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Thread: I replaced boot animation of Note 3 and it is not working

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    I replaced boot animation of Note 3 and it is not working

    I had done some changes in the boot animation of my note 3 device. And I had done this through a automated software. But after that there is a issue in the phone. The animation is not playing and when I reboot it does not shows me Samsung model also. It is just black and then it starts with default launcher. I want to know that is it a issue. And how can I restore the old boot animation back. My device is rooted. I had tried going in the custom boot loader to find some options but there is nothing provided. I want some help here to fix this thing. I am having the stock rom backup with.

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    Re: I replaced boot animation of Note 3 and it is not working

    Rock rom backup is not going to help. You have to reset the rom settings back again. Most of the time this boot animation are not working well due to improper file configuration. You have to find exactly the same kind of file which are needed to run the boot animation. Or else It wont work well. Restoring stock rom will unroot your phone. There are some utilities that comes in rom manager software. You can also test that. And if this does not help then at last you can just simply go ahead and restore the rom back. This will put the original settings back.

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    Re: I replaced boot animation of Note 3 and it is not working

    Note 3 is quiet buggy with boot animation. I had also tried doing that but it fails all the time. The best thing you can do is use a custom rom that offers you different boot animation choices. It is quiet complicated to modify that. Boot animation modification needs rooted device. Unless and until you are having root access there is nothing you can do. And do not rely on third party software. They wont be helping. The best thing you can also try out is playing at the core level where you can make your own boot animation. There are third party programs on XDA which will help you.

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