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Thread: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

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    Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    Lenovo A6000 is one of the best budget phone yet in the market. I want to know about its rooting stuff and custom rom available for the device. Long back I had rooted and installed a Xperia custom rom on Lenovo Ai369 model. Where it worked great and there was no problem at all. Now I will be buying Lenovo A6000 soon and I want to know the rooting benefits on this. Does this device has got a custom Lollipop rom. Because as per its hardware it is very much near to Moto E second generation and this phone has a Lollipop update in it.

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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    There are custom roms but I am not really sure whether this phone will be performing well on Lollipop. It is having a decent hardware but I am not really sure that it will be working fine on Lollipop rom. There would be a big issue with the output. The best thing you can do is root the device and install a advance version of Android Kitkat Rom. This would help you a lot. There are many custom roms in the market that are worth testing. You can load up a advance boot recovery also. There are rooting options provided on the web.

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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    Lenovo phones are easy to root if you are having stock rom with you. This device usually comes with simple features of rooting. This is a Android 5.0 Lollipop rom available for this model. You have to first root your device and then by using Rom manager you can install the rom on your system. This would be fast and easy. You can flash the rom easily. There are many others rom also available for this model which are worth testing. As per the hardware this Lollipop rom works very well. And you can find those samples on the web. Just try to see a few screenshot and then go ahead.

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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    I am planning to do this. But before this I am not able to find a option through which I can restore the stock rom back as it was. It is one of the major requirement. Because the custom rom does not perform well or if it is not working properly then still I can go ahead and restore the stock one. And this will also restore its original settings which will not void the warranty. I am not able to find the back procedure. While I can easily find a process to install new OS on the same. For older models of Lenovo there are options available to restore stock rom.

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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    Rooting is not tough on Lenovo phone. My friend has just completed installing a Android Lollipop rom on this device. And it looks like working fine. This rom is actually based on Android Kitkat. It is not pure Lollipop rom. This device is nice for testing purpose. One thing I always doubt about the stock rom. Whether it is genuine or not. Many sites offer you a stock rom, which has the same build number and stock features. But does that rom is 100% accurate. Officially I think only Google provides a direct download of Nexus stock roms. Others does not care much.

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    Re: Anyone done rooting of Lenovo A6000

    I just found a Lollipop rom for this model and I am going to test the same soon. Lollipop update will be a good option for this. Just recently my friend bought Moto G Second Generation that can be with Android Lollipop pre-installed. But I am not happy with the device performance. It was really slow as compare to other devices. On Lenovo A6000 I am first trying to find a way through which I can backup the stock rom. So that in case if something happen it would be easier for me to restore. Without that it will be risky to root.

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