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Thread: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned Preview

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    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned Preview

    Indisputable success fun coupled with a huge commercial success, Grand Theft Auto IV is regularly cited as the game of the year 2008. As a totally out-standards offering a world of wealth despite an impressive area revised down from San Andreas. And as one might expect, Rockstar was not going to let this new generation Liberty City solely in the hands of Niko Bellic, since the publisher was quick to announce the development of a new chapter focused on a new heroes, new secondary characters, a new plot. "The Lost and Damned, this extension exclusive to the Xbox 360 has also been made by Take Two for an hour. Want to know more?

    Billy and Johnny are on a motorcycle

    While landing on the docks of Liberty City a new pretender to the American dream freshly arrived from Eastern Europe, others born in the bowels of the city, have already consumed their dreams in the old rivalry and hatred. Johnny, offspring of this great rotten apple, trace its route along with other Lost biker gang engaged a war immemorial face of Angels Of Death. At the head of the gang, Billy, just out psychopath detoxification 'and decided to break the truce established in his absence. Given the savagery of its leader, Johnny questioned. The conflict is moving inexorably towards the destruction of both sides and only our hero seems to care.

    Lost and the Damned we promises to embody this character torn between his loyalty to the pack and its moral wavering. A righteous bastard in the great tradition of the saga Grand Theft Auto. The staff of Take Two has also insisted heavily on this lineage, instructing us not to reduce Johnny without a thick skin. And we must recognize that the tasty dialog punctuating the three missions have managed to install presented in the audience an initial conviction. Lost and The Damned promises a lot of big mouths, postures badass, Biereuses evenings, the whole color of jargon well foul. And for those who wonder if The Lost and Damned is an experience completely detached from the original game, they will be pleased to learn that Johnny crosses the road Niko on numerous occasions. As in the evening in the den of Elizabet Torres when our two heroes will briefly prior knowledge that Johnny does absconding on his motorcycle. The cross-over should be frequent and so much the better.

    Of course, Liberty City will remain unchanged.Johnny carpenter therefore the same streets as Niko, will overwrite the same passers-by and wallow in the same sex. However, Rockstar has decorated the city with new places. Like any gang of bikers who take their filthy, the Lost have chosen to live in a place of perdition: Club, bar Mallarme where Johnny can go at your leisure. Here, our tattoos are fun enough: in addition to darts and billiards, the guy can put his manhood to the test in defiance of the first drunk came to arm wrestling. This is one of the new activities proposed by Lost and The Damned. Unfortunately, we could not we try

    But the time has come to commit some heinous packages! Xbox 360 in we embark on a first mission: a wild equipped leading us to repair Angels of Death for a cleaning. Along the way, we discover one of the niceties offered by this extension. While they are angry bikers, the Lost moving in formation behind their leader. The player is asked to respect its place in the pack by aligning his bike on a symbol glued to asphalt. A mini-challenge that requires a certain skill, since it comes to control his speed and respond to accelerations and decelerations of the rest of the group. However, this test has not been implemented to look pretty. These small ballads distinguished between people are indeed retributive gain experience for the gang. Lost and each has skills that the strengthening influence of the group. One way to translate this pack behavior by including it in the gameplay.

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    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned - Xbox 360

    Upon arrival at the scene of the massacre, Billy we donated a new Petronia the grenade launchers. Then follows a festival of explosions ravaged places and decimating the opposing gang. The bodies fluttering and places burning in a great moment of sadistic glee. According to our guests, The Lost and Damned should complement the arsenal of Grand Theft Auto IV some new instruments of death. We saw this also in a shootout against the police, equipped with an automatic rifle pump efficient. Ultimate example of the fury that promises to be released from this extension, the mission Shifting Weight which ended our meeting with the game hunted by a horde of cops and screaming sirens all precariously installed in the back of a motorcycle driven by an acolyte, the player must protect his escape devastating cars, vans and armored helicopters launched in pursuit. A mission breathtaking and full of sparks which, hopefully, we offered an overview of what the extension as a whole.


    If we could still fear there is little land for a single pack of missions, the first contact with The Lost and Damned fortunately we proved otherwise. While we do not yet know the total number of missions that will propose the extension but the care taken in the overall frame and the characters of the story suggesting a strong side story. The task now is to know the price for this content. Because, however pleasing it was our first game session has not swept our repugnance to the system of micro-transactions. Invest in extensions, but for a reasonable price under the proposed content. We have just cross your fingers until February 17!

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