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Thread: Android L to be encrypted for better data output

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    Android L to be encrypted for better data output

    By default Android L is going to come with encryption. This is the first time android is going to push up a bit security for better usage. But does this is going to affect the overall output of mobile phone. And I am quiet sure that Android L is not going to work on low end phones. What are the benefits of the same and what good thing it is going to have in it. Will it protect the phone against fake apps. I am quiet worried always to use my phone for making banking transaction. Because there can be more issues on the same. I am trying to find the benefits of the same. I am quiet sure this would be the first mobile OS to have encryption turned on by default.

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    Re: Android L to be encrypted for better data output

    Well there is lot of problem with security issues on android phone. When encryption is turned on it will be complicated for malware to simply copy your data. But there might be lot of issue with using free apps. Most probably it is quiet sure that you might be having options to simply turn that thing off. That ill be a lot more accurate thing to go for. Because here if you want to enable usb debugging or play with the rom then you have to get rid of encryption one. There can be security bugs if we go ahead with rooting stuff on the same. It will be quiet good to wait back for sometime and finally find out what are the good things about the same. It is a good kind of security measure taken up by Google.

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    Re: Android L to be encrypted for better data output

    This is are still news and there is no clear indication about the same. But it is quiet sure that the new android L Os will have a encryption enabled by default. It is going to keep your phone more secure. And this are something that is quiet needed no the android phone. Surely there will be option to turn this thing off if you do not want to use the same. Today we are not having encryption by default. We have to use a third party software. And it also cause issue with the device performance to some extent. This thing is already included in the new iOS 8 operating system. So that people can use internet without worrying much about data loss.

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