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Thread: Youtube videos are not working Nokia 1520

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    Youtube videos are not working Nokia 1520

    I cannot watch any videos on YouTube on Nokia 1520. I had tried to watch some popular videos on this new device, but it just cannot play anything.I first thought this was a internet problem so I connected the device on wifi and it still gives me the same kind of problem. I am quiet sure that there will be some issue with the application itself. But I am not able to figure. At first I thought the issue was with the mobile network as I am no 2G. But on wifi also the app does not plays any video. I want some help here to fix this problem. How to re-install the application.

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    Re: Youtube videos are not working Nokia 1520

    Windows phone is sometime buggy to use. There are some apps that does not work well. Compare to that android is lot more better and has ample of apps to try out. Here in your case I will advice you to remove the YouTube app and re-install it back again. This might resolve the problem. If that is also not working then you can contact the service center for more help. There are chances that the phone is having some problem and a re-flashing OS can fix it. Just verify that if there are any pending updates or not. Try to use the most latest version of YouTube app.

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    Re: Youtube videos are not working Nokia 1520

    In my device the issue usually occur when I try to play video on mobile network. But when I am on wifi it works really well and there is no issue with streaming. I think you must check that once. You can try re-adding the app which might help. But if that is not working then the issue can be with the device itself. You have to wait back to get a fix for the same. You can also report that on the official forums.You might receive update for the same. A updated app will be lot more stable. Try viewing videos in the browser and see how it works.You can try using UCBrowser also.

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