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Thread: Which OS will be installed on Intel Compute Stick

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    Which OS will be installed on Intel Compute Stick

    Intel Compute Stick is a new portable pc that is provided by Intel that can give you a full desktop type usage. Most of this portable pc runs on Android or Linux. Here I do not really think Windows will be able to run on the same. I want to know the exact operating system that would be released with Intel Compute Stick. If it is Linux then there are many portable editions and it is also quiet simple to use. And if it is android then there are app limitation. It is the first time when Intel build a powerful portable pc.

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    Re: Which OS will be installed on Intel Compute Stick

    Intel Compute Stick is a nice Pocket PC. You can say this would be a first performance edition by Intel. The size is very small. It just fits on the palm of your hand. It will be available soon and it will come preloaded with with Windows 8.1 or Linux. There are chances that Windows will perform well on the same. and this would be a kind of big step. A portable pc is very effective. You can carry them in your pocket. You can use them anywhere you want by just connecting it to the monitor. I hope this would work well.

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    Re: Which OS will be installed on Intel Compute Stick

    Intel Compute Stick will be loaded with Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition. Microsoft is going to offer you a portable edition. This new feature is called as Windows To Go. Through this you can just instantly create a portable version of Windows OS. Through this you can directly run run directly from a USB flash drive. And this also perform well. The stick will be USB 3.0 super-fast stick. So that you can get decent performance. It has a hdmi port. You just have to connect them to a monitor and done. The stick also features wireless connectivity. It will come with 32GB on-board storage of 32GB and a micro SD card slot. It might have a 2 GB of RAM. There is no information on the processor.

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