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Thread: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

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    Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    I am looking for a good phone under Rs.1300. I want a entry level mobile phone that can provide a good amount of battery life and some decent features. And also with a big good looks. I want to gift this to my grandpa. He has a very old Nokia phone which is not working now. And he is not so good in using touchscreen mobile. He prefer to go with basic devices. I tried checking on web and I can find weird mobile brands. I do not want to buy anything. Features are not much needed, all I want is a device with good screen and nice battery life. So that he does not have to charge it again and again.

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    Re: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    You must try Nokia 130. This device is good and it has ample of good features which are worth trying.The device has a 1.79-inch LCD Transmissive Screen enough for checking out messages, contacts, and other stuff. I has a Bluetooth also. It is a dual sim mobile phone with a memory card slot. You can add upto 32GB of SD card on the same. The keys are quiet fine and easy to use. It also has a decent battery life. It is not having many features but I think the phone is enough for daily usage. Being a Nokia model it will have a good battery life and also durable life.

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    Re: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    Nokia 105 will be a good start for you. It is a nice simple phone that cost around Rs.1200. I thin this would be cheaper in the local market. You can try searching it out. I will not say that this one is a really great device, but good enough for day to day usage.It has a simple body and features. It is a single sim mobile phone. My mom is still using this. One thing I like about the model is the battery life.That is good enough for a entire day usage. There are other more models.If you want a big better one then you must have a look on the Asha series. It is also equipped with many features.

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    Re: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    Try to add a bit more money and get a good phone. So that you can use it for longer period. If you go with really cheap one then you wont be able to get a appropriate output. I think going for Lava KKT Uno will be a great choice. The phone has a nice look, it has a smooth keypad and also it looks great. It is a bit stylish mobile device. The cost is around Rs.2500. But can differ depending on the seller. The benefit of this phone is that it is a dual sim model. It supports video playback and has a from also. There is a 0.3mp camera also on the backside.

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    Re: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    For long lasting battery output there is nothing better than Samsung Guru E1207T. It is a small portable phone that offer you good output and works really well. I think this phone would be a reliable choice for you. It is a dual sim phone that comes with fm radio also. It has a bit small screen but enough to make calls and read messages. My uncle has this phone and he is using this for years. It is a good budget mobile which works for really long time. Once fully charge it can give you more than 1 day battery output. There are more models in Samsung with marathon battery output.

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    Re: Require a phone under Rs.1300 for my grandpa

    Karbonn is having a few good series which are worth to try out. This series help you to simply get a budget phone with decent features. Under a budget price of Rs.1500 you can find ample of models which are worth buying. If you need something really cheaper then you can try testing out Karbonn K105s. This device is good enough for daily usage and is loaded with all basic features. It is very small and has a decent phone quality. It just cost around Rs.900. It is a dual sim device. Just have a look on the phone and see whether it fits your need or not.

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