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Thread: New Core i3 powered Surface Pro 2 Tablet freezing a lot

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    New Core i3 powered Surface Pro 2 Tablet freezing a lot

    There is some problem in Surface Pro 3 tablet. I am unable to figure out the same. This is a brand new tablet that has a Intel Core i3 processor. And I think this one is the latest processor which can perform really well with all programs and even games. But this tablet keeps on freezing after a few seconds. Like every 5 seconds the tablet just do nothing. And then it start working back again. For example if I launch the main menu, it remains stuck on the place for 5 seconds and then it appears. What can be the reason behind this.

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    Re: New Core i3 powered Surface Pro 2 Tablet freezing a lot

    The new version of Windows brings a feature called as Refresh. Through this you can reset the tablet settings as it was at the time of purchase. This is just like restoring the tablet back to factory settings. You can start with taking all data backup first. So that you wont loose anything once it is refreshed. Go in Settings, and tap on Change PC Settings. Look for Update and recovery. There you will find one more option inside as Recovery. Tap on that and you can see a option as Refresh your PC. Just tap on the same. Most probably this is not going to delete your data.

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    Re: New Core i3 powered Surface Pro 2 Tablet freezing a lot

    You can use the above mentioned options. It is a kind of instant fix. And most of the time it does not wipe out your data. Before doing this there are some work around. Like you can try finding out what application is eating too much system resources. You have to turn them off. Start with removing programs that you are not using. Go in Control Panel > Uninstall Programs. And wipe out things that are not needed. I think this might help. Refreshing sometime takes a very long time to finish. It might also take hours to complete.

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