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Thread: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

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    iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    I have recently got hold of the new iPhone 6 smartphone for myself and have been using it over a week now. Recently I have checked that if I am using the iPhone 6 for a long period of time, its screen starts to dim automatically. I have checked that the brightness is set to max and also turned off the auto-brightness? So is this a hardware problem or some issue related to the new iOS 8. Also, I have noticed that when the phone gets a little warm then this problem starts to appear. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    Even I was having the same issue as well. I was driving my car in the afternoon when suddenly I noticed that the screen has become so dim that I was not able to see anything. So, I immediately checked the settings in the phone and to my surprise the brightness was automatically turned to the minimum. This has been happening quite a few times when I was walking outside. I also had the auto-brightness turned off? There seems to be a bug in this iPhone 6 for sure.

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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    Well, I havent used any iPhone's till now. Have been a big fan of Android and specially the Samsung Galaxy series. I own the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone and I have noticed that when my battery is below 15% then no matter what I do the brightness of my smartphone's screen will always dim automatically, even if the auto-brightness bar is at full 100%. So what I get from it is to save the battery from extensive usage the phone might be auto setting the brightness to a low percentage than the actual. This same thing might be happening with your iPhone's as well.
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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    You can try to reset the auto-brightness in your iPhone 6 which can be done by turning it off again and check if that works. If still nothing then there is nothing you can do except to email Apple support about this issue. If this is a hardware fault then they will have to replace your iPhone 6 which is under warranty but if it is a software issue, then you will have to wait for a new iOS version patch to fix this problem.

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