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Thread: How to control Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Android Smartphone

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    How to control Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Android Smartphone

    Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 is an advance camera that bring out a few good features to control the camera through a Android or iOS device. I am trying to find a way of doing the same. I had seen this in the manual where it says that I can control the device through a android device. I am having Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But I am not sure about to use it. This will help to take pictures when the camera is on the tripod and there is no need to set the timer also. But does it only have a remote feature, can I stream a video or image directly through the camera.

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    Re: How to control Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Android Smartphone

    Yes that is true. Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 can be controlled through android for taking pictures. It gives you a very easy way to connect the device and you can use the device to click photos. It is simple to use and it is very effective when you had connected the camera on a tripod. You can set the position and then use the smartphone to click pictures as per your need. Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 has a Wifi and NFC support. And this feature only works through Wifi. The steps are easy here but the distance between the camera and device is higher then the output will lag a little. The only requirement here to use this thing is that you have to install PlayMemories app in your android or iOS device. The below process is based on a Android phone. Which is

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    Re: How to control Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Android Smartphone

    I had used this. For that launch play memories app. You need internet connection here. And if it is on wifi then it will work better. In Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 Digital Camera press the Menu button to launch camera settings. Go to the Application section. Use the control wheel to navigate. Choose to the 4th section and press the OK key to open Application List. In this you can find Smart Remote Embedd. Launch the app. The camera will ask for wifi network login details for downloading the app. Now in your smartphone or tablet go in the Settings > Wifi. Tap on the network and type the password that you can see on the camera screen. Once done you can now use your smartphone to control the camera. You can take pictures, you can use the volume key to zoom, etc.

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