8000 prejudice to the switch in the driver by four specifiable DPI levels, with the currently selected by appropriately lit side status LEDs is reported. About the DPI switch is the perfect 4-way scroll wheel, the middle mouse button as a high security management, but also a bit too crunchy pressure point. The actual scrolling is done whether the rubber and grooved surface on the grid, however powerfully implemented very precise, almost silent, and above all without lateral play, as we are, unfortunately, many less well-implemented 4-way copies of the competition to know.

    All buttons have a slightly stronger then pressure point and a high operating noise to suggest a pleasant impression, however, an excellent level of quality and are also without a driver installed properly identified and with the standard functions (Windows).

    Optical effect of charcoal-black, wrinkled one gigabyte rodents progressive and futuristic, but leaves its harmonious color and line play with the necessary harmony and adults do not miss. Stylish under painting can even lateral DPI status indicator dropped. Only the pulsating glowing Gigabyte back lettering, its color (red, green or blue) from the currently selected profile is determined, it could encounter on shared opinions. Unanimously positive falls while the quality assessment, based on material selection, finish and feel, the Gigabyte GM-M8000 from. Here is the hand which was a wonderful diversion in the form of charming offered, even after extended use is not bored.

    The GM-M8000 feels to almost all documents poodle glides well and with the help of robust low-friction Teflon feet, roughly comparable to the popular Logitech gaming protagonists, while Razer is still leading the field through the usual mousepads made of hard plastic, textile or glass. It sets out, despite the weight of a high agility on the day, influenced by the tangibility of a good mouse will positivized body. This is the foundation for an accurate and precise work and games laid on which the assembled and extremely reliable "Avago 6090" laser sensor massively built. This digitized perfectly in the test in the scanning hardware from 400 to 4000 DPI and gets even with very fast mouse movements do not sweat. The accuracy convinced both in 2D mode, such as pixel-accurate image editing, as well as rapid and diverse 3D shooter-use, resulting in gigabytes debut as a real mouse Allrounders recommends.

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    Re: Gigabyte GM-M8000 Laser Gaming Mouse

    Drivers :

    So far, we have a lot of praise for the hardware implementation of the GM-M8000 distribute. And even with the software support that many new entrants in the past has been rather neglected, it seems that Gigabyte men done their homework to have. To support the current Windows operating systems restrict represents a nearly 10 MB download narrow consisting of the Ghost configuration software and a separate driver for the 4-way scroll wheel, which is the standard Windows Registry is integrated, is available. Through this clever separation is a nearly full dealing with the GM-M8000 based on the standard configuration of the operating system possible.

    The beyond-reaching adjustment of the clear and relatively restrained layout and intuitive menus make Ghost an initial occupancy of rich configurable controls and a fast implementation of up to 15 macro keys combinations (including delay times) in the three profiles. Furthermore, the four-position DPI to show the mouse on the switch can be switched through. This is a gradual regulation in 100-DPI increments and even a separate adjustment for the X-and Y-axis possible. Also, you can obviously make an impact on the vertical and horizontal scroll speeds take.

    Overall, the Gigabyte software little desired. While according to taste to disable the back light still would have been quite nice, were all important features clearly placed.

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    Re: Gigabyte GM-M8000 Laser Gaming Mouse

    Conclusion :

    Gigabytes glance over the rim turns out to be true Gl├╝ckstat, because the entrance into the world with the mouse GM-M8000 may be regarded as successful. From the first second, it was with a mature product to do that is absolutely no indication of a first work in the style of an experimental rabbit there. On the contrary: Over the hurdles an ergonomically pleasing, as well as qualitatively convincing mouse to technical accompaniment by sensor, mechanics and software - the GM-M8000 is optically and conceptually as a cast, the most in almost all aspects of the limitations of personal preferences and views with flying colors and is the player of the instruments established manufacturers in any way.

    Will one still at a high level of criticism, it is most likely still on the operating noise and a bit too much pressure resistance of the otherwise successful extra buttons Equipment start. A little too loud and gives dull it is not in the entirety of the remaining G├╝teniveau excellent concept. Even in terms of weight, the M8000 according to taste a little off, finally, players tend to like it somewhat easier. Also on the language support could still be used, because there is so far the software as opposed to the enclosed documentation only in English version.

    Away from which the buyer receives the Gigabyte GM-M8000, however, an excellent mouse, not only in PC games, but also in everyday life makes a brilliant figure.

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