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Thread: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

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    New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    Extremely of more than 10 million terminals “N-Series” - multi-media range of Smartphone of the mark - sold this year, the Nokia Finn announced the nearest arrival of two new mobile terminals of this range with N75 and especially with N95, wanting to be to be a major evolution of mobile telephony “like was the portable computer for the office computer” adding Anssi Vanjoki, vice executive and directing president general of the multi-media division of Nokia.

    He appears as well as N95, the top-of-the-range mobile of the series “N-Series”, has a double sliding keyboard, leaving apparaitre on a side a traditional keyboard of mobile and other side some buttons dedicated to the listening of numerical musics.

    True concentrate of technology, Smartphone Nokia N95 is rather compact (99mm X 20mm X 53mm/volume of 90cc/weight of 120 grams
    This first mobile GPS of Nokia, lays out of more than one screen QVGA of a size of 2.6 inches, of an infra-red port, a port USB 2.0, a numerical camera of 5 Megapixels, of an exit TV, a Tuner FM, a port for MicroSD memory board and finally of a quantity of storage 160MB internal. The numerical camera of 5 Megapixels (zoom 10x) of Nokia N95 can be used via two dedicated keys and is equipped with an optics Carl Zeiss making it possible to record photographs but also videos with a quality DVD.

    For the remainder, Nokia N95 will be delivered with the program “Maps” of cartography on line (more than 110 countries available), with a data base of points of interests and will be delivered with a software of navigation assisted by GPS available in option which will undoubtedly be proposed by gate5, repurchased company there is little by Nokia. Concerning its functionalities multi-media of readings of numerical musics or videos, N95 is compatible with audio formats MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA or with the video formats 3GP, Real Video and MP4 (with codec AVC).

    Equipped with an operating system Symbian S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1, Smartphone Nokia N95 is designed to be available to the sale during the first half of 2007 an advised public price of 47,000 INR including all taxes.


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    New Nokia MusicPhone Nokia N75

    For its part, UMTS (WCDMA 850/1900 MHz), EDGE and quadribande GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), new Smartphone N75 of Nokia has a design clamshell (shell mode) and a screen of a size of 2.4 inches for 16 million colors able to post a resolution QVGA of 320x240 pixels, the whole in addition to one external screen of a size of 1.36 inches making it possible to listen to numerical musics without opening its valve.

    With this occasion, Nokia N75 is compatible with the formats Audio MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA, has a port for memory board MicroSD, a Tuner FM and ear-phones stereo 3D. For the remainder, N75 has of a numerical camera of 2 Megapixels (with numerical zoom 16x and Flash), of a connector industry Bluetooth 2.0 and finally an operating system Symbian S60 3rd edition. Smartphone Nokia N75 is envisaged to be marketed this winter in the United States for a still unknown price.

    In parallel of the advertisements of new Smartphone N-Series of the mark with N95 and N75, Nokia also envisaged to update its range of Musicphone N70, N73 and N91 under Symbian in their adding functionalities dedicated to the numerical listening of musics.

    Baptized Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73 Music Edition and Nokia N91 8GB, these three terminals are equipped with a hull of black color to differentiate them from the traditional mobiles previously marketed, specific more important storage capacity or function keys making it possible to read or put in pause numerical musics.

    Nokia Music Edition N70 N73 and N91

    Thus, if Smartphone Nokia N70 Music Edition (3G, APN 2 Megapixels) has until 1GB of memory against 2GB for Nokia N73 Music Edition (3G, 3.2 Megapixels), Musicphone 3G Nokia N91 Music Edition (3G, Wifi, 2 Megapixels) will for its part have a hard disk of 8GB instead of its hard disk until equipped there with 4GB of memory.

    Waited to be available to the sale in October 2006, Smartphone Nokia N70 Music Edition and Nokia N73 Music Edition will be marketed at the price of respectively approximately 26,000 INR including all taxes and 32,000 INR including all taxes. Nokia N91 8GB will be for its part available by the end this year to the price of 40,000 INR including all taxes.

    A few weeks after the repurchase of LoudEye, a specialist in the musical remote loading, Nokia its interest for the music confirms in any case since it reveals for the occasion its “Music Recommanders Service”, a network of forty large musical signs which will provide playlists to the Nokia customers, in a dozen different musical kinds. The service has even the guarantee of the singer David Bowie who explains: “I went taking part myself in some of the stores in the program Music Recommenders, in various countries, and I found there a source fantastic of musics innovative and less traditional. '

    Cumulating viral marketing and numerical choices of musics classified by categories, the program “Music Recommenders” will be available in version beta as of November 2006.

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    Re: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    Nokia it is good whole I adore their mobiles during one moment they had a small train of delay, they return in force.
    The N95 future has the really excellent air

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    Re: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    i like n95 ultimate than the n75
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    Re: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    n75 almost looks same like n95

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    Re: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    thanks for the previw of the mobile phones
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    Re: New Nokia MusicPhone N95 and N75

    my mobile phone will be n 95 if given to choose between these two

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