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    Cities XL pc game

    Since SimCity 4, there are already five years of this, we can not say that lovers city builder to have really had for their money. We've been entitled to some nice attempts studios are not always known, but we especially remember the failure of Electronic Arts with SimCity Societies. Fortunately, other studios do not seem to let go near the case and the small guys Monte Cristo have many ideas to restore the heart balm managers that we are. History does not spoil, the French can count on a budget significantly higher than for their previous titles ... Enough to make this a title Cities XL inevitable? We are not far to believe!

    So be clear from the outset: Cities XL looks simply amazing wealth and opportunities and developers at Monte Cristo may well develop the dream of every amateur city builder. But keep a cool head and avoid too win " Monte Cristo knows that the project is huge and therefore prefers to move slowly They are not allowing any information to the gamer as this is a huge project for them .

    Taking the time to explain how "two-step" Cities XL. This means first and foremost a city builder relatively conventional.In solo, the player actually has a budget and must use the best to grow his city, attracting a maximum number of people and thus collect taxes that will still be growing metropolis. Any subtlety of such a course lies in the balance must be found as soon as possible between growth of the city and municipal accounts in the green.A budget deficit and the whole structure that threatens to collapse with the key, mass exodus of the very valuable people that we try to draw from hours.

    Very classical in appearance as in its unfolding, this phase of game does not really change what we proposed a SimCity 4, there are five years of that. Monte Cristo is well aware of this and has tried to innovate on a few aspects: the studio, for example, has removed all elements rather "fun" as water management or construction of power lines. We must always ensure that people are supplied, but the micromanagement is no longer in the program. Another remarkable feature: the technical side of things. Cities should XL without too much difficulty winning the palm of the most beautiful city builder and one small glance at the various catches that we offer should convince you.

    If the environments are obviously not the level of Crysis for example, Cities XL moving into the problem without a clear notch above all other city builder and when the city begins to grow achieving higher yet the level. The buildings are very detailed and very varied while the construction is conducive to the establishment of cities more pleasant: it must be said that for once we are not limited to cities only "American". In effect, and while Monte Cristo dropped the system of building by building City Life, it must now operate with "zones" as in previous SimCity. Nuance size, however, it is possible to build roads curves to have more varied neighborhoods.

    Another important element in these areas it is still possible to define the type of construction will have to be done and to customize a little more different neighbourhoods of the city, you can choose the direction of traffic on the roads so that some of these can become one-way lanes. The maps will available cities of 10 km x 10 km, and new City Life change since the previous title of Monte Cristo in the kind of city builder, it will no longer be subject to manage six communities aspirations different: here it does 'occupies more than the needs of residents. They have 11 basic needs should be met at best so that newcomers feel at home

    These requirements are essential for another reason: it is indeed the key point for the second aspect of the game that wants to develop Monte Cristo, the party online. This "connected" will be available in exchange for a monthly subscription of five dollars or thirteen euros per quarter and it will provide access to real-planets servers on which players can build a maximum of five cities (for a total 10 000 cities on a server). It will be possible to destroy a city for the restart, but without exceeding the limit of five. These cities will be built around a double notion that the needs and exchanges. For the purpose, we must understand that the online game, Monte Cristo plans to increase options .

    Thus, needs "basic" could very well be divided and "holiday" would become "holiday in the sun and skiing holidays" generating additional requirements that must be met. The concept of rapid exchange takes its meaning precisely because it allows an exchange of "needs": a city built on the seafront will obviously much more likely to host a seaside resort that cities further inland . In the same way, one might well imagine a city university specializing in higher education or another turned into a real ski area. The exchange needs is the engine of the online game since it allows to move the community in determining trade between the cities of different players.'

    But Monte Cristo does not stop there and then things take a turn hallucinating with the desire of developers to propose the GEM (Gameplay Extension Modules). The GEM whose price is still to be set as modules are added to its Cities XL to have as many games. Philippe Da Silva took the example of a GEM focused on managing a ski resort. It was therefore take control of a real winter sports whose aim is obviously to satisfy the needs of visitors' skiing holidays. " In the game it will of course to renew the gameplay Cities XL, but also complement in the most logical that the development options for our city.

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    The ski course was one example and developers of Monte Cristo have countless ideas to meet the demands of the community. We could then imagine a GEM on waste management, with exports of toxic products to cities at the edge of becoming landfills. One can imagine GEM also devoted to transport companies and even, why not, the management of sports teams or stores. Financially speaking, these GEM will not be directly related to the budget of the city: they act as independent companies, but allow the city to offer new needs. Side player, the GEM should remain very affordable, while Monte Cristo seems determined to listen to all ideas / comments of a community already very dynamic.

    Of course, Monte Cristo is also extra content that the more traditional studio would be able to circulate freely. Finally, and to further enhance the community aspect of things, Monte Cristo is working on an interface acting as "blog" for each player. All information related to the game will be available and most importantly they will be certified by Monte Cristo so that everyone can learn about the successes of other players. The interest is obviously to be able to consult their own cities and advancing its cited when one is on vacation for example (the game does not stop him), but also to learn about another player to see if it is trustworthy before signing an "exchange of needs."

    It is also question of being able to get an idea of a future partner in the construction of major works such as a suspension bridge several hundred metres or a tunnel particularly costly. Monte Cristo hopes to truly live Cities XL, forging a close-knit community. While it is still too early to conclude any manner whatsoever, we can not deny the ambition of the developers of Monte Cristo. They are aware of the challenge that awaits them and the studio appears determined to allow time to achieve the desired result since the launch of the project. Cities XL is a title that promises a lot, but there is still a lot of work and we will have time to reconsider its case before an outing that current plans Monte Cristo 2009.

    • Genre : Management
    • Play modes : Solo Internet
    • Number of players : -
    • Developer : Monte Cristo
    • Publisher : Monte Cristo
    • Distributor : Focus
    • Exit U.S. : 2009

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    Re: Cities XL pc game

    Nice pictures...Can you post me more pictures I am really interested..?

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