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Thread: Moto E works slow after adding Truecaller

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    Moto E works slow after adding Truecaller

    I had installed Truecaller on my Moto E android phone recently. I am getting too much spam calls. So I added Truecaller app so that I can get the information about the call on the top side. But after adding Turecaller, the mobile is working very slow. There is a few second delay when the call comes. Also it takes a bit long time to get the home screen. Apps are also responding slowly. It was working quiet fine before. I want some solution for this. I want to use Truecaller, but I hope that this does no cause any problem with my device performance. I had tried looking around for some fix, but many suggest that I have to remove Truecaller from the phone. If I do this then it is not easy to find out call information.

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    Re: Moto E works slow after adding Truecaller

    I am also using Truecaller but it works well. I am not having performance issue. Here there can be applications that are causing the problem. It is common that many people load their phone with many free games and free applications. Free apps have advertisement in them. And this cause problem. So here you can start with one thing. First backup your phone data. Then format your phone. Restore the data back and now install only those apps that are needed. There is no need to add extra things here. Then test it. I am quiet sure that Truecaller will start working properly and you wont be facing any problem there. Moto E is a nice phone with 1GB RAM. It can handle such apps very easily. I am having a LAVA phone with 512MB RAM and still things work well here.

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    Re: Moto E works slow after adding Truecaller

    That is right. If there are too many apps in your phone then they are clogging the ram causing this issue. So you have to free up some ram. There is no need to format your phone completely and then install other things one by one. What you can do is use a app like Clean Master. This app will clean up the phone ram by stopping apps which are not required. This will boost your ram output also. It will be a great option I think. Just try this out. There are many system optimizer applications available on Google Play that you can test and try out. Some of them are paid but very effective. If this apps are not able to help you then the only option left is to reset everything and add only the required apps and games.

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