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Thread: Nokia 3600 Slide Mobile phone with rich Design

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    Nokia 3600 Slide Mobile phone with rich Design


    The Nokia 3600 slide with market prices comes from 164th - € (without contract) which is also a powerful mobile phone offered. The quad-band mobile phones without HSDPA and UMTS, but with EDGE you get in the colors black or red is a slider phone with little depth - were previously due to the slider is rather thick. Other features are a 3.2 MP camera with 8x digital zoom, LED flash and extensive settings, music player, radio with RDS, calendar, calculator, route planner, etc. Let us see How else can it show for our test report.

    Nokia 3600 Slide Mobile phone is a stylish phone


    The back is made of plastic material

    Integrated side buttons, regulating the volume - camera button

    The battery compartment cover is fit (It covers the entire back page)

    Good processing of all elements and barely slit dimensions

    Processing Feature
    1. First optical impression / special features to support the designs: nice and simple in design.

    2. Housing Material / surface quality: Glossy plastic in Multicolor style (on first glance, not recognizable - depending on the light mix different color elements in the anthracite-black actually appearing surface) the back is easy to open.

    3. Housing dimensions: Dimensions: 97.8 x 47.2 x 14.5 mm with a weight of 97.3 grams right pleasant and convenient forms.

    4. Quality of the keys: Plastic keyboard with a good and evenly distributed pressure point.

    5. Goodness (sharpness / resolution) of the display: 2 inch QVGA display with 16.7 million colors and a resolution of 240x320 pixels, colors and shapes are shown prima.

    6. Implementation of the folding or sliding mechanism: looking very solid sliding mechanism, which has no game left or right.

    7. Quality of the battery compartment lid: slightly plastic battery compartment cover with very good fits.

    8. The quality and extent of the supplied accessories: Manual, charger, headset, 512 MB memory card, USB cable.

    9. Processing Conclusion: New optics with simple design. With its small dimensions and the weight is the Nokia 3600 slide very well in the hand and also finds place in any or Jean jacket pocket. The plastic keyboard, with its evenly distributed pressure point is to praise. Similarly, the display, colors and shapes are clearly shown. The battery compartment cover is fit. In delivery is also a 512 MB memory card, which is not to the standard equipment belongs. The software is not included, but a USB cable.

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    Bussiness Feature
    1. Supported networks: Quadband GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900, GPRS, EDGE.

    2. Bluetooth / infrared / wireless / USB: Bluetooth 2.0, USB, GPRS, HSCSD.

    3. Reception and voice quality: Good reception even in average network coverage and excellent reproduction of the vote. The voice sounds real, not distorted and faithfully.

    4. Voice quality of the speaker: Well understood but only at low to medium volume. At max. it is quite loud and scratchy.

    5. Battery life (with normal use): 4 days

    6. Storage options contacts: Surname, name, phone number, home number, e-mail address, picture, add detail: numbers, e-mail, video, sound, web site, company, position, formal name, short name, postal address, user ID, birthday, memo, picture.

    7. Profiles: Generally, silent, meeting, outdoors, My profile 1, My profile2, flight. Profiles are preset and can easily be individualized. 2 stores for complete self-created profiles.

    8. Calendar settings: new entry: Reminder Meeting, Call, Birthday, Anniversary, Memo, to date, this day open settings: date, clock that time zone, date format, separators, time format, standard view: Month view, week view, day view, Week starts on: Saturday, Sunday, Monday; Kalendersignalton: standard, gallery open automatically delete entries: never, after one day, after a week, after a month, to-do list.

    9. Notes function: Time / date paste, insert special characters: smiley or characters; new note, delete, edit, change: time and date, word, text or select all; 8 input languages; options Prediction: Prediction: on / off, Eingabehilfetyp: Normal, word proposals; word Insert, delete and edit; Use detail; memo sent as a message, via Bluetooth, all notes delete; 3000 characters per note.

    10. Built in voice recorder (dictaphone): Very good, scratch-free and quite authentic-sounding recording of voice recording. Even at max. Volume no loss of quality - amazing. Recordings are automatically saved and are in the menu GALLERY - recordings to find. Recordings: delete, send as MMS, MMS, plus audio message, via Bluetooth, move, rename, used as a ringtone, details of the recording: name, size, created on / around, format, length, copyright; kind of view; assign: by name, date, format or size, add folders, memory status phone or memory card; mark, mark everything.

