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Thread: Is there a heating issue with Snapdragon 810 processor

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    Is there a heating issue with Snapdragon 810 processor

    Many high end devices are already running on Snapdragon 810 processor and there are many new upcoming devices which will be having this processor. But it found that Snapdragon 810 processor is having a problem with heating. And this is a big issue with it. I had seen a news on that upcoming mobile phone will be loaded with Snapdragon 810 processor can have a major heating issue and this can be create problem. Because it can damage the hardware and also reduce its life. Hardware is increasing on portable devices and this can also create problem due to heating.

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    Re: Is there a heating issue with Snapdragon 810 processor

    It is right that Snapdragon 810 processor will be the new kind of hardware that will boost the device output. It is the first 64-bit SoC. But there is a heating problem and there is nothing you can do. The issue does not occur due to the cpu but due to poor memory support. And that is the reason the device is getting hot. One of the major issue that people has faced is in Samsung mobile which are the most to affect. They are one that gets way hotter and cause issue. So here you have to find the review of any model if you are buying. High end cpu does not means great output there can be major heating issue also.

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    Re: Is there a heating issue with Snapdragon 810 processor

    The processor is used on devices like LG G3, Z3, Galaxy S5, etc. Heating is the most common issue with many high end device an this occur when you are device for very long time. Right-now Snapdragon 800 series SoC is the one the most common processor that you can find on many high end device. Heating cannot be fixed that is because there is no cooling support on the same. It is good to use a back cover if irritates you while using the device. But performance wise I am quiet sure you will be happy to use such phone. Compare to other heating issue is less in HTC and Sony devices.

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