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Thread: Discover Norton 360 3.0

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    Discover Norton 360 3.0

    The third version of Norton 360 approach, bringing improvements and new features compared to the previous version release in March 2008. The release by Symantec of the second beta of the security software all-in-One is the opportunity to take stock.

    Norton 360 protects against viruses and other malicious software, intrusion, identity theft on the Internet (phishing) and prevents breakdowns and delays in performing backups and automatic optimization of the system.

    Symantec focuses on one of the great expectations of the users of anti-virus software and promises a powerful and lightweight. The same publisher has responded to this demand by launching in November Gamer edition of Norton Antivirus.

    In terms of protection on the Internet, the tool identifies Norton Safe Web Internet sites at risk. The tools of password management and protection of identity are in turn improved. A new update system named Pulse Update constantly maintains the protected system.

    On the optimization and backup, a Smart Startup Manager intuitive management components loaded at boot made its appearance. It allows everyone to identify and disable unused programs. Updates can now have different destinations and some may go primarily through the Norton Drive.

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    new features of Norton 360 3.0

    Features of Norton 360 3.0:

    • New! Ultra Fast and Super Light Performance—Norton 360 version 3.0 is a fast and light, all-in-one PC protection solution. It delivers industry-leading protection for your PC and all your online activities while using significantly fewer system resources, so it won’t slow you down.

    • New! Norton Insight scans only those files at risk, saving time and dramatically improving protection with faster, shorter and fewer scans

    • New! Norton Safe Web—identifies unsafe Web sites and suspicious sellers so you can surf and shop with confidence.

    • Improved Norton Identity Safe— protects your identity when you buy, bank, and browse online.

    • Improved Password Manager—automatically detects, stores, and secures logins and passwords so you can have highly secure passwords without ever having to remember them again.

    • New! Norton Pulse Update—provides continuous, non-stop protection against new threats automatically during your subscription period.

    • New! Botnet Detection—prevents others from taking control of your PC to access your private information or use it to host an attack.

    • New! Diagnostic Recommendation—checks your PC to fix common problems and provides recommendations to help you make your PC run better.

    • New! Smart Startup Manager—provides an easy-to-read menu of startup items and allows you to deactivate certain programs so your PC starts up faster.

    • New! Real-time SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response)—detects emerging spyware and viruses before traditional cures are available.

    • New! Multiple backup destinations and sets allow you store important files to different locations like an external hard drive or secure online storage on different schedules for maximum flexibility.

    • New! Norton Drive lets you queue up new or specific files that you need to back up immediately without having to wait for the scheduled backup. The backup will start when your computer goes into idle mode, so it won’t get in the way of your work or play.

    Additional Features :

    • Industry-leading PC Security—the latest virus, spyware, botnet, firewall, and network protection technologies protect you and your PC at all times.

    • Secure, One-click Login—conveniently and securely fills in online forms at your request and submits logins and passwords to your frequently visited sites while blocking eavesdropping programs like keystroke loggers.

    • Browser Protection—protects against Web-based attacks that use vulnerabilities in your browser to infect your PC.

    • Network Monitoring—protects your network and alerts you when you connect to an unsecured wireless network.

    • PC Tune-up—automatically cleans up unnecessary Internet clutter and temporary files, defragments your hard drive, and optimizes and maintains your PC to keep it running at peak performance.

    • Automated backup and restore—flexible, automated, and easy-to-use backup and restore capabilities protect photos, music, documents, and other important files from loss.

    • Monthly Report—shows the details of your PC’s activities such as threats caught, tune-up tasks performed, and files backed up.

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    System requirements for of Norton 360 3.0

    System requirements

    Microsoft Windows XP SP2/SP3 Home Edition/Professional Edition Media Center

    • 300 MHz or faster processor
    • 256 MB of RAM minimum
    • 250 MB of free hard disk space
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later (for phishing protection)
    • Broadband or high-speed Internet connection (for Online Backup)

    Microsoft Windows Vista and Vista SP1 Starter Edition/Home Basic/Home

    • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
    • Must meet minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements

    Required for All Installations

    • Standard Web browser

    Note to Windows 7 Beta Users: We invite you to join our testing efforts by downloading and installing Norton 360 Version 3.0 Beta on the latest version of the Windows 7 Beta. A fully Windows 7 compatible version of Norton 360 is currently planned following the official release of the new operating system. We encourage you to check our website for updated release information.

    Because Windows 7 Beta will continue to change until it is released in its final version, we cannot officially support it as an operating system until after its final release for resale. However, we are working toward supporting Windows 7, and value your feedback as we continue our efforts.

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    ThumbsUp Download Norton 360 3.0 Beta

    Guys! Here is the link from Symantec Corporation to Download Norton 360 3.0 Beta
    [Click Here To Download]

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    Re: Discover Norton 360 3.0

    It was fine until I had a problem. Over the course of several months the Norton program randomly blocked all internet access and I was not able to open the Norton program to uninstall it. I contacted their support and through "safe with networking" login they were able to remotely login, uninstall the program, change some settings and reinstall and then it would work for a bit. After the first time I knew what the problem was when it happened and I logged into safe mode and contacted their tech support. They once again logged in and did the same uninstall/settings/reinstall operation. This happened 2 more times and on the final episode they decided my computer was virus infected and when I asked how that could happen with their program in placed they replied that I had "allowed" by accepting a program download. They then transferred me to a technician aka salesman who explained that for $140 they would remove the virus and speed up my computer 3 times faster, when I said I couldn't afford that they said well for $100 they could just remove the virus which I again protested but didn't feel like I really had any choice so once the salesman got my credit card number he transferred me to a technician where I remained on hold for almost 2 hours. Once contact was made the tech logged in remotely and went through lots of different things to remove viruses (he says) and ultimately got the system working again. Of course none of my programs that require internet access are working so I'm still fussing with settings to fix things. This process took from 9AM until 8PM. When he was finished he summarized with a phone call and stated that it was not a program I had downloaded but a "lot of viruses". That reads to me that their program failed and I need my money back. I will never buy another norton product. This was by the way the Norton 360 premier 3.0 version.

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    Re: Discover Norton 360 3.0

    If your router is using DHCP then what you need to do in Norton 360 is to add the MAC addresses of the machines you want to share instead of the IP address. You can recover them easily from Symantec's secured online storage service. When you change the settings in the Norton Firewall and use the MAC addresses of the computers, the rules should update correctly and traffic should flow properly.

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    Re: Discover Norton 360 3.0

    It doesn't appear to me that your post relates in any way to my experience. Sorry.

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