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Thread: Is Moto G second generation good for gaming

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    Is Moto G second generation good for gaming

    Google finally launched the next generation of Moto G android phone series. This one brings a lot new things with great features and upgraded hardware. I want to know that is this phone good enough for gaming purpose. I am going to give the first generation Moto G to my sister and will go with the next one. I am not really great in finding out what hardware will be nice for gaming stuff. So I want a bit advice on the same. Can anyone provide me valid answer for the same. First generation was not bad at all but it would lag on few hd games. I hope the new one would be a lot more better.

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    Re: Is Moto G second generation good for gaming

    It is a nice phone with lot of upgraded things in the same. You get more camera and good hardware to run many other games. But the ram is limited to 1GB which is quiet common in other Moto series also. I was expecting this a bit higher so that we can also play a lot of hd games on the same. I am quiet sure that the phone will be good enough to run various games. There are ample of reviews on the web that can put more highlight on the gaming stuff. Compare to the older one the second generation is powered by a quad core cpu that makes it amazing. I am quiet sure this phone will be amazing budget device for gaming.

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    Re: Is Moto G second generation good for gaming

    I agree with that. 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm Quad Core Processor with 1GB ram. And for graphics it has a Single Core 450 MHz Adreno 305 gpu. It is not very great but enough to run many hd games. You might not get a much better output like Moto X but you can stick with a lot of decent games that are released. For high gaming you have to go with bigger phones. Here Moto G second generation is already giving you a 5inch HD display which is beneficial for various work. You can play games, you can chat and you can enjoy the ultra-smooth output on the same. The phone is quiet nice according to me but it is costly.

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