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Thread: Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

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    Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

    I want some nice lockscreen replacement for Oppo R5. It has some internal lockscreen's with animation but they are not so effective. I want some apps that can offer me different style with my own options to add and remove things. Most of the lockscreen comes with a few default options like pattern lock, password, pin, etc. There can be more thing which can make the screen effective and interesting to use. I hope there will be some nice apps that can do this. I tried looking on Google Play but I can only find lockscreen wallpaper changers.

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    Re: Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

    There are many apps on Google Play from where you can download and add lock screens. You can test them out. There are certain animated one also which you can test. By default when you go in the Theme Store you will get some ready to use lock screen replacement with an bit of animation. The most funny that I found on Google Play was long tongue lock screen. You have to drag the tongue down to unlock your phone. But it does not work all devices. There is some problem with this app. I had tested this on Moto G where it is not working.

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    Re: Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

    There are not very great lock screens, but it is easier to find a launcher. Many popular launchers will allow you to have your own lock screen and then you can customize that as per your need. I think you my try looking out for Go Launchers. It is easy to use and has many settings in it. I had not yet seen the launcher but I think it will give you a lot of customization options. Third party lock screens will slow down your phone causing performance problem. So it is better you must try to go with a full launcher support.

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    Re: Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

    Launchers are better than a single lock screen. I am using Holo Launcher. It is fast and easy to use. And it also has a lot of features in it. For lock screen I am also trying to find a lot of things, but yet I am not able to locate any better way of adding a simple and effective launcher. Most of the lock-screen comes integrated in the launcher only. You have to add that to and in that you will get a launcher that can is customizable and easy to use. So just try finding up a good launcher and then modify its settings.

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