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Thread: Brother DCP-585CW All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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    Brother DCP-585CW All-In-One Inkjet Printer

    Brother DCP-585CW

    Best known companies and individuals, however, Brother has a catalog may be of interest to those seeking a versatile printer sharing to cut even wireless printing. These two functions are often in the spotlight at the manufacturer who also like to offer special products remarkably compact while being 3 or 4-in-1. The DCP-585CW meets this specification (network, Wi-Fi and compactness) while taking advantage of a card reader, a panoramic screen size and a dual paper tray.

    390 x 375 x 180 mm 7.1 kg

    As always, Brother offers a model of excellent compactness. Very flat and almost square, the DCP-585CW impressions do not like its peers. While congestion is real, but we can not ask for 3-in-1 to be missed on our desks! This good news compactness remains even when the printer is in operation since the trays home paper are shallow and curved enough to maintain a consistent pile of documents. If such a compact is possible, particularly given the choice of paper from the front which is Brother - like HP - a big fan.

    Power from the front and very short trays allow the Brother DCP-585CW to remain compact

    The chassis is bicolour: lacquered black plastic on the back and around the screen, and plastic gray granite around the panel, the coating is less messy than the first, or more precisely less susceptible to fingerprints . Facades - one in English, one in French - are provided to enable the user to have an interface in their language. The card reader and USB / Pictbridge are at the front and put in the dust with a slightly curved front. As for the USB plug to connect the printer to your PC, do not look on the outside of the chassis, it is indeed under the hood it is, next to the Ethernet port, with Brother provided a pastime cables to allow the release of the cord from the back of the printer.

    The tray can be completely removed from their housing to load paper. It is noticeable during this operation four reglects are there to adjust the size of the tray with paper it receives. Better still, the tray is not easy, but with two, which can load on top of the paper in 10 x 15 cm. Very practical for use of its versatile printer, bypassing the time to change the type of paper. The only constraint, from a tray to another, is to follow the photo tray into the machine and remove it after the printing on paper 10 x 15 finished. We would have preferred a setting in the menus to move freely from one tank to another, but if this solution is convincing and the trick is quickly taken.

    To print on paper 10 x 15 cm, engage the upper tray into the printer

    Some keys (Erase / Rewind, Menu and OK) are very depressed, but the coating can be easily understand. The DCP-585CW offers then pressed for direct access to the functions of photo printing and scanning. Two other commands then hold the attention: one for the management of ink and one for the choice of color or monochrome. The panel, finally has a pad that will be used to navigate menus. As for the display board on the DCP-585CW, it is quite singular. Widescreen format, it can display the settings via the image that is comfortable to configure printing. It is a shame that just fine display or withdrawal.

    Like the Epson Stylus SX600FW, HP Photosmart C6380 and Lexmark X4950, the Brother DCP-585CW advantage of a Wi-Fi Connection (802.11b / g) / Ethernet (10/100BASE-TX). The connection of the cable network is at the printer as mentioned above. The installation of a wireless network or cable is then since the MLF-Pro comes with the printer.

    As for the cartridges, they take place in front of the machine in a home, which is accessed so without having to open the bonnet. Note that the new range of inkjet Brother is a new standard cartridges (LC1100), while the principle of four separate consumables be forfeited. As soon as the four cartridges in place, the DCP-585CW begins initialization phase of about four minutes after which it will conduct a quick test of alignment. The printer is ready for first impressions.

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    Re: Brother DCP-585CW All-In-One Inkjet Printer

    How does it prints
    What are the performance of the printer when asked to print an article or photos?

    Photos ...
    The memory card will be detected as external devices by the computer that will open the file. You can also choose to start printing from the printer itself. The length of the screen is then used to display a thumbnail of the image on one half of the area and a control panel on the other. The printer settings (type and paper size) are set to default "ice" and "10 x 15 cm, which corresponds to the needs of the most common. Remember to start the upper tray to avoid the impression is made on paper (probably office) in the main tray. The screen is not particularly qualitative and do not expect him to help you discover the finer details and the finer nuances of your images. It will be enough to make its choice in a series of images that will be checked in advance the quality (sharpness in particular) on the LCD screen - bigger and better defined - the computer.

    The DCP-585CW has several settings to improve rendering images: automatic correction, improved skin color, enhancement of the landscape, removing red eyes, black and white and sepia. Once chosen a setting, the screen displays a preview / post designed to help measure its impact. Only tests will tell you that you can really expect. Our experiences we have for our part revealed a slight overexposure of cliches, but this clarification would lead to the darker areas of images (the eye in the first instance), the presence of bite is one of weaknesses of the DCP-585CW.

    A detail of face and with no improvement ...

    ... and a detailed landscape and with improvement

    For Office
    The drivers of Brother DCP-585CW is no more concise when compared to other models. What is lacking in all things: the automatic two-sided, so precious to reduce paper consumption.

    In draft mode, the DCP-585CW is fairly noisy, but we must move from this to a rate of 3 prints per minute to about 20 runs around in draft mode.

    It scans and copies
    The "Scan" provides access to four settings: e-mail, image, OCR or file. If you opt for the "OCR (optical character recognition), Brother DCP-585CW did not preserve the layout and content to extract the text of the document and copy it to the note taker. Via the application PaperPort SE came with the printer, it is possible to access many additional settings, including scan to PDF creation with multi-page documents, the possibility to choose the accuracy of the scanner or d to enrich the documents by post-it notes a tool or a highlighter.

    Despite the lack of a Crane copy, duplication of documents is the simplest way as it is the function by default. Place a document in the scanner and press color or black and white, and the DCP-585CW you issue a copy 43 seconds later. You can then change the settings to ensure the transition from one format to another (10 x 15 cm to A4, A5 to A4, etc.).. The printer then has a very valuable that can be a big help to small rats library, one copy of books. When this option is active, the printer delivers a copy of the page on a white background and it lightens the crease to provide better readability. Without this option, the background is black and folding too dark to play characters.


    What about the Brother DCP-585CW, and how good is it? The compactness and simplicity of the chassis are two qualities that are necessary when talking about this printer. Discreet and relatively quiet, the DCP-585CW fits easily into any environment. The principle of double paper from the front and the tray for dedicated photo paper 10 x 15 cm is also excellent and it explains much of the compactness of the printer. Only flat, manipulation to activate and deactivate the photo tray when no longer useful. But the trick is quickly taken.

    It then holds that Brother has made progress on the picture, both at times feel that the quality of the prints, to the point where Brother no longer ashamed of the comparison with the competition. While it was 6 minutes Brother DCP-750CW tested a year ago to issue a drawing A4, it is needed "more than" 4 for the new model tested in these columns. Brother is no longer confined to office draws, and it's good news for those who need to print occasionally (but not more because the cost is still prohibitive) photos at home.

    It will finally connections very rich DCP-750CW. Attention, however, it has been a pioneer in the field, Brother is no longer alone in offering models with a very versatile interface (USB / Pictbridge, Wi-Fi network).

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