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Thread: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

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    Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    I am looking for the list of best budget phones for year 2014. I do not really think there are any more models coming up. So there will be a few good among which one is Moto E and this phone looks to be still rocking. There was a great sale in Diwali, where this phone was sold for Rs.6200. A straight discount of Rs.800. I got one for my sister and I am also planing to buy two more. But I do not want ot get the same phone. Sot there can be more nice models. With budget I means the devices must be above Rs.15000. But if there is some great models then I am also read to add a few thousand more.

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    Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    One of the best phone that I think is amazing is Moto G 2014. I had bought this phone the day it was released. It is a mid range phone and it is going to fulfill all your requirements. Moto series by Google is one of the best product line that is hard to find. And above all they did not played with the cost that others do. So this phone is offering a decent 5-inch HD screen. And it is nice for movies and games. The second benefit lies with the cpu which is around 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. A quad core cpu can handle apps and game well. And for camera it give you 8 MP front and and 1.2 MP back. That is more than enough.

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    Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    Moto G is a good phone but is costly. There are budget phone other than Moto or Sony series and that you can try out also. This phone are not so popular but brings up great features. Like ZTE Blade III. This phone gives you lot of benefit at low price and you get what you are looking for. It brings a 4-inch screen which might be smaller but not bad. It has a good battery life and decent hardware. The phone is around Rs.7000 and there are chances that you can get this more cheaper. I am quiet satisfied with this phone quality and I am also using it from a few months. I think it is a nice budget alternative for many.

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    Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    We are missing Asus Zenfone 5 here in the list. Asus introduced the Zenfone series. It starts giving you phone from a low end price rate and then slowly keeps on increasing. A worth buying device according to me. Here the Zenfone 5 is a good option to go for. This device offer you a 1.6 GHz multi-core Intel Atom processor. So this is the first budget phone to have a Intel cpu that can enhance your multi-tasking output. And it is a dual SIM phone with the decent 5-inch screen size. It also brings a 8 MP camera with good models and other many impressive feature. You get the latest android update on the same.

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    Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    I had purchased Sony Xperia M2. I had used Xperia series from long time. Before I was having the Z series that I later on sold to a friend. This time I am looking for a more budget device and I found Sony Xperia M2 a bit decent and nice model. It is a good mid range phone and has features of Xperia series. It is costly but those who are looking for a branded product can go for this. I do not really trust local brands because of lack of good hardware components. This device has a 4.8-inch display and brings 8 GB of storage. It also gives you a a powerful 1.2Ghz a quad-core Snapdragon cpu. with 4G LTE support.

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    Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    The biggest mistake I had done while buying a budget android phone is getting Nokia X. It is not a reliable device and nor it has the features that I was looking for. I do not understand why Nokia modified the OS and make it something else. Compare to that I would have gone for HTC Desire 610 which is a lot more better model and also good. Under budget this phone falls with good hardware support and also gives a very long battery life which is not easy to find in any other model. It comes with 4G support, 4.5-inch QHD display and 8 MP camera. So there are ample of things in it. Nokia looks much outdated.

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