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Thread: Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

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    Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

    My brother has a new iPhone 6 while I am using a older version of iPhone. That is 5S. And there is a iPad also in my home. I got a iOS 8.0.2 update on the that. It took a quiet long time to update but finally it was downloaded and done. There is some problem with the device wifi after that. The same update work very well in iPhone 6, but for older devices there is a constant issue of wifi dropping. I took the entire night to complete the update. I thought this is going to add more features and improve the performance of other devices. But it has generated a new bug in the system. I am unable to stream YouTube properly on it.

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    Re: Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

    I am also getting the same issue on my iPad. The wifi connection is not constant. It keeps on dropping. And this is so annoying really. The tablet was working quiet fine before. There was no problem with the output before, but now this thing is giving a bit problem. I cannot get my messages and email unless I reconnect the wifi. After taking backup I had restored the factory settings back. It worked well for the entire day but again the next morning the issue occur. The device is not letting me to use wifi constantly. It keeps on disconnecting. I had also restarted my router. The same thing work well on my Note 3. How to revert to old version back.

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    Re: Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

    You cannot do that. The installation is a kind of one time process. And this update is buggy. I had seen a lot of issues like this on the web. There is no clear steps that tell us about fixing the issue. Even erasing and resetting does not help much. You can try connecting your device with iTunes and then try restoring the settings which might give you a proper working solution. But if this fails to work then you have to wait back for the another update. If this is a kind of serious bug then soon Apple will release a new update. I think there is some compatibility problem with old iOS devices while using iOS 8.

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