    11. E-mail functionality: Lightweight Setting upto the e-mail accounts with the help of the wizard and easy retrieval of e-mails.

    12. Internet functionality: The 3600 does not have UMTS. Still can be reached by phone EDGE rapidly thanks to the Internet. (Internet configurations needed in our test sample only from the Nokia website can be downloaded) pages with complex structure (banner ads, images, etc.) take some time, but will be properly represented.

    13. PC synchronization: The PC synchronization with Outlook is smooth. Unfortunately, no software included, which is also not responsible for all operations is needed, because thanks to the data cable (which is included) the 3600 Slide is recognized as a mass and so the data goes smoothly. However, if you wish to synchronize with Outlook , Must have the software on the Internet on the Nokia site.

    14. Further features: Direct download option (content search, buy and download), (Flickr (own pictures on the Internet free), Größenumrechner (international clothing sizes for ladies and gentlemen), My Nokia (Free tips, tricks and support for the Mobile Phone), Opera Mini (Google) , Sensor (own Folio, collections, etc store), search, calculator, world clock, WidSets, Yahoo! Go, calculator, countdown, stopwatch.

    15. Conclusion: The quad-band mobile phone has Bluetooth and USB for data and for the EDGE network. It has a very good reception and voice quality, what little scratching (at max. Volume) when activated speakers. The battery can be charged with very good performance score. For normal use, the duration is 4 days. Profiles and calendar settings correspond to the usual Nokia standard. Are very commendable to turn the note functions with 3000 characters per note. Similarly, the 3600 Slide a dictaphone TISSUE, which is a very good voice recording plays.Setting up e-mail account works smoothly and thereby lets the user easily retrieve e-mails. The PC synchronization runs without any problems.

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    Multimedia Functions


    1. Camera-equipped: 3.2 MP, 8x digital zoom, 2 LED lights flash, portrait, landscape, brightness, flash: from an automatic, self-timer: off, 3, 5, 10 seconds; image sequence; effects: Normal, greyscale, sepia, negative ; White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent; settings: picture quality: Good, normal, easy; size of the image: 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120; camera noise: on / off; default title: automatic, my title; Image and video stored in phone memory, memory card, other folders; finishing options: full screen, delete, move, copy, rename, zoom, contrast, image change:Text, frames, picture or illustration, Crop: Portrait size, size selectable; rotate, print, detail: the name, size, Issued / um, size, resolution, copyright, as a result of open (slideshow)

    2. Photo-quality camera: Under normal lighting conditions made the very good 3600 results. The "targeted" motives are good and sharp. During the night the Nokia can only capture objects that are directly nearby. These are thanks to the 2 LED flash colored lights still well scanned. Zoomed objects can not be detected, because hardly any shape and colors, and the result is quite blurred in the whole works.

    3. Video equipment: Formats: AMR-WB, 2.3 gp, 3gp; microphone: on / off, Portrait, Landscape, effects, image quality, white balance, and the standard RealOne videos and images stored in, such as camera, settings: length of video clips (standard or maximum) , Video clip quality (good, normal, easy), video resolution (640x480, 352x288, 176x144 or 128x96), image preview period: no preview, 3, 5 or 10 seconds, manually quit; volume control button or Navigation button is used to zoom; no direct Cleanup options: video use as screen savers, caller as video or video contact, delete, send averaging, email, uploading to the Internet, via Bluetooth, move, copy, rename, details: name, size, Issued / order, format, resolution, copyright; kind of view: List of detail, list, grid; Ranking: by name, date, format or size, add folders, memory status; search, highlight, highlight everything;

    4. Video quality: Good results in normal light and bright light conditions. In the darkness camera cannot be usable material. Not even contours of the object were to recognize. It is therefore appropriate that night recordings not be taken into consideration.

