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Thread: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

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    app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    I am using a Nexus 6 android smartphone. When I am opening the Call Recorded in this device then I get a message called "ACR" but nothing on Automatic Call Recorder. If there is any other Call Recording app which is good for my Nexus 6 device then please let me know. I am looking for an app that should record call 2 ways and not one ways only. I have also tested some call recording app that gives low sound of my conversation but the person whom I am talking to has loud sound. Any ideas?

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    Re: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    There is an app called Boldbeast Call Recorder which is one of the best call recording software for Nexus devices. But note that you will have to root your android device to use this application. This app records calls very clearly and loudly in 2 ways. Till now Boldbeast Call Recorder has been working fine till LGE Nexus 5 with Android Lollipop system, but still you could try it on your Nexus 6 device and see if that works or not.

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    Re: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    On my Galaxy Note 3 I have been using SoundCloud app which has been working absolutely fine. It is an Android application that allows you to capture music and share them privately or publicly on Facebook, Twitter or even use it on Foursquare. You can also access, browse and listen to the sounds of another member who shared his music with you or recorded sounds. Whether you are a music professional or you just need a tool to quickly and easily record music, and share your songs, audio messages and even interviews, etc; SoundCloud is just for you.

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    Re: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    I think that you will find an option to record caller and receiver on different channels like L/R. All you need to do is just choose "Motorola Nexus 6 (Experimental)" by going into Device section for the L/R option to make it available. Try this application for your device - This app is used for automatic call recording from the phone line where supported by hardware and kernel.

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