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Thread: High disk usage on Aspire V11 laptop

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    High disk usage on Aspire V11 laptop

    There is a bit issue with Aspire V11. This is a laptop that is around a year old. I had seen that there the drive copy paste is very slow. Like if I am having a 1GB of data from one partition to another one then it shows me more than a hour. And this thing is really weird. I am not able to find out the reason behind this slow transfer rate. The laptop actually belongs yo my friend. I am trying to format it. But before I want to move all the data to another partition and then I will restore the C drive. But if this thing is going to take so much time then it would be a time waste.

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    Re: High disk usage on Aspire V11 laptop

    You can do that in safe mode. There might be too much process in the background that is constantly using up the system resources. So best boot your pc in safe mode by hitting F8 upon reboot. And then copy paste the data. I am quiet sure that the transfer speed will be lot more faster than this. The speed also depend on the drive rpm. If the rpm is low then the speed wont be fast. You have to remove things that are no longer needed. Try to empty ram as much as possible and then try back. Try not to move big size data at the same time. Copy in chunk of 200mb or 400mb and then test.

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    Re: High disk usage on Aspire V11 laptop

    There can be some application which is causing the issue. I had seen this issue when my antivirus is active. When this thing keeps on scanning files on the background the disk usage remains high. And when I exit it, the disk usage goes back to normal. I will advice you to simply check all the process. If Task Manager is not providing you any better information then you can try using Process Explorer. It is a kind of more detailed application which can provide you information what all things are working in the background.

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