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Thread: Mirror's Edge preview

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    Mirror's Edge preview

    It only takes a few images, earlier this year to arouse the curiosity of players. A surprising choice of colors, a graphic finesse undeniable and futuristic environments but have credible enough to forge a Mirror's Edge an image of Thursday promising. Then came the moment of the first video, with the confirmation of a game with a view to the first person atypical, the possibilities endless gameplay appearances and the overall atmosphere fan. It is in this spirit that I turn to the presentation of the game in a Parisian hotel, where he is unfortunately not a question of play. D'could not take it as a privilege. In truth, this is not… That would forget all the frustration that can be felt before something that looks good, but you can not touch (candy, drugs, Scarlett Johansson …)

    supersexy first-person action game

    Start with the part of this scenario Mirror's Edge.In these times futuristic, the population lives in peace.Not that people are particularly happy, but at least security is ensured throughout the city, sheltered from pollution.Slight return, people have to leave behind most of their individual liberties.The information is controlled, and the only way to communicate freely is resorting to "runners".Faith is one of them. Kind of Yamakasi futuristic, she uses her body as a medium, browsing environments separating it from its goal thanks to physical possibilities out of the ordinary.The fate of the beautiful east Asian shocked when his sister is trapped, charged with a crime she did not commit.This is where the history of Mirror's Edge, where he will discuss truth, identity and destiny.Do not, however, we expect a development worthy of a Silent Hill for example, the scenario used primarily as a pretext for a game system never seen before.

    Jump kick!

    The game starts (on Playstation 3), and there is the claque. Nothing really new compared to the trailer (that is, for now the same environment), but here the game is running well.No joke. No pre-calculated, PC octocore hidden behind a curtain where I do not know what other teasing me to bite the node (Killzone 2, if you look at us…).The textures and other models are not specifically detailed, but it is incredibly takes on the consistency and depth of field proposed here. Despite a aliasing visible universe and a less wide than one might have hoped, the work done on the urban setting of Mirror's Edge is remarkable.But let us concentrate on the biggest question you must ask yourself if you've never seen or heard the title of DICE: what we must do in this game, exactly?First, there is much question here view the first person, but not mega phaser magnetic pulse or other gadgets favourites bourins that we are.

    This could go poorly.

    Full Body Experience

    Revenuer as a full-body experience, "Mirror's Edge application before any players to immerse themselves in the role of runner.The management of balance and timing are your main concerns, since it will be like on video, through the environment using the elements that make up the decor.The world is not completely open, even if for every situation several roads and several methods may be used. In case of bad timing, the momentum is lost previously, and it is necessary to build new sequence correct to pass the toughest obstacles.It was here that the two powers of Faith at the beginning of the game, the runner vision and slower.The first, automatic (optional), put forward all elements with which it is possible to interact by posting them with a red color of most beautiful effect.The second allows you to slow down significantly the action (by pressing the button round) to better manage a jump delicate chain or an enemy melee.

    The key is to jump L1, R1 button to slide and the left stick to move.Behind this apparent accessibility lurks a playability apparently difficult to tame, which will require a lot of mastery to pull the substantifique marrow.The animation is simply exceptional, it seems that pleasure fired by the player will be mostly from one hand to the discovery environments, spacious and inventive for what we have seen, and secondly the control and the sequence at full speed barriers alambiqués more or less depending on the chosen path. It has largely been less convinced by the clashes with enemies, whether at a distance with weapons or melee. Indeed, these battles do not seem particularly well rendered, or even rewarded by Thursday It seems that DICE has decided to implement this opportunity to vary the gameplay a bit, not as revolutionary as you might think.In addition, Faith is particularly fragile, demonstrating once again the search for realism soft, it will not have to hang around for too admire environments with great size and complexity are truly impressive.


    Bilan relatively convincing for this first glimpse of Mirror's Edge.If environments vast, varied and well-designated level, total immersion (hearing included) and leg graphic as we have convinced top hand, we remain cautious before against a scenario somewhat pushed the interest of the game low long-term obvious to imagine and phases of clashes with enemies poussives and unattractive.The running game looks linear, but all appears to be sufficiently intuitive and rhythm (as long as we control the donzelle) to provide certain sensations only cherished by other securities. So thank Electronic Arts to allow DICE us concoct a project as ambitious and original, before they can talk about Mirror's Edge in the coming weeks, his exit is scheduled for the end of this fruitful year 2008.

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    Mirror's Edge release date announced

    We knew that the PC version of Mirror's Edge would arrive later than the console versions, which landed on Friday in all good shops. So today we learn that the title of DICE (responsible for the Battlefield series) will arrive during the month of January, along with the establishment of the download platform to accommodate the additional content. What about the Playstation 3 exclusive content, vaunted by Sony? No response yet, but a spokesman DICE seems to have settled: "This additional content will be available for both platforms." The Xbox 360 would be excluded? The outcome of this exciting melodrama should come soon.

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