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Thread: Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

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    Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

    I was testing out different rom on Lenovo A369i. I am not able to figure out what really happen after I flashed the Nokia X rom on it. I am having more than 8 ROMs with me. I had tested Note 3 and Sony Xperia rom that works very well. It performs a bit faster than the stock rom. But now I am having problem. I am unable to start the phone back in normal mode. I was using TWRP. The phone turns on and just stuck on a Nokia X boot screen. I think the device is bricked. I had tried removing the battery and re-inserting it but it does not move ahead.

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    Re: Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

    It happens sometime when you try flashing a custom rom the device get bricked. And this can be fixed once you re-flash the stock rom back. I am quite sure you can find the way of doing the same. The best place to find stock rom is XDA or some other android based site. It is very important to keep the rom details with you. This include the rom version, build number, os version. Build number plays a big role in finding the stock rom. If you are not having the build number then I can provide you that. It is A369i_ROW_S108_130929. This is for India version and rom is available on web.

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    Re: Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

    I had gone through the same thing a few weeks before. After testing Xperia rom on the device I was trying to install Oppo ROM. The device was not moving ahead. Only the boot animation plays and nothing happens. You will need Lenovo Software Upgrade tool. This tool will help you to flash the rom. Drive installation is bit tricky here. You have to remove the battery and connect the device to pc. Then in Device Manager for 3 seconds you will see a preloader. Right click on that and update the drivers. There is a full package available on web that include the usb drivers, flash tools and the rom with full process.

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    Re: Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

    Well, I am also doing a bit of testing on this old mobile phone and just recently on this forums I found list of guides which will surely help you in playing the device ROMS. Just refer the below links.

    Lenovo A369i Android Guides:-

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