    5. Equipment built to the music player: Playback formats: MP3, MP4, MIDI, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA, 64 voices polyphonic ringtones, H.263 and H.264; forward, rewind, pause, stop, jump title; music player open all the titles, track lists, performers, Albums, genres, videos, current title, track list to add settings: Random Play: On / Off, Repeat: current titles, from all the titles; Equalizer: Normal, pop, rock, jazz, classical, group 1 +2; Section D Sound: on / off; music player interface: standard or Chacoal; sound; play via Bluetooth; use as a ringtone; to send.

    6. Sound quality of the music player: The powerful speaker is not optimally positioned, but still delivers a good sound. Ups and downs are well reproduced and also in the mid can be no major deficiencies noted. Songs with vibrant sound at max. Volume overrides anything - can also conjure Nokia phonetically not. Remedy can create the integrated EQ, which works quite effectively.

    7. Radio yes / no, sound quality radio: 20 channels places; transmitter delete, rename, organize, all broadcasters are looking for; frequency; settings: RDS: on / off; automatically frequency, switching between the headset and speaker stereo or mono output selectable output; radio topic: standard, Charcoal; quite good, almost scratch-free playback of the individual sender, easy to use and easy programming of frequencies. Adding to the station name is Nokia 3600 is possible. Some rival bad cuts here, because this is only the frequencies and can not save the corresponding names of the respective channels.

    8. Further features: Media player, voice recorder, equalizer, 3D sound (activation of an enhanced stereo effect), maps (allows you to search by place and planned routes - Use of sprachgeführter navigation), backgammon, boom Bloxx, City Bloxx, Golf Tour, Music Guess, Snake 3, Sudoku.

    9. Storage Capacity: 64 MB of dynamic memory, 30 of them for user data and expandable using Micro SD card up to 4 GB.

    10. Conclusion: The 3.2 MP photo / video camera is equipped with useful additional settings equipped. Their quality is generally quite good during the day. Even in darkness, it can, thanks to the integrated LED flash nor ordinary results. The MP3 player with his Speaker surprised quite good with clear sound. The radio with easy handling, has 20 slots, whose station name also can be saved. 64 MB dynamic memory are problems with Micro SD memory cards expandable to 4 GB.

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    Handling / Menus

    The keys, with its steady pressure point

    1. Single-handed operation for the main functions: yes.

    2. Call execute (with menu "contacts"): Run simple and finding the contact and make a call.

    3. Add / Create / Edit Your Contacts: Easily create, add and edit contacts.

    4. Readability of the display: During the day, and in normal lighting conditions, Easy reading of the display. In the dark night very good. In direct sunlight, depending on the theme setting, you must reckon with restrictions.

    5. Pressure point on the keyboard: pleasantly clear and evenly.

    6. Handling the navigation elements to prospect for the Menus: Easy to navigate with the scroll button and quickly find the desired menu item.

    7. Clarity of menus: quite clear menu.

    8. Scope of menus: Extensive and entirely sufficient for the target group.

    9. Graphic design of the menus: individual, audiovisual design of the phone with simple styling of the issues.

    10. Conclusion: The 3600 Slide can be used to be loyal companions, because thanks to one-handed operation, can quickly find contacts and make calls. In direct sunlight, the user will purchase restrictions. But when normal lighting conditions exist, radiates the display in all its colors. The pleasant and uniform pressure point on the keyboard will navigate by the light with the navigator supported. The menu is arranged by size is sufficient. The graphic design of the Nokia 3600 slide lets the user choose. It may be between four timeless themes. To quickly go into the menu, offers an excellent navigation button and two side buttons located on them. The handling of MMS and SMS works smoothly. Similarly, the simple and easy operation of the photo / video camera and the MP3 player, enjoy the user. 4GB memory cards to be scanned and their contents displayed correctly.

    Overall Conclusion

    The Nokia 3600 thrills with convincing voice and reception quality. The 3.2 MB camera with its impeccable facilities is also not to complain. One of the other plus points is the keyboard with a clearly defined pressure point. Overall, presents the Nokia 3600 slide in the optical design and klangstarkem simple, practical-equipped media player, almost low-noise radio and quite workable business functions - for the fair price gets the party a clean processed, easy to use mobile phone with all function in the everyday use of actual relevance.

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