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Thread: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

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    Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    What is the average battery temperature a Android phone must have. I had got a Moto G series second generation device. I just bought this two days ago and I think this phone is heating a bit lot than normal. The devices is showing up 35degree temperature through a application. I want to know that is this average or this is higher than normal. And each time when I launch the app to see the temperature it shows me a few degree higher. What are the factors that are responsible to make the battery hot. And what is the most risky temperate which must be avoided. Is it safe to play game while the device in kept on charging.

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    Re: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    Most of the apps are not accurate at all. The most accurate way to find the right battery temperature is through a common code. The code is *#*#4636#*#*. Just dial this through your dail-pad and go in the battery section. There you can see the accurate temperature. The most normal one is around 30 to 35degree. In my office where AC is on the temperature lies around 32degree. I have a Oppo R5 device. It gets hot when I play games. That is a common thing. Just check through this and if the temperature is rising then it means the battery is faulty. You must get the device replaced.

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    Re: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    The most average temperature of android phone battery lies between 31 to 38degree. If its above that then it means the battery is faulty and you can face major hardware problem. Even if you play games for hours the battery might not cross 40degree. Till yet we had not found any kind of battery blast reports. A few were reported but those are fake. It is best to trust the branded devices. They are safe and tested. Cheap china phones are always on risk. It is also recommended that you must not overcharge your phone. Because this reduce the battery life.

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    Re: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    There is not much debate on the battery temperature. I had seen on many forums that people show up a bit issue due to rising temperature. And the devices which they had mentioned where mostly local brands. So its hows that cheap hone are not having quality battery in them. That is why the output gets affects within a short period of time. I am having a Sony Xperia Z series phone that I am using from really long time. And yet this phone performs really fine. The battery temperature just lies around 25 to 28degree while using. And rise a bit on charging.

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    Re: Average max battery temperature of Android phone

    It is best not do anything when you are charging your device. It makes it more hotter. Especially when you are playing games. You can touch the backside and feel the beat. You must keep the phone aside for few hours so that it can charge well and then use it. It is also not recommended to be on call while charging. All this things puts a impact on the battery and reduces it capacity. It is not like that it will blast, but it will affect the battery efficiency. There are many battery optimization apps which will surely help you getting longer battery output.

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