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Thread: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

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    Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    There are smartwatch in the market that runs on Android OS mostly. Some are my Microsoft also. I am trying to find one which is compatible with both iOS and Android. But I am not able to find anything. I had tried looking around on the web to find a compatible watch that can work well with both OS platforms. I am quiet sure there will be models. Because going for a android based smartwatch limit things. You cannot do much on it. It wont work or sync with iOS or Windows Phone based applications. I hope there will be some models like this.

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    Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    There is on one watch I was able to find. And it is called as Pebble. The second generation of this watch is under development. It has a simple design and it is rather a successful model in the market. It has a glass part on the front which works on electronic paper technology. This makes it lightweight and consume less battery. The benefit of electronic ink is that it is quiet easy to read in bright sunlight. The screen also does not produce much reflection. And it works both with android and ios. You can use it with many applications.

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    Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    I had seen the watch. It is quiet simple. If you want a feature rich watch then Motorola 360 is something worth to go for. The watch is powered by Pebble OS. And it runs on ARM Cortex-M3 processor. This cpu runs 800MHz. Here it offer you basic support only. Like you get a time display as the default screen. There are less possible things for customization. You can also get text watch display. You get the time in words here while the the classic analog display will give time. You can also add date here and you can read your messages.

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    Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    Pebble has a look of traditional watch. It is capable of giving you simple notifications. Like you get vibrations when you have a message or miss call. It has a option through which you can choose a interface between the user and smartphone. It is best for getting alerts which are easy to configure and customize. Like you can get notification alert of SMS, emails and calls. It also has a DND mode which will stop all the alert when you are sleeping or when you don't want to receive any stuff. It is a good watch but costly.

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    Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    It is a decent watch. Ideal for those who want a secondary device for getting notification. The only benefit you are getting here is that it is compatible with Android & iOS both. You have to install a app in your mobile to use the same. And this app is available on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. It also offer you a few additional connectivity options. Like you can use it through Bluetooth. It supports various Bluetooth enabled applications. And you can just configure number of things in it. This consist of notifications or controls for mobile apps.

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    Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    Smartwatch are costly today. But in coming I am quiet sure that they will be lot more cheaper. I also agree that Moto 360 is the best one. It runs on android and offers you many options. Battery is also one of the biggest issues with this devices. Because they are small and so there is not much space to fit a big size battery. You have to manage two devices here. One your smartphone and other one your watch. So it gets complicated later on. Just for notification I do not think a smartwatch is a good options. It must bring more features.